Nikkei technology outlook: 100 technologies to change the world #100 is Condensed matter nuclear reaction "凝集系核反応"

  • Sengakut spotted and reported on his blog a report
    "Nikkei technology outlook: 100 technologies to change the world'"



    which when translated gives

    (usual translation is aggregation-based nuclear reaction, but among translation variants you have condensed matter nuclear reaction)

    I don't know what is really this report from a Japanese point of view...
    Maybe Jed or Sengakut can gives details and feelings.

  • The ranking seems, at best, arbitrary. And it does not appear to be inverse order, except perhaps for CMNS. Children's programming languages have existed for decades. A quick overview suggests an understandable but unlikely focus on IT. Imminent flooding of major port cities worldwide may well push the focus from consumer electronics to planetary concerns.