JCMNS Vol. 21 uploaded

  • Only few of the presentatiosn are in those proceedings, but good news for non french speaking, it is in English.

    • A Tribute to Georges Lonchampt - Jean-Paul Biberian
    • An Historical Experiment of Neutron Detection Near an Electrolytic Cell - Michel Buxerolle and Jacques Kurkdjian
    • Characterization of Energy Fluxes in LENR Reactors –Excess Heat, Coefficient of Performance and Conditions for Self-sustained Operation -Jacques Ruer
    • Proton Conductors: Nanometric Cavities, H2 Precipitates under Pressure, and Rydberg Matter Formation - François de Guerville
    • Relativity and Electron Deep Orbits of the Hydrogen Atom - J.L. Paillet and A. Meulenberg
    • The Dark side of Gravity and LENR - Frederic Henry-Couannier
    • Investigations of the Lugano HotCat Reactor - Mathieu Valat, Alan Goldwater, Robert Greenyer, Robert Higgins and Ryan Hunt