Report From ARGAL Group - experiments using Hydrogenated Nickel.

  • Attached is a 'hot off the press' experimental report, from Ubaldo Mastromatteo's ARGAL research group, on tests conducted using pre-hydrogenated Ni as one component of a Rossi-type fuel mix. I have his permission to post it here.

    Dear Alan.

    Attachment is the report on the subject extended to a test with pretreated Ni, in order to remove the native oxides from the powder (Ni plus LiAlH4 10/1ratio).The 1.3 gr of fuel left a small free volume in the capsule, so the pressureinside raised to an estimated value greater than 100 bar. The sealing was goodup to 400 degrees centigrade; over that value the sealing becomes poor.

    Best regards,Ubaldo