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  • I believe "Dewey, Cheetham & Howe" originated in the radio show "Car Talk." They have a long list of terrible puns like that:

    Customer Service Specialist: Begonia Payne-Diaz (Begone! You pain in the ass.)

    Ornithology Intern: Luke A. Boyd (Look -- A Bird)
    401K Statement Analysts: Douse and Burnham (Dowse and burn them)

    Accounts Payable Clerk, Moscow Office: Dasha Chekhov (Dash a Check Off)

    Complaint Line Operator: Xavier Breath (Save your breath)
    Complaint Line Operator II: Levon Hold (Leave on hold)
    Computer Hardware Specialist: C. Colin Backslash (C:\)

  • Graficker,

    I think you nailed it. This may be Rossi's "trick". You have 7 likes, so obviously others agree. We shall see.

  • Graficker,

    I think you nailed it. This may be Rossi's "trick". You have 7 likes, so obviously others agree. We shall see.

    Rossi may be "selling" this to his "believe anything" fanbase, but he will not find a real customer who uses 40 meg of heat who will! Talk about crazy!

    Perhaps this is why Rossi and AA thought it was no big deal that Doral put out a flat line output! Even on days the reactor was down! Rossi sells a flat fee no matter what!

    I bet the crowd at ECW are even now clamoring about the best way to do this. Rossi will read the suggetions and pick up one.

    Allan, what are your thoughts about the apparatus you wittnessed being turned into a 40 MWH industrial system? Seem likely?

  • Bob,

    Yes, I agree that a real customer would/should never accept this offer. Because of his history, and terms, it would be crazy to accept. But something is going to happen IMO. I can smell it, based on following the little sneak now for 7 years. He has to have a customer to make it happen though. That does not mean what he is up to, or his customer is legitimate, but only that he is up to something, and that something I think is what Grafiker suggested.

    ECW crowd? Oy vey, not going to talk about them. Sad, so sad. So much potential, but like I more about them.

  • Huey, Dewey and Louie ...

    Rends, Zorud and Barty might remember them, EHAPA, Berlin, Disney, Lustiges Taschenbuch. Maybe also Wyttenbach.

    But yes, "Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe" is not common in non-english countries, I suspect.

    Three stooges?! Larry, Moe und Curly? What's up, doc.

    Okay. That's enough ...


    Thus the Howard, Fine & Howard reference

  • I don’t need to see the Ecat or test and be at demo to ask questions or know someone personally.I can interpret what Rossi says

    and does and draw my own conclusions.

  • Adrian,

    Everyone else seems to take the point (noted by Grafiker when he quoted Rossi here).

    THH: Adrian, are you saying Rossi is lying about this?

    AA: No. What makes you think that?

    I think that because:

    AA: 5. Rossi's business plan is to sell heat to customers. He will provide the reactor and control them. The customer simply pays for the heat supplied.

    which contradicts:

    RossiSays: for example, we are going to supply a system for a total power of 40 MW to a Customer and the Customer will pay 40 MWh/h, even if he will not use in part or in total this amount of energy. Obviously the Client will not pay the amount due for the quantity of energy we will not supply for malfunctions deriving from our responsibility ( errors of us, lack of our maintenance, breakages due to our fault et similia ). Therefore if, for example, we will have a blackout of 10 hours due to our errors, the Customer will not pay 400 MWh, that will be deducted from the bill at the end of the month.

    and RossiBlogSays:

    1. Italo Romano August 8, 2018 at 10:39 AM

      Dear Dr. Rossi, the lump sum payment may not be convenient for a customer.

      If, for example, the power used varies between 40 MW and 10 MW over time, he will still pay as if he were constantly receiving 40 MW. Even with the 30% discount on the cost of energy, he will pay a lot more.

      It would be better, I think, to measure the real energy supplied.

      Kind Regards,

      Italo R.

    2. Andrea Rossi August 8, 2018 at 6:02 PM

      Italo Romano:

      We adopt the lump sum. Obviously our Clients must order an amount of heat they are sure to consume.

      Warm Regards,


    Thus the RossiSays, understood by others here and I think clear, is that if the contract is for 40MW the customer will pay a fixed amount per day (the 40MW cost) regardless of how much they actually use. The only exception would be a power outage for which Rossi was responsible, which the customer would not pay for.

    Just to nail this, Grafiker suggests that this setup would allow Rossi to run a supply plant in which the output power was never measured by the customer. I agree with Shane, Rossi probably has some plan here and it will be fun to see what it is. It is very possible Rossi will actually run a plant with an e-cat, delivering output power in the historically documented (COP=1) way, and spin this as a working industrial application which proves e-cats work. Rossi would in this case probably lose money - though given his "You pay for 40MW all the time" strategy he might lose a bit less than you would expect. However a short-term loss of money, for Rossi, could be seen as a great investment if it allowed him to net future customers for a $100M sting. Or, since Rossi clearly craves adulation and has at least $10.5M already from IH, perhaps even given legal fees he is solvent, Rossi could be doing this just to preserve his battered sense of self-esteem and fan-base.

  • Bob,

    Yes, I agree that a real customer would/should never accept this offer. Because of his history, and terms, it would be crazy to accept. But something is going to happen IMO. I can smell it, based on following the little sneak now for 7 years. He has to have a customer to make it happen though. That does not mean what he is up to, or his customer is legitimate, but only that he is up to something, and that something I think is what Grafiker suggested.

    ECW crowd? Oy vey, not going to talk about them. Sad, so sad. So much potential, but like I more about them.

    I do not see any customer agreeing to this. Having worked in industry for 35+ years, I have yet to see a company that does not closely monitor their energy consumption when they use a large amount of it. I.E. using that much energy means that it is a significant component of their production cost. It MUST be measured to capture what the actual production cost is, otherwise it would be similar to not knowing exactly what you made for steel or some other raw material.

    All other forms of energy sale is metered that I am aware of. Natural gas, electricity, coal or ethanol is closely metered. I am not familiar with the bulk sale or distribution of steam that some have stated happens more commonly in Europe. However, this would be primarily only for heating in an urban environment. Can someone verify how this heat/energy transfer is measured and sold? I cannot believe it is done on some flat fee basis.

    THH clearly showed that there is NO doubt as to what Rossi is stating. Has AA seen many industries in glass manufacture not meter their energy consumption? Will he state the selling of heat at a flat volume regardless of usage makes sense? Because Rossi has proposed it, I expect AA will say that it does as will Sam12. One thing you can decipher from cult like faith.... the leader is NEVER questioned. If a crack opens in the leader's reliability, then soon all his teachings are found suspect and false. You have to have faith in totality. Cult like followers NEVER question or chastise their glorious leader.

  • Yes Jed, it is also the legal definition, as in:"Anything you say may be taken down and used as evidence against you." It doesn't matter if it is true or false, it is still evidence. Unless you are the Red Queen.

    Stick to the day job AA. You don't understand the law or what that warning means. A man being arrested states that he saw shape changing lizards kill Josef Stalin, please explain how, and of what, that is evidence.

    Also, is the "state" in which they are allegedly seeking permits a state in the United States (please identify which state if so) or is it one of those extra-dimensional states (I understand that the permitting process is much easier in some of those, especially the state of having no fucking clue).

  • AA, I have a couple of very serious questions which you, by your recitation of your experience in engineering the construction of factories, should be able to easily answer.

    I am assuming by your reference to "state" that the planned site is in the US. Given that, and given that Rossi's technology, whatever it is, is new, not certified by any underwriting agency and there is no public record of Rossi ever applying to a regulatory agency anywhere in the US for any approvals:

    1. Will such a new, unproven and uncertified system require an EIR?

    2. Will it require approvals by state and federal agencies, or just state or just federal? Has Rossi even identified the agencies that will need to review and approve? If so, do you know which ones? If not, how can he reasonably expect to be operating before 2020 or 2021?

    3. If it requires an EIR, that will require a public posting and hearing on any EIR. Has Rossi hired appropriate consultants and lawyers experienced in this process?

    4. Based on your experience, assuming that there are no objections or litigation filed in connection with the EIR, how long do you estimate the EIR process will take? I feel this is especially relevant and important in that the EIR process is generally a lengthy one even if involving proven technology -- is it realistic that Rossi will be up and running in less than a year? If you believe so, please explain why.

    5. Has Rossi prepared for the inevitable litigation that will arise once he publicly announces the site where this will be located? I am not saying that the litigation will be meritorious, merely that it inevitably comes and is very expensive and time consuming. Also, in such a litigation, Rossi I am sure will be deposed and asked to explain both his process and what safety and environmental measures he has taken. The process may be disclosed under seal and not publicly, but any environmental and safety measures are a matter of public concern and will be publicly open.

    I am sure that there are many additional real world hurdles that have to be overcome prior to Rossi generating any heat and I am confident that, based on your vast experience, you can think of many yourself. I am also confident that we would all like to hear your expert opinion on how all of these issues are going to be handled.

  • Which customer would ever agree to that charade?

    And after the Doral incident this time Rossi can't make another switcheroo as it embarrased him quite a lot the last time.

    Well, I'm not saying anyone will, or that Rossi will ever have a real customer - he has proven very able to generate fake ones!

    But equally Rossi has an unparalleled ability to find and encourage foolish people, so who knows?

  • AA: As I said, of course Rossi's claims have to be verified before they can be accepted. But the babblers have zero evidence that they are not true

    I don't think Rossi is vindictive but there would be justification for legal proceedings against the owner of this blog for publishing so many libelous comments.

    Truth is an absolute defense. And I don't think that I have actually seen any libelous comments about Rossi -- nasty, mean, derogatory, all yes, but that does not make them libelous. Also, the Communications Decency Act may have something to say about the blog owner's liability, but I wouldn't worry if I were them.

  • WW, don't expect Adrian to address your questions. The regulatory hurdles facing Rossi's installations and factories are just one of the many things that contribute to the utter absurdity of believing anything the man says. Building and equipping factories and staffing them without any trace of a paper trail is an impressive feat. But delusional beliefs are the mainstay of Rossi loyalists. There is no limit to the absurdities they adopt without flinching.

  • Hey, Adrian Ashfield, read from the links I posted. After all, you're the one who challenged me to provide them! Try to learn something about the real Rossi. Those who ignore the past... etc. etc. etc.

    Further to your comment 5.796, like all Rossi haters you only give half the story. Even Wikipedia (who edit out any pro Rossi inserts) state that he was acquitted of all crimes except the Italian national sport of tax evasion.

    Hardly the "extensive old criminal history" you claimed.

    Background to the story is that the Mafia controlled waste management and were thought to have had a hand in the retroactive legislation that caused Rossi so much trouble.…_mafia_loves_garbage.html…recsys&journalCode=fglc20

    The high official. behind this. has recently been sentenced to jail and fined fot taking over much of the waste management in Italy.

    Also of note is that the PetrolDragon process is being resurrected and so probably works,

    I am not interested in rehashing this ancient stuff but only replied to point out your lie.

  • Adrian Ashfield

    Naturally, your own reference doesn't say what it you claim it does. Here is the full Petroldragon cite from Wikipedia (EN):


    We've been over this article time and again. The acquittals are Rossi-says which is worthless. And the Rossi process never worked. That is what matters, not that modern processes can perhaps convert some very carefully selected oil-based and restaurant wastes into fuel.

    The article is also interesting in that it shows all three major projects Rossi was involved in: Petroldragon, thermoelectric converters, and the ecat. And nothing in the article says or even suggests that any of these ever worked in any way. That is the illustrious engineer's history of success. Absolutely nothing in his entire life except fraud and crime. Rossi, of course, does not mentions and he and his friends fight to keep out of Wikipedia, his long colorful history of multiple convictions and incarcerations in Italian prisons. Those are documented by news accounts of the time. The acquittals are for the most part, Rossi's inventions.…ntrepreneur)#Petroldragon