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    Nevertheless, absent some emergency, this is the last post from Alternative

    Abd, I can think of no 'emergency' that would keep me from deleting further posts you make (using any log in at all) until such time as your Admin-imposed blocking is over. Otherwise you are just poking fun at a system designed to keep this place 'clean and tidy. Whether you choose to go or stay is entirely your choice, whatever you do this place will survive and prosper through the efforts of all, not because of any single poster.

  • Shane, to respond (to where else to goto) the NSF can be quite educational. It is mathematical theoretical and abstract. And NSF is somewhat closely moderated.
    As we wait for a decent experiment that is replicable.

    I personally do not learn things with out thinking them out for myself. I like others here have looked at Papp, almost anything involving OU devices. So far the only one I see --that may require new physics (MiHsC withstanding). Rossi is a TV channel. Let me know if you find something. I would like to change the channel.

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    I like others here have looked at Papp

    What in the world is there to "look at" with regard to Papp? (And the Rhoeners)

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    Mary has been a total arse...

    You see my writing that way because you accept virtually any fantastic claim as fact from virtually anyone. And of course, I rub your nose in it when it goes bad which is essentially always.

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    You see my writing that way because you accept virtually any fantastic claim as fact from virtually anyone. And of course, I rub your nose in it when it goes bad which is essentially always.

    I see your writing as crude, repetitive, and unimaginative. Basically you say the same thing over, and over and over. Once in a while, when backed into a corner about your "qualifications", you pull out your short, and well honed, wikipedia quote about calorimetry, to "prove" you are an expert in the matter. When pushed further by those still not convinced, you resort to the "I will bet you $100,000" I am an expert bluff.

    I actually enjoy your participation, but only for entertainment reasons. How anyone could accord you some respect as a many do, is beyond me.

  • I for one, hope that the ban is lifted and Mr. Lomax decides to participate.

    I appreciate his taking time and posting his in-depth opinions, especially since he backs them up with links, history and
    experience. While I do not take anyone's word as "absolute truth", I do not find a lot of obvious errors in his posts.

    It is frustrating that most criticism of Mr. Lomax's posts seem to be:

    - They are often of long length and detailed : Well, often the subject deserves long length and detail. Our society is too geared towards instant gratification! "I want an answer, I want it now and I do not want to have to study or understand the depth".

    --- If you do not want to read a post that is more than one sentence long, then I suggest that you simply do not read them! Why complain? No one is forcing you to read them.

    - That Mr. Lomax is full of himself and conceited : Who on this list isn't!

    --- Again, if you do not like his opinions or the method he presents his opinions, then skip his posts. Some, including me, find them very worthwhile.

    - That he is too "Pro IH".

    --- I do not see it that way at all. I see he presents evidence as he sees it logically. If that evidence is "Pro IH", it is not his bias.
    But again, one is not forced to read his posts.

    I do not read the posts of some here. They are pointless, repetitive and often inflammatory. I simply skip them. I do not feel I need to post negative comments about them. Why should I? Why should others?

    I do not know what the cause of the ban was nor do I need to know. I do not condone bad or unacceptable behavior. I do find it surprising that he stated something so villainous that it merited a ban. But sometimes people say things that they later wish they had not. I know I have in the past and probably will in the future. Mr. Lomax can be a bit pointed at times, but I would hope he did not resort to base intent. Again, I find the ban quite surprising. (I do not mean to criticize the moderators here either. They have an often thankless job.)

    So I hope Mr. Lomax changes his mind and rejoins the forum. For me, his posts are most appreciated. Partially because I find time lacking to read the docket in detail and partially because I am too lazy! I appreciate the time he spends, not just skimming the content, but studying it.

  • Quote from LENR Calender: “Mary Yugo has been banned in the past, Shane.”

    If so..when specifically? And if so, it can not be long enough, if you ask me. Nothing in comparison to Abds benign, yet voluminous, posts leading to his…

    The closest info I can get to you about this is this thread (in which you participated).

    Censorship, FOIA, and Mary Yugo

    Getting banned for a couple days is not such a huge deal, and I suggest Abd just enjoys the time off.

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    To clear the Abd ban situation: Abd called a user ( @zeus46 ) "an idiot".
    This can be found here: MFMP: Next replication - GlowStick 5.4 aka GlowShell

    In the terms of use each forum member has agreed that insults will result in a ban, repeating insults will result in a permanent ban.
    So this cannot be a surprise.

    Abd was notified about this and should have received a private message in his "Conversations".
    There is absolutely no talk of "Pathoskeptic" behaviour, but of "Insult" behaviour.
    The message should look like:

    Everything is said: Tomorror at 10:55am Abd's ban expires and he can write here again.

    I don't understand why Abd is making such an outcry.

    And now: back to topic!

  • @Timar wrote "Funny coincidence: almost immeditately after Abd announces his retreat, someone I haven't seen hanging around here for months comes visiting this thread..."

    But alas it is coincidence. After the forum got bombed by threads in kanji or some similar language. I took a voluntary break. So not a pattern. I doubt anyone would think I am an IH shill. And channel Rossi for me is entertainment. When MY was banned, I also was a campaigner for Mary Yugo (who is scoffing at me currently for my Papp comment) and now for Adb. I try not to have a thin skin. But running this forum is like herding cats. I do not envy their jobs. BTW, If you click on the Discus you will see I have been back for over a month. I think alternative is who you mean maybe.

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