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  • If your scenario is true, Rossi fans may still have some reason for hope. Yeah. :) That would mean Rossi either; never gave up the real formula, or IH could not get the exact ingredients Rossi used to make it work. And the story lives on.

    Oh Lordy,

    the Rossi alcolytes will always stay hopefull, regardless how ridicolous this whole e-cat farce (with fake customers, absurd tests and “ERV reports”, fantastic “robotized production lines” claims, secret customers, laughable “demo in the condo”, etc. etc.) gets.

    Even if Rossi would say now that the e-cat story was nothing else than a hoax, the conspiracy theorists would spin this as a cover-up maneuver, they would claim something in the line that “big oil” bought Rossi.

    It’s much easier for the remaining Rossi supporters to remain in a self-delusion than to admit that they - although so smart - have been fooled all time long.

  • It’s much easier for the remaining Rossi supporters to remain in a self-delusion than to admit that they - although so smart - have been fooled all time long.

    ***I don't count myself among the Rossi supporters. I consider myself open minded to the possibility that Rossi is a paranoid inventor who has LENR in a box. I have worked with paranoid inventors before, so his behavior isn't exactly unparalleled. One of the most successful businessmen wrote a book with the title "Only the Paranoid Survive".

    To shake me from this ... what you call a delusion... would be to prove that he'd been scamming Focardi, Levi, the Swedes, IH, etc. all along. The court records show the distinct possibility that he was scamming IH all along, but there is still the distinct possibility that he had LENR and couldn't control it well enough to productize it, -- enough for IH to want his IP as asked for in the countersuit -- but not enough to put $89Mil down on such a mercurial inventor.. I can believe that Levi might be a little bit dumb. But Focardi & his sidekicks, how did they get hoodwinked into seeing LENR when they had seen LENR work before? And How did Rossi bamboozle the Swedes when he wasn't even on the same CONTINENT?

    When I ask these questions I get recriminations, insults, invective, and classic fallacies. If you want us to believe Rossi is the greatest con artist in recent memory then show why he left $89Mil on the table and how he bamboozled the Swedes. Show us HOW, don't show us that it was POSSIBLE, show that it was highly likely. Where is the magician's trick? Because if we can't see the trick then all the other LENR developments are still going to be susceptible to whatever magic trick this was.

    And if you can't show it, then at least drop your arrogant attitude.

  • I just watched this interesting show on Netflix today about the Flat Earthers. What was interesting was that some of these people obviously have scientific minds, and were designing scientific experiments. For example they obtained a $30000 gyroscope to prove the earth was not rotating, but their results showed it was, so they blamed themselves for screwing up the experiment somehow. Then these other people shined a laser down a canal for miles and measured the height, but once again rejected their own results. The psychology is such that sometimes people want to believe something so much, they can't possibly be convinced they are wrong. Not that this has anything to do with Rossi or A.A. or Bevmo or anything. It is a good show, check it out.

    LENR-deniers are actually more aligned mentally with flat-earthers--the ultimate skeptics.

  • Sounds about right.

  • Since Rossi is obviously lacking of providing proof he has customers who want to buy his heat, he is reloading his famous BS story of never ending R&D because this is way more important than earning billions and bring cheap heat to mankind and poor the early days he was claiming the QX (and obviously the Derivate SK) can produce heat, light, electricity and thrust, adjustable, depending on the needs, he is coming back to this old story and is now focusing on electricity...maybe because his crowd did ask for this too many times? Maybe they are all so excited on ECW, so they forgot that this all was available years ago already in Rossi’s Hightech lab? Sorry, in his Miami condo! Or now abroad in Italy?

    So let’s lay back and watch. Popcorn time. It is indeed entertaining...😁👏

    1. Gerard McEk March 2, 2019 at 3:20 PM

      Dear Andrea,

      I’m a bit surprised that you are still further researching the E-cat as I understood from a previous question that you would be putting all your energy in getting the E-cat into full production and acquiring more orders in this period.

      Is there a special reason that you continued researching the E-Cat on its direct electrical output capabilities?

      Thanks and kind regards, Gerard

    2. Andrea Rossi March 3, 2019 at 3:36 AM

      Gerard McEk:

      We are a high technology company. R&D can never stop. When a company like Leonardo Corporation stops R&D its death starts its course. We are making important inventions that are the future of us, while we are focusing on the diffusion of our Ecats. When our competitors will reach what we are doing now ( it will take 3-5 years at the least ), we will be again years ahead of them with our new “divisions”.

      Warm Regards,


  • Mr. Stremmenos has nicely written to Andrea, but it seems he has forgotten how to spell his first name.

    1. Cristos Stremmenos March 4, 2019 at 2:31 AM

      Dear Andrea,


      I want to congratulate with your intuition: I watched very attentively

      and read very attentively…nge_particle_interactions

      I understood that, being the Ballerina’s T much lower that the T of the sun, commercial P.V. cells cannot work, because they are sensible to solar spectrum that is filtered by ozone, therefore with UV strongly reduced. An invention of specific cells was necessary!

      I wish you the continuation of your good work,

      Cristos Stremmenos

    1. Andrea Rossi March 4, 2019 at 4:20 AM

      Prof Cristos Stremmenos:

      What a pleasure to here from you!

      Thank you for your insight and for your kind attention to our work,

      Warm Regards,


  • arjen

    March 5, 2019 at 1:36 PM

    Dear Andrea

    Can you confirm Swedish Vattenfall is one of the customers you are talking to?

    As Dutch NUON is just overtaken by them its interesting. Also Netherlands is in the news for its policy of abandoning decommissioning all houses from natural gas in the near future , E-Cat can fill the empty vacuum.

    A Swedish group is backing the installation, as a proof of commercial principal, in cooperation with some Swedish energy company. They are inviting applications from one and all.

    Why Sweden? The answer is very clear. Sweden is one of the many countries that has district heat.

    District heat is generated in a centralized location for residential and commercial heating requirements such as space heating and water heating. The heat is often obtained from a cogeneration plant burning fossil fuels but increasingly biomass. Although heat-only boiler stations, utilizing geothermal heating and central solar heating are also used, as well as nuclear power.

    District heating plants provide higher efficiencies and better pollution control than localized boilers. According to some research, district heating with combined heat and power (CHPDH) is the cheapest method of cutting carbon emissions, and has one of the lowest carbon footprints of all fossil generation plants.

    Andrea Rossi

    March 5, 2019 at 5:28 PM


    I cannot answer about the names of our actual or potential Clients, therefore I cannot answer to your question in positive or in negative.

    Warm Regards,


    Is this Swedish Company a Customer

    or potential customer for the E-CatSK?


  • Rossi probably getting trolled, very likely by someone that frequents this forum. Learn a few Rossi-isms, and troll away. Has been going on for years. You all assume it is Rossi trolling himself. Prove me otherwise.

  • Did You read ? Recently Rossi wrote, that he has a HIGH TECH COMPANY.

    - That's why he told us, that its e-cat can produce heat, electricity and thrust, abvout 2 years go ???

    - That's why they never again told us, if they reached the Carnot cycle ???

    - That's why we never ever again heard of the gasturbine attempt ???

    - That's why their device look like a crappy piece of garage garbage screwed together by a child ???

    - That's why no one could even see his upper body and head during the "SK demo" ???

    This is "HIGH TECH" ???

    Ou, I am not quite sure, but I start to believe, that Rossi suddenly but surely is loosing his mind....

  • I think that is to make us forget the customers, selling them heat from a box with a Neutron Detector on top, that is controlled from Miami via an unsecured internet link.

  • Rossi probably getting trolled, very likely by someone that frequents this forum. Learn a few Rossi-isms, and troll away. Has been going on for years. You all assume it is Rossi trolling himself. Prove me otherwise.

    Perhaps the whole Rossi phenomenon is in fact a joke invented by someone else who pretends to be Rossi on his blog, impersonates Rossi to deceive Mats, etc.

    Prove me otherwise.