Rossi-Blog Comment Discussion

  • The other side of the coin.....

    "Well, maybe the investors of Woodford Patient Capital Trust will not like the 9% loss they will be facing when the Dewey “planet saver” turns out to be nothing but toilet paper IP… And added to that – they will soon also realize what could have been, when they see the progress being made by Rossi and the E-Cat IP that IH so epically failed to handle."


  • other replications of Rossi's work

    ***Rossi isn't a scientist, he's an inventor, a businessman. He isn't generating stuff so that it can be replicated. That would be counterproductive in his approach to untying the Gordian Knot that is LENR.

    That would be the only way of convincing anyone that this is a useful technology.

    ***Another way is for Rossi to sell heat as a service, which strikes me as pretty stupid. If I were in his shoes I'd buy a failing coal burning electricity plant and slowly replace the boilers with Ecats or whatever. No one could look under the hood except his own employees. It's not as if electricity customers have been looking too closely at how the sausage is made when it came to coal burning plants.

  • Except that there are not 153 peer reviewed replications.

    Yes, there are. Plus about ~50 others not peer reviewed. Before they passed journal peer review, many experiments went through in-house reviews at national labs, which are much stricter. Furthermore, the journals were much stricter with the positive cold fusion reports than the negative ones. Morrison, for example, flew through review.

  • Kevwoof - what does this mean to you:

    What it means to me is that you're too stupid to realize exactly what you're arguing against, you idiot. I posted upthread and plenty of other times that Rossi isn't a scientist, he's a businessman. And he says to judge him on his phrase, "In Mercato Veritas" and there is nothing in Mercato , is there? But since that's what I'm saying, I'm expecting you to be so incredibly stupid as to argue against it. Geez, you're a dumbass.

    The IVA Conference Centre conducts background checks on those who book conferences rooms and also, to the extent possible, checks programmes to ensure that any messages conveyed are not contrary to IVA’s objective, which is to promote science.

    ***Sounds good to me. Rossi aint a scientist. And DeweyDumbdrop aint anything but a pure Adam Henry. You got that in common with Rossi.

  • KMoeMoe - how does this make you feel?

    It makes me feel GREAT, like Tony the Tiger. It means I'm under your skin, because you're focused on me and arguing against stuff that I have long ignored when it comes to the Rossi thing. It also calls to attention how much of an Adam Henry you have become, and calls to question your genuine commitment to LENR.

    I used to scratch my head when there were things about your posts that don't make sense. Then I figured out that it was your mistake that cost $15M to IH, and that you've just been trying to cover your ass in a desperate attempt to hide the truth. Now I'm starting to think that by you going into this Adam Henry Overdrive mode, there could be more there.

    A smart adam henry would just STFU, but you can't seem to do that. You're doubling down on stupid for a reason, and I think it's worth prodding a dipwad like you to see where this all leads.

  • Sweden is an interesting place - its all about criminal law.

    We can upgrade beyond hand grenades if the Rossifarians want to keep playing.

    We have the firepower.

    They **did not report in the first place. They said they would respond to questions from scientists, but they never did.

    These two comments might be connected by the credulous. ** The Swedish scientists,

  • Except that there are not 153 peer reviewed replications. Replications of what, BTW?

    ***153 replications of the Pons Fleischmann Anomalous Heat Event. I'm glad you asked.

    How many times has the Pons-Fleischmann Anomalous Heating Event been replicated in peer reviewed journals?

    It is telling that you say there are NOT such replications, and then you ask AFTERWARDS, replications of what? That is incredibly stupid. Just follow this subthread upwards to see how you are responding in context, and it has to do with far more than just Rossi. But you're so wrapped up in Rossi Derangement Syndrome that it's all you can see: Rossi, Rossi , Rossi. It is useful to see that you don't know what you're talking about when it comes to the science supporting LENR.

    LENR experiments are rarely exact replications or verifications, they are for the most part all done with different methods depending on the experimenter.

    ***The top ~100 electrochemists of the day replicated P&F. But you're stacking your ridiculous LACK of knowledge up against those top electrochemists of the day. Thanks for exposing your emotional flank. This puts you directly into the anti-LENR Luddite camp, and even Interested Observer has made pains to get out of that camp. That makes you even dumber than him.

    Rossi-Blog Comment Discussion

    I never said LENR tests were fraud.

    ***You said it EXPLICITLY, right upthread.

    :"There are at least two and they are "biggies". These are fraud and measurement errors."

    The subthread context is all about LENR results outside of Rossi:

    "True, and that is why I said "most here opposing Rossi, believe in LENR". "

    I said Rossi was a con man, a consistent liar and a fraud and there is tons of proof of that all over the internet. If you don't see it, that reflects on you, not on skeptics.

    ***Then you need to doublecheck the subthread you're posting in, because you're trying to say it was ONLY about Rossi while the intro to the subthread was all about "results outside of Rossi".

    So I expect a retraction from you.

  • What deception? You are making this up? Who said that? You're either a pathological lier or maybe you have made some serious threats to some very innocent people.

    or maybe you have made some serious threats to some very innocent people.

    ***Don't forget the serious threats he has made to people ON THIS VERY FORUM. He threatened to sue the lot of us who participated in the thread that showed he was responsible for costing IH $15M in losses. Eric Walker pulled all those posts and put them somewhere else. Be careful, or HeweyLeweyDewey will threaten to sue you as well. Maybe we should call him SueyLueyDewey.

  • But, neither Axil nor Abd were fixated on insulting everyone who disagreed with them.

    ***Wow, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. You are the one who STARTS with the insults. Lurkers will note that this thread was relatively clear until you &Dewey

    RESTARTED with the insults.

    Don't START nuthin', won't BE nuthin'. But that seems to just fly right over your head.

  • Sweden is an interesting place - its all about criminal law.

    We can upgrade beyond hand grenades if the Rossifarians want to keep playing.

    We have the firepower.

    Please elaborate. This could easily be interpreted as making direct and violent threats towards people who disagree with your view of the matters discussed here. Is this the way you handled IVA? Did you threaten them? Did you maybe send them pictures of their children at school? You obviously symphathise with the Italian mob regarding other issues, so I'm not that surprised if this is the case here which makes me feel sick. Despicable it is.