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  • I said that Rossi had showed enough

    to me to extend April 1 2019 to the

    end of 2019 and reavaluate.


    This is the core of what I am getting at. Rossi believers never seem to be able to give factual reasons to back up their continued faith.

    You state "Rossi had showed enough" for you to continue believing....

    Exactly what did he show? He postponed... he delayed.... he "improved".... just as he always does. Yet he has not once actually stated what he has improved.

    Can you provide ANY actual attribute of the latest eCat design that is better than the Sigma 5 QuarkX? Seriously. What exactly does the SK / Leonardo do that the QX did not? Certainly not more reliable as the QX had "Sigma 5" certification! I have monitored some of the posts, and none give any specifics at all! Just more of the usual Rossi BS that is non-committal. Such answers as "yes", "maybe", "making big improvements", etc. etc. But never are any actual details given.

    Was it the blue light show that convinced you? Even most eCatWorld posters acknowledged it was a bust. There was absolutely nothing about that demo that should give you confidence. Seriously, nothing. No power in, No power out, no indication at all of anything other than a blue light.

    Was it the puppet show?

    Was it the fact that Frank Ackland broadcast the big event from Rossi's condo? He could not even get an actual lab space rented.

    So please advise as to what Rossi showed you that convinced you to wait another year. I suspect it really is as said above... you will continue the faith no matter what happens. I say this not to insult you, but the fact is that is the pattern you have already proved. You have set deadlines before, but they meant nothing.

    That is why I ask for specifics on why you changed your mind.

    "Showed me enough" is the same as other Rossi supporters.... they never seem to be able to provide any factual or reasonable evidence as to why they stay on board.

    Thank you.

  • Let's see it from this perspective:

    If there is NOTHING to it ( what I really assume ) , why would someone do this farce, and keep it going on and on ?

    A good question, but I think it quite understood why he does it.

    1) 11 million dollars. Rossi does not work at a regular job. He has all the time he needs on his hands (he probably hires out his condo duties). So how does he make a living.......? He runs this scam and has done so for a long time. He sold "licenses" for $10,000 each for a period of time. We do not know how much he may have brought in from others. But $11 million dollars is a lot of money... more than he would have made working a normal job for sure.

    Just like hackers, bank robbers and other scam artists.... it is his job! Rarely does scammers stop their ploys. Even B. Madoff kept up his scam after stealing millions. Thieves never stop stealing. Rossi is in a continual search for new victims.

    2) He seems to be pathological about attention and praise. Look at his puppet posts. He craves admiration and exultation. He runs a quasi-religious cult and he craves the attention and praise from his followers. If they do not do it, he posts his own praise such as Nobel prize dreams.

    So the answer seems very well founded in similar situations over the years from other crooks. It is not that unusual.

  • 11 million dollars. Rossi does not work at a regular job. He has all the time he needs on his hands (he probably hires out his condo duties). So how does he make a living.......?

    Forget presidents and presidential candidates, I want to see Rossi's tax returns. They would help answer a lot of these questions. Or perhaps get him put away for tax evasion.

  • Bob

    If Rossi invited you to view his technology what would look for or ask him to be convinced he has

    the technology he says he has?



  • Oh where to start?

    1) Since he has stated for several years that he has customers, I would ask to see evidence or reports from them. Starting with photos of the installation for example.

    One can tell the difference from a real installation and a pipe going through a wall such as with Doral. I do not believe for a moment that all customers are requiring complete obscurity. This is a Rossi construct.

    2) Rossi keeps claiming certifications. Well, let's see them, the standard they were made to and the certifying agency letter of approval. This is common, and the certifying agency certainly will not "hide" as it is their business to publish certifications. However, Rossi never shows a real certification even though he claims it constantly.

    3) Rossi has claimed magnificent Robotic factories for years. Well, that certainly should be easy to prove. Yet he always dodges this proof. Why would he hold a "world changing technology" demo in his condo if he has a state of the art robotic factory standing by. (Can you not see the absurd game going on here!)

    The one "Factory" we actually saw was a rented warehouse space... hardly a robotic factory.

    4) Rossi has continually claimed his "team" is working hard making advances... well, let see the team and hear from them. Wait, only long time family friend Fabiani(sp) has ever been noted. Fake chief engineer Bass was simply a hired mouth piece.

    5) Provide actual specifics about the eCat. What really are the specific improvements the QX has over the 1MW plant, the SK over the QX, the SL Leo over the SL etc. etc. Not BS or "improvements" , but hard factual data points.

    I could go on. Stating having an independent party do a black box test is truly not straight forward. Some say the Lugano group was just that. However, we then found out that Rossi actually ran the entire test and the profs only dropped in. It appears not very often too. So stating a demo is not necessarily easy. Who decides runs the test? Certainly not Rossi. Certainly not me. Experienced and knowledgeable LENR researchers attended a demo and we did not get a thorough report, so finding a party who would accurately and openly report is not as easy as it seems. So demos / tests are tricky. I certainly can not hire a major independent firm to conduct a test.

    However, there are many, many other ways to prove reality. One of the easiest for Rossi is for his customer to come forth. However, his BS about ALL of them wanting to remain secret can only be seen in the light of the court exposed customer.... which was Rossi himself. No wonder he did not want to reveal it!

    But it is quite easy actually to clearly see the true picture. Look at all the facts, all the history, all the lies, deceit and fraud Rossi has done over the past 8 years. It absolutely SHOUTS what he is and what he is doing. Yet some people refuse to hear.

  • It's always been very simple. I would ask him to allow me to perform my own calorimetry measurement on an e-cat running as a black box. I would want to provide my own power supply and measure input power myself. I would want to test the simplest e-cat he had ever made, like the one Levi said he tested in 2011:…cludes-combustion-6421304 . That test purportedly provided an output of 20kW sustained overnight and peak power of 130kW. Startup power was 1250W rapidly reducing to a constant 80W. I would love to see that test with proper calibration and blanks and done by me with minimal participation by Rossi and full inspection of all surfaces of the device, for example, running it on a glass table.

    Of course, it would be fun to ask Rossi to show his robotic factories, name his military customers, reveal who "NATO Colonel" Domenico Fioravanti is, demonstrates how he makes "cheap" nickel isotopes, and why he never allowed calibration of his early devices and performed it poorly for his hot cat devices. And many other things. But mainly the first item to which Rossi would say a resounding "vaffanculo!"

  • According to this comment A.R.

    is getting a lot of attention.

    1. Prof September 14, 2019 at 2:29 AM

      Your paper…nge_particle_interactions

      continues its stunning viral diffusion: now it is the most read of the 15 millions publications on Researchgate. The revolutionary theoretical plant you put there, combined with the experimental setup also shown in

      has triggered a worldwide interest in all the continents.

      Ad majora!


    2. Translate Andrea Rossi September 14, 2019 at 3:34 AM


      Thank you for your attention to our work,

      Warm Regards,


  • Where on the Internet (not ECW or LF, nor the usual suspect "Free Energy sites") is the debate about

    this "groudbreaking revolutionary theoretical plant and the experimental setup he showed" in the Condo-demo?

    Why no resonance? No discussion, no review. No peer review.

    BTW: The ECat SK Condo video and the compilations on YT have between 1.000 and 17.000 hits, only ...

    And comments are not allowed :-)

    Conspiracy?! :/:evil:

  • Sam12,

    This is a prime example of Rossi's pathological need for praise and attention. First it is most likely a sock puppet written by Rossi.

    If not, the fact that he states the SK Demo "triggered worldwide interest" proves the person is either ignorant or a sock puppet. Not a single news media has reported the event, nor any journals, nor any other publication except JONP, eCatWorld and to some minor extent, the few supporters here. To give credence to such a post above is ludicrous. Simply look a the facts.

    As far as Researchgate, it has been discussed here that it's tracking system is likely flawed and that it is known that one can hire third world clickers to push the numbers up. An action that supports Rossi's need for attention and why he continues the scam and seemingly follows his method of doing things.

    If it was truly that read, downloaded and supported, every news agency in the world would be reporting on it....... yet nothing. It is clearly artificial to all except those that want to believe.

    This is similar when posts were being made that Rossi might be up for a Nobel. Clearly from him and no basis in reality.

    "A.R. is getting a lot of attention." Actually just the opposite. When the attentions starts declining, Rossi ALWAYS ramps up the rhetoric to rejuvenate his followers.

    He will either come up with a new model with outstanding capabilities... remember direct electricity, tunable light and even thrust! What happened to these?!?

    Or he will announce certifications, visiting aerospace engineers, or even a new demo. This has happened over and over and over again for 8+ years. Something to stir the pot when the followers get restless.

    Do you not see this?

    P.S. Did not someone contact Researchgate about this issue? I do not remember, perhaps someone can update.


  • A sockpuppet like "Prof" again at work... now jonp lifted to "encyclopedia of the anomalous energies".

    Sorry, a better definition is "encyclopedia of the false energies", 48000 times fake.

    Don't worry fake "ing"! Time is never wasted, we learn about how you are continuing your scam.

  • A sockpuppets like "Prof" again at work... now jonp lifted to "encyclopedia of the anomalous energies".

    Sorry, a better definition is "encyclopedia of the false energies", 48000 times fake.

    Don't worry fake "ing"! Time is never wasted, we learn about how you are continuing your scam.

    Not that bad.

    I never saw it from this perspective: JONP is at least a perfect timeline-documentary of how this SONB Rossi continues to spread his scam.

  • Parkhomov did not present at ICCF last week.

    Correct, but the R&D made by Parkhomov was presented by HuangC. ("Temperature Dependence of Maximum Excess Power in 3 New Experiments (Letts, Parkhomov, & Mizuno)") and a presentation and poster by Greenyer. Perhaps that is the source of the confusion.