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    Then why the hell does Rossi, AA, etc. make such a huge deal about keeping the name of the customer secret? And if it is truly the huge corporation that Rossi claims, then they have a PR department, and lawyers, used to handling exposures such as this.

    Rhetorical, yes? Rossi's privacy argument made some vague sense in 2011. Since the October 2011 so-called demo of the so-called megawatt plant, powered by a giant Diesel generator, Rossi's fraud should have been transparent to all. After 8 years of promoting his fraud to anyone who would listen, he thinks privacy is important now?

  • I can't cut and paste easily on my phone but I asked Rossi about the power consumption of the SK recently on his forum. He said the majority of the power is consumed by the controller's cooling system. Not the controller itself. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Contrast this with a PC. The cooling fan consumes much less power than the device it cools.

      • 618-b1cd4afbd78114c6fcc5b2b8b487ece50ece6e1e.png Zeus46 wrote: Can you explain this sentence some more please?

        Look for the movie netflix under "Dirty Money" for a title name -Drug short"

        Valeant driving the price of prescription for the stock market for investors.

        Or "easy money"Let it grow until its worth harvesting by the feds..

    After you see the movies you'll realize they have every commodity hostage and how we pay to the braking point and it's intentional design.

    They let it happen.just like this trap.

  • I’ll watch it... Always thought commodities were impervious to manipulation due to the depth of the market, but still, it sounds interesting...

    Until recently so did I. Seems we pic what we like to do for a living and get to involved to look around at what others are doing to us~

  • If a big corporation gets access to a new technology that could have a significant impact on their profitability, wouldn't they legally have to disclose this to shareholders and/or the stock market, in general terms at least?

    Only if public company, private company need not disclose. Also, only need to disclose if material. If not, probably no need to disclose. And for a multi-billion dollar company, material is a lot.

  • Remember that Rossi claimed that the customer was the customer one of the ten largest multinational corporations in the world?- Yes on Andrea Rossi December 21, 2018 at 11:54 AM (see post @8234 by Deleo)

    All of those companies are publically owned.

  • Of course...Such an important publicly traded company that Rossi claims he has on the hook, to introduce a world-changing energy generator - sorry, to be more precise: on selling/buying heat at -20% - would the hell not allow such a clownish behavior of the contracted partner... outlandish business perception on Planet Rossi and his one-man-show followers.

    1. Buck February 11, 2019 at 3:32 PM

      Good Day Andrea:

      the following was posted on ECatWorld. Is this valid or is this an example of what you have warned about this morning?

      my best,



    2. Andrea Rossi February 11, 2019 at 6:16 PM


      I don’t speak Russian, so I asked to a Russian friend of mine ( Dr Vitaly Uzikov ) to write for me a 20 lines synopsis of the video.

      He told me it is a report of the presentation I made of the Ecat SK on January 31st ( ); the journalist that made this report, Mr Igor Danailov, is a mainstream Russian journalist. He says I am looking for a strong partner for the diffusion of our technology also in Russia and this is true, because Russia is one of the Countries where our patent has been granted and my effect has been repeatedly replicated.

      Warm Regards,


      Translation of video by Bob Greenyer.

      Good afternoon. Mr. Andre Rossi authorized me to make an offer to some of my listeners.
      This is a joint activity to manufacture its reactors and SK directly in Russia and to sell them, more precisely to sell heat from them, apparently on the Russian market who should have responded to this offer. In fact, that is, a person who has a certain financial resources, first of all, is financially desirable, still having experience of some kind of production, that is, it is probably not a trading organization, that is, having a positive hundred onu of a certain kind, and so on, I understand that I wish this kind of money and willing to work here to find it will be very difficult for me, because I still have a different audience apparently so one now four months ago one of our listeners wrote to me that he has an acquaintance owner of a machine-building holding from the Urals I will not name any, but since then this business has stalled exactly four years ago a certain gentleman by the surname of goats I also wrote something I brought him together with flowers he said that he was eating.

      There are great financial opportunities, but after that everything seemed to stall, it was just interesting for a person to imagine himself as a venture capitalist, but that’s what it’s like and yes on the one hand, of course, Russia has a very good market for selling heat for the simple reason that, for example, the heating season lasts for a considerable part of eight months, although of course we pay little for the heat and by European standards, but I understand that Mr. Rossi is ready to move at a price sufficiently within wide limits, but he approved. It turns out that his installation efficiency increases the output of the input at the so-called 50, that is, it gives out 50 units of heat to 1 unit of energy before.
      We, for example, according to the price tag, I counted in St. Petersburg using gas to drown, for example, more profitable than electricity, 5 times here tenfold the power reserve is the first second network is very worn out and about the meat from where today a large number of people went to an unauthorized rally despite the opposition of the authorities it shows there is just a catastrophe actually periodically once about 40 percent of houses do not have hot water, and so on and so on and so on, therefore having a similar nature from installations according to ours does not have wildness which is local in nature. Of course, this problem could radically change and solve. I understand the alleged investors are not at all puzzled by these my words and my sentences for the simple reason that since, as soon as they were not deceived by them, here is the most recent case of gentlemen from the friendly site of Artyom Efimov free energy posted a video about some Russian firm who, in turn, and the night bar said that they make some additives for diesel and some diesel stops that their electricity turns out much more than with the usual single generator they did what they did gentlemen with free energy, when this company went bankrupt, they conducted a small investigation. They found out that this cable model of this company disguised a tube of power projects in the same shell that led to a separate room for the station. They were stony with a diesel engine in such a way as a single unit overwhelmingly, that is, the efficiency of more than 100 percent of the production of electricity from a diesel engine is simply a simple fraud of all these people and all these people are tired but surely but I want to say that this is a natural process when it appears something new was so called her appearance 3 that there are always a lot of scammers and there are always a lot of outspoken madmen who see something there say they are antimatter and in fact it’s just not there a vague interpretation of the simplest experimental data here such cases such things happen here means that therefore I propose, by and large I do not think that Mr. Andrea will refuse to provide his installation, it will be possible to connect somewhere, that is. The prospective investors will obviously find a room with an area of 220 meters which can be heated. The cost of the connection will be small. Of course, you will have to confirm some years. The costs are large enough for someone to compare with the fact that the anime is not small but there are tens of hundreds of thousands of rubles. This is such that there are several thousand US dollars today. This is what will be possible to make a new one. You can examine this installation. Mr. Rossi is very afraid that his secret may be stolen In the morning dream, we do nothing of this in water; some kind of external examination. Well, firstly, we really measure the amount of hot water we drive. The flow rate at its temperature is cooled down somewhere and we compare the spent energy with Portos, of course, if the program year’s fear is that that the installation is non-linear is of such a nature that there exists some quick peak and faster peak that our metering devices simply don’t see, so I can offer another experiment we connect the installation of the axis to some kind of low-powered diesel and just a gasoline generator, of course, it consumes little energy there, so it will be necessary to additionally add some additional load, preferably just a rheostat, and we do the same experiments, that is, the output is hot at the inlet and you simply record the power consumption by the amount of gasoline or diesel that the generator has spent here is so well, of course, we all understand that they can carry any research of this kind in the sense of it is completely endless because if you try hard you can buy for example an oscilloscope for $ 20,000 us so well you can move it up for a ten as a nefig to do so that's how much money and desire will suffice.

      You can also conduct radiation tests as well until the counters dummy then took the fluoroplastic tied with tape to the Geiger counter and sit looking, it would be useful to start a collection in white mice as far as no one else did it just 1 mice to live in one room, far from Installation and 2 mice with the installation can still be the third where to sit there and see how they will feel.

      Well, such are the things they are fairly cheap, I would say that I would like to participate in it and yes because my participation slam case she would allow I would save the prospective investor a lot of money like this, but what I want to notice is, in the long run, if it’s not a car that costs the company, that is, there is no company of engineers, I’m ready to provide such a team here again that you can do There is a certain kind of binding, it is quite possible another heat exchanger that not anything else, of course, this whole machine would be worth rewriting. Well, for example, you need a permanent internet connection for a year. Andrea Rossi has a modem that is unclear just this GSM module or or our localized swift, this is all there you can install and manage it remotely, and this drainage for our conditions was extremely important for Russia, but such things are like this, and of course I understand that this is how it is the addressing there are thousands of people who listen to me just until the wind succeeds in finding this kind of place, and I hardly understand the place of the site nadya when work should be built by and large it should be built as follows, that is, the front office back office warehouse preferably all this Moscow For some reason, but for the beginning, before I visit exhibitions I’m country work because no one is looking, and if you don’t have an address for people, you’ll just have to look for a representative of holding companies holding powerful construction companies and someone else who could be a partner om and try to pass them some of the barriers are quite organized enough to go through them and try to talk about it, but for that it would be very useful to have some independent expertise that they have not to offer him, let's try the track and just the expertise offered for example, we also have a wonderful legendary institute not of Jordan’s teacher of nuclear reactors in which a detail of the antennae works as a lead engineer, it is quite possible that such an installation could be o would test on the basis of the institute Vitaliyu ziko you acted as a guarantor that there would be no attempt to steal intellectual property of Andreas secret that is, it would be just outwardly no longer associated with the absence of harmful radiation from the one hand if we find the right move there, then experiments of this kind could cost Andrei Rossi, say, almost nothing, because we need to understand the specifics of Russia that we have for those who are very qualified physics of pre-retirement age for it is 100 euros, that is, eight thousand rubles will come back with big money, well, that's real, that is, we can spend in Russia not only production of a similar year, all sorts of technical physical things for after pennies compared to American ones, especially Japanese ones things absolutely and 1,000 euros duck is generally fiction well, that's what this needs to be understood, so with the right approach on the basis, it’s not me that I can show this kind of experiment anywhere else and after that already.

      You can talk about what would be much more active compared to the investor, but I repeat again that my blog means this is not enough video, it’s not enough just gasoline, travel calls, it’s better for the staff to have some kind of people who are behind removing these barriers that surround any representative of even small business, especially medium or large, should receive money. You are all clear that this costs otherwise does not happen, unfortunately, that is, I write down this third course, of course, it does not cost anything, and therefore I also understand that the probability of n of the end result that it will respond to it extremely not lead to what I still want to say about the certification here is a semi-humorous beautiful way that you can get for example a commission of pseudoscience specifically you are a genius of Alexander yes and go and say that we have this the installation is there and it’s not about the conclusion that this installation cannot work, therefore there is not some amazing radiation missing on this basis on this basis and that is to say, he concluded that it is absolutely safe that to beautifully feint with ears like that on me I don’t care about its effectiveness. It’s very important for us to remove this marketing failure, to neutralize which is that this installation of cold nuclear fusion but it is not installation of cold nuclear fusion but Andrea Rossi is very afraid of these two the person who walks on his heels and say that he has and some kind of sound is, well, Russia is very good for it, because it never will never reach everyone will walk on heels in general you can do it and not show it somewhere she stands somewhere at work here and not be afraid of anyone here so thank you for your attention.

  • sam12 Hold your breath.

    Thisi is broken communication between Rossi, Uzikov and YouTuber-physicist who made an announcement.

    Even if it were true that Rossi asked Russians specifically that would be bad idea.

    Russians do not have same money as they did say in 2008 being essentially a gas station state.

    Secondly, Russians are notorious for not being able to productize anything even after being first inventing it. Weapons system do not count since they cost them the largest portion of GDP out of all rivals did to very inefficient military complex.

    1. Italo R. February 12, 2019 at 2:13 PM

      Dear Dr. Rossi,

      You wrote “YES !”

      There’s something big in the air, apparently.

      Kind Regards,

      Italo R.

    2. Translate Andrea Rossi February 12, 2019 at 4:06 PM

      Italo R.:

      YES !

      Warm Regards,


    3. JPR February 12, 2019 at 10:58 AM

      Did some global company contact you after the January 31st presentation?


    4. Translate Andrea Rossi February 12, 2019 at 12:57 PM


      YES !

      Warm Regards,


  • “Yes” what?

    He ordered pastafagiola for lunch?

  • T

    sam, it seems Rossi is now also able to bend time and can answer questions before he was asked...? Or is he mixing up his different sock identities? Strange time stamps...

  • I thought I'd return to ask if there is anyone willing to shed some light on one little topic........

    At some point, (in the claims of the Rossi derived LENR), his reaction(s) produced/(es) the transmutation on Nickel into Copper.....partially....this is where I get my head stuck !

    Simpy, in that, any reaction dependant on an excitational force, even though once initiated, rely on a finite amount of energy to sustain that reaction and will ultimately decay.

    In a fuel/oxide mixture this process is complete and finite with calculable results, both net and product, (i.e., no loss).

    To 'partially' transmute elements in any reaction, I'd cast that into oblivion immediatley, as by 'rule of thumb', reactions are complete.

    If the energy imparted by such a reaction was sufficient to sustain that reaction.......the reaction would be finite and complete.

    The premise exists obviously of whereby, the energy imparted to initaite the reaction was exactly just that, enough to initiate a reaction.

    If the reaction had enough energy to self-sustain then that reaction would have been recreated the world over, by multitudes of physicists.

    What are you all missing ?

    Neurons ?

  • If the reaction had enough energy to self-sustain then that reaction would have been recreated the world over, by multitudes of physicists.

    Whether or not Rossi's Ni to Cu transmutation is true,,

    "multitudes of physicists" are not doing LENR..

    Multitudes of transmutations have been observed under "low energy" conditions by the physicists and chemists doing LENR

    example- Srinivasan et al.. BARC protium, deuterium to tritium.…Vaw1ZgQRCB6bdZB6pTJH4TOCW

    Srinivasan is not short of neurons AFAIK

  • N,

    The nickel to copper transformation,

    (in natural proportions mind you),

    and it’s subsequent retraction when told it would be different is when I was convinced that Rossi was another Bernie Madoff.

    And absolutely nothing in the following 8 years has done nothing to change my mind.