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  • Shane - I guess you also see the integrity in how Mats booked the IVA as well: "the venue was booked by Mats Lewan for a “technical presentation by a US company with international guests”. The dude showed up with a freaking nuclear reactor if you believe Mats and Rossi.

    The we can move on for a look at the gentleman's words who also sent Cease and Desist orders to Rossi to stop him from defiling the IVA brand with his subsequent videos and postings and Rossi complied. Just a bureaucrat with some teeth. This seems to be indicative of how Rossi gets to keep his "excess heat" on certain forums.

    When you step out of attack mode, you can make a good point on occasion.

    Yes, I know about his concern with the video.

  • I went and checked, and everything I said is correct. The "Swedish Embassy" was involved via a complaint, but it says nothing about the US Ambassador to Sweden, so I withdraw that little part...although it makes sense being in Sweden.

    Doesn't any Swedish Embassy, by definition, have to be outside Sweden?

  • Bruce - since you asked so politely, here is some additional communication from Mr. Weigelt on said subject:

    "The IVA Conference Centre is an independent business unit that sells its services on the open market. Even though the Conference Centre shares our name, the majority of its clients are not connected with IVA .The organizations using our centre are responsible for their own content. That said, we are aware of the risk that some customers may try to exploit our brand for supporting their events and gain credibility by association. This is obviously extra important when it comes to issues as science fraud. Therefore, the policies of our Conference Centre clearly guides to exclude events in conflict with the Academy statutes (to promote technical and economical sciences) and we always perform background checks on new customers.

    This time, the venue was booked by Mats Lewan for a “technical presentation by a US company with international guests”. Our Conference Centre staff did not have knowledge in advance of the conference that that Mr Rossi was among the speakers, and the background check on Mr Lewan himself did not reveal anything suspicious. Directly after the event we were made aware of what had happened and took actions to mitigate any potential damages. We contacted media to make it clear that the claims made by Rossi are in no way endorsed by the Academy. Mats Lewan is red-flagged for future reservations in our Conference Centre, and would not have had access of our conference centre had we known the content of the event. It is clear that we need to review our procedures to avoid similar incidents in the future."

    This isn't new information. This is from way back when it happened. And it just goes to show how fragile the feelings of institutions still are when it comes to anything cold fusion related.

  • This isn't new information. This is from way back when it happened. And it just goes to show how fragile the feelings of institutions still are when it comes to anything cold fusion related.

    Of course. Since they were threatened by Dewey et al, they needed to make an official statement to avoid whatever consequences they were facing in those threats. Fact is though, they knew prior to the event exactly who and what was going to take place. Hey - we all knew that ... They were however not expecting the wrath of Darden/Cherokee/IH/Dewey et al. They were not expecting the personal threats Dewey are famous for. They were not expecting any involved embassies, etc. Since both the involved individuals and IVA as an organization are vulnerable to these kind of threats, they chose the easy institutional way and distanced themselves from the subject in an official statement, but at the same time keeping good contacts (probably even better than before) with those that needed to take the blow.

    Some content deleted. Alan,

  • Rossi keeps going with inventing new materials as usual. Not sure why his big fish global echelon partner is not using his amazing skills to start another new business in selling those for tons of money...? But it seems more important for both to write nice questions and answers in a distant little corner of the internet instead of delivery notes and bills for the products leaving his automated factories these days. Curious to read and see some of his SK customers. Maybe the wolfs and moles here can help with this?;)

    1. Bob Belovich March 18, 2019 at 4:28 PM

      Dear Andrea Rossi

      Congratulations to you and your team in making innovations for the direct production of electricity from the ecat.

      1. Is the ecat apparatus you are using for this work the same size as the unit shown in the skdemo?

      2. Does the apparatus employ any new materials you have not used before?

      3. If yes, did you develop any new materials for this apparatus.

      Thank you

      Bob Belovich

    2. Translate Andrea Rossi March 18, 2019 at 5:56 PM

      Bob Belovich:

      1- yes

      2- yes

      3- yes

      Warm Regards,


  • Except that there are not 153 peer reviewed replications. Replications of what, BTW? LENR experiments are rarely exact replications or verifications, they are for the most part all done with different methods depending on the experimenter.

    About the same experiment, done the same way? I seriously doubt it. There may be 158 or whatever it was peer reviewed papers about cold fusion but that is not especially reassuring by itself.

    Hold on a minute Mary, lets not get ahead of ourselves...

    avatar-default.svg Mary Yugo wrote:
    I know nothing about Pd-D or electrolytic systems, I don't pretend to know about them, I don't comment about them, and I have said that many times.

    avatar-default.svg Mary Yugo wrote:
    Zeus46 As I said before, I have no interest in claims for small, low level, low power LENR effects. I know nothing about those, I care little about them, and I don't evaluate them. So what?
  • Planet Rossi remains in a multi-year clue drought. Its embarrassing watching these little nothings twist in the wind as they desperately try to find something to grab hold of. I had nothing to do with the IVA sober-up and accountability adjustments. They were deceived and they corrected the situation, somewhat on their own and with some outside assistance after the extent of the exploitation was pointed out to them. Of course that is old news. Pulling off a deception then exploiting it to the four corners of the earth with the internet is SOP on Planet Rossi. When that plays out they rewrite the script, jumble some facts, tell some new lies and relaunch. Its the getting caught and called out in the lies part that upsets them so. Their subsequent spin / blame patterns are beyond predictable.

    Reloaded and ready to go.

    As a friendly reminder, Cherokee also has nothing to do with IH or my work. That has always been the case.

  • and with some outside assistance after the extent of the exploitation was pointed out to them.

    No doubt it was ... An offer they couldn't refuse kind of "assistance" I suppose, since we all know your preferences by now. You have proven them over and over again.

    And of course Darden/Cherokee/IH should be considered an integral part of this story. They have been so all the way since inception.

  • Here we go! Here is a message that appeared on Rossi's blog this morning

    1. Megan March 19, 2019 at 5:04 AM

      Dr Rossi,

      Did you notice attempts of interference in the remote control system of the Ecat that is making heat?

    2. Translate Andrea Rossi March 19, 2019 at 6:34 AM



      Warm Regards,


    "Megan" has the attributes of a Rossi sock puppet.

    - This is the only time she has appeared on the blog even though her question shows an awareness of Rossi events

    - She writes in slightly garbled English

    - She shares a time zone with Rossi (Rossi's sock puppets move around with him. Right now Rossi appears to be in Europe. He has been there since a week after the SK presentation).

    It has been 6 weeks since Rossi's Jan 31 presentation. In that presentation he said it would take "weeks" for a customer to begin receiving heat from his device once they had their order accepted. So it is now time for Rossi to show some results .... unless some foul persons who don't want to see the world progress find a way to block Rossi's path to success.

    I predict that "Megan's" worry is the first sniff of something that will unfortunately require Rossi to delay the roll out of his system. This will require another year at least of tuning up his systems before they can finally be unleashed on a grateful world.

    I think we are going to hear a lot more about attempts to interfere in the remote operation of Rossi's plants. Here we see Rossi planting the thought.

  • Interesting...Rossi being most of the time after Jan 31st in Europe, but still doing all day long R&D with his SK to try to fit it into a gas turbine, invent new materials, generate electricity...manage remote control from Leonardo's headquarter (the Miami condo),...working with his great team and customers and his industrial partner....

    What a heck of a work without being in the country where his labs, his factories, his team, his headquarter...everything... is located. He simply must be a genius. No doubt. As many times promised he now already seems to prepare the ECW crowd and his followers for another delay / new project.