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  • Prof May 14, 2019 at 6:18 AM

    Dear Andrea:

    I read the comment of a troll that says that what appears in the video

    is not the spectrometry of a plasma, but of an astute light source or a laser. This obviously is an attempt to diffuse false information, because the idiot that wrote this ignores how is the image and a spectrum of a laser, how is the real ( not theoretical ) spectrum of a black body, and also pretends to ignore the part of your presentation in which you compared the calorimetric results with the results from the Wien-Boltzmann measurements. Not to mention the facts that a light source or a laser would consume an enormous amount of energy to produce the light of the plasma we can see in the video in real dimensions.



    ” Non ti curar di lor, ma guarda e passa ” ( Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia ) ” While the trolls are trying to hit the Ecat is selling heat ” ( Andrea Rossi, JoNP )

    Warm Regards, A.R

    Dear Prof.

    Thank you for your wise counsel. But now that you have caused the scales to fall from my eyes I am worried. Yes ... worried!

    When in the store to buy light bulbs yesterday, I was shocked to see that some of the bulbs on offer were marked as having colour temperature of 5000K. Almost as hot as the surface of the sun! What can the manufacturers be thinking to sell such dangerous items? Would not our houses be in danger of bursting into flames if we installed these bulbs in our lamps?

    And even worse ... going on the internet I see car headlight bulbs for sale with colour temperatures approaching 12,000K! Aak! The simple act passing in front of a car equipped with these monstrous beams would be enough to convert one into a human torch. Beware!

    Anyway. Thanks to you and Mr. Rossi I am forewarned. Such good work!



    1. Patrick Ellul May 16, 2019 at 5:00 PM

      Dear Andrea,

      Regarding “we have many problems emerging now and then”, would you consider pausing the roll out of the SK until problems become “few and far in between”? Or are you still actively selling it making clients aware of intermittent issues?

      Best regards.


    2. Andrea Rossi May 16, 2019 at 5:22 PM

      Patrick Ellul:

      We are pausing the roll out, waiting the problems become “few and far in between”, as you correctly write.

      Warm Regards,


    3. Prof May 16, 2019 at 11:08 AM

      Dear Andrea:

      The test you will make in june will try the infinite COP generating electricity?

    4. Andrea Rossi May 16, 2019 at 2:43 PM


      It will be the first try: the first hint of voice of a newborn, that I hope will not be born dead.

      Warm Regards,


  • As I (and many others) have predicted, Rossi has found cause to halt the SK roll out. I think that we will hear no more about it. It will be abandoned while Rossi pretends to pursue his electricity-generating ecat. I think that this new activity is good for another 6 months at least.

    I wonder if Rossi actually intends to try and squeeze some money out of all this or whether he is content just to manipulate his fans and seek their adulation. Perhaps he has retired from the financial scams and now just sees himself as a retired guy with an unusual hobby.

  • Issuse now and then ? I feel like having a dejavue...

  • Wait, they will need to adjust the hotcat, no the ecat, sorry, the ecat quark, no, it was, QX, or was it SK... , no it is leonardo, again...

    Maybe in June they will have another name (we could google, which important persons were born in June and open a bet on which name he will use...) and of course he will need to get another certification, and..... bla bla bla, we all know this b.....t .... leave that crackpot alone with his scamming...

  • Just as the 1-year test in Doral was ending, Rossi announced the invention of what he would eventually call the Ecat-QX. Soon after he said that the QX was capable of generating not just excess heat, but also light, electricity, and thrust. The IH lawsuit and the development of the QX for heat production has allowed him to spin out his scam for 3 years following the end of the Doral trial. Now, though, I think we are seeing the end of the heat-production story.

    How long can Rossi continue with his deceptive games? Well now that he has shifted to claims that he is developing QX electricity generation hes has bought himself more time and tolerance from his followers who will say that we just have to be patient and wait a bit to see this thrilling next step in energy production. And patience really is required because, after all, it is really the market that decides and we all know how long it takes to make a commercial product. It's years and years!

    Bu don't forget that the QX also produces light and thrust. Once the electricity story plays out, Rossi can extend the scam by moving on to these other valuable QX outputs. And, although he loses followers at each step, I have no doubt that his hard core of supporters will stay with him.

  • Soon after he said that the QX was capable of generating not just excess heat, but also light, electricity, and thrust.

    Why stop there? It is also capable of generating gravitation, electromagnetism, weak interaction, and strong interaction. Not to mention ESP, feelings of loyalty, erotic stimulation, and an ineffable craving for limburger cheese.

  • Quote

    The problem with the E-Cat isn't the technology but Rossi himself.

    He is NEVER going to do what it takes to get this technology commercialized.

    Nonsense. The only technology Rossi ever had for the ecats was an electrical heater. His thermoelectric converters were surplus junk from Russia bought from a San Diego company and never worked either. Petroldragon was a disastrous scam in which Rossi was paid to store toxic waste in leaky tanks which he sometimes drained into agricultural fields and canals. That is the lifelong extent of Rossi's technological career to which he also added tax fraud and fraudulent transactions in gold. He is a sure Nobel winner, isn't he?

  • interestingly enough the lot next to mine'all W3 heavy Industry that can not be used from county rule changes "no turnabout" for big trucks. the guy that owns it lives out of the country,

    in the past I have seen what happens to lots like this, somehow they fill up with crap over night.

    If the road "drive way" also fill up, anyone using the road will need to remove it at their expense and take responsibility if it needs to be moved in the future.

    Seems the dumper gets paid to dump, the realtor gets kyurky for finding the lot the owner gets jytyu as its under closing and you can't stop this .. unless you put containers through the drive way to stop them.. then again the realtor can just call you in for blocking access to the vacant lot.

    The county must "at some point" step in and tell you/me to move them, and the fun begins.

    Same crew did this at another lot, 100s of truck loads in days.

    1. Colin May 18, 2019 at 10:07 AM

      Dear Mr Rossi, It is strange the current problems didn’t show up during the very long testing process you carried out to demonstrate 5 sigma reliability.

    2. Andrea Rossi May 18, 2019 at 9:50 PM


      Think to Boeing: isn’t it strange that the problem of the instrumentation didn’t show up during the 5 sigma reliability surely they did ?

      It is normal that when you pass from a prototype in the R&D lab to industrial applications many shortcomings show up due to specific situations that in a lab you do not have.

      And it is normal that the problems are resolved. Our Clients know it and signed a disclaimer related to the probability of initial malfunctions. For this reason it is necessary a back up.

      Warm Regards,