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  • No sudden change. The idea is to produce just enough electricity from the SK to power the SK and thus make it independent of the grid. Rossi thinks this can be done within a year. Almost all the energy produced will still be heat. I recall Rossi implying it would be a long time before it becomes primarily an electricity producer.

    I cannot recall, how often he recalled that...

  • Rossi has come from a 6 to 9

    in his own satisfaction.

    1. Gian August 11, 2019 at 3:25 PM

      Dear Andrea.

      I ask you the same questions I asked you a few months ago:

      1) On a scale of 1 to 10 what is your satisfaction?

      2) What do you consider to be the degree of satisfaction of your customers?

      3) Has your personal commitment to solving problems, which arise in installations that are inevitably still in their youth phase, decreased to more acceptable levels? In other words, what is the ratio between what necessarily remains of your sole competence and what can be done by another person in the team?

      What percentage between 10% and 90%?

      I sincerely hope the best for your health.

      With great affection and esteem


      Google traslate aided test.Excuse my terrible English

    2. Translate Andrea Rossi August 11, 2019 at 5:29 PM


      1- 9

      2- enough

      3- 60%

      Warm Regards,


  • More tests.

    • Andrea Rossi August 9, 2019 at 10:53 PM


      Working with the Ecat SK Leonardo. Preparing the very important tests that will start on August 22 and will end at the beginning of October: after that phase we will know if the permanent SSM revolution will succeed or not. The work is hard and difficult, the matter very complex, but I am working with the best possible Team in this matter in the whole world.

      I am optimist, but this is a fight.

      A very hard fight.

      Warm Regards,


  • The best possible team in the whole world? Made out of what ? Physicists ? Engineers ? Idiots ?

    Another "important" test... ou man, this BS repeated itself so often... there is no clue about: Never touch a running system. In this case his "lies".

  • Sam - any idea what happened to the other recent or past important "SK" tests or what was the outcome?

  • Storms


    he [Rossi] apparenty demonstrated excess energy. He later scaled up using the same material and method to produce at least 500,000 watt of extra power, enough to convince IH (Darden) that the energy was real.

    Well, while Darden was initially convinced (based on sloppy confirmations) he was disabused of this mistake when an accidentally unfueled reactor returned the same positive results as a fueled one. Darden was further distanced from Rossi by the bogus reports he received about the various schemes to sell large amounts of energy when it turned out that Rossi was his own customer and had lied about it. The final straw was when Rossi sued IH and all the depositions were taken showing clearly that Rossi had never shown anything but lies to IH. There is no evidence for Lewan ever proving that Rossi produced power from any process. All of it was "Rossi-says" and we should all know what it means when you take a career con man's word for things.

    I'll move this to a Rossi thread if management desires but then for continuity, the message it is responding to should be moved as well. And BTW, anyone who things there is a shortage of data about Rossi's scams needs only to read a portion of the depositions in the legal case Rossi vs IH!

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    I think your message got moved already by sombody. As for the ES post you were responding to, for now it can stay put.

    I generally like the board and having done it once, I know moderation is hard. And it's your forum to do with whatever you wish. However, in my view, moving a response without moving the equally out of place original message (or at least an out of place portion of it) is not fair. In other words, if it's OK for ES to discuss Rossi in the wrong string, it should be OK for all. Or for none. That would be fair. And "life is not fair" is a silly cop out response.


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    From memory ES responded to a question. and his one response was plenty, job done. But I'm not going back to conduct a full analysis of another persons work so don't even ask, ;) However, allowing multiple responses from others will just push the thread off topic totally. so you have to decide where to prune out the branch you don't want. Someone on the team decided and acted on that decision. I would not say 'not fair' , under the circumstances, but rather 'not perfect'. That's forum life for you.

  • As Rossi is now discovering, Rossions have a curious quantum like spooky action at a distance. They seem to escape the reactor and effect the power supply. The result is simultaneous energy destruction in the PSU at the same rate as energy creation in the reactor. Proof of this was established when power supply input power was found to closely match that of the reactors ouput even when power monitoring of the 1 ohm transport resistor voltage was very low. Research is now focused on isolating these two ground breaking 'Rossi Effects'. Initial attempts to blow the Rossions away from the PSU using a fan proved futile, perhaps a Rossion Blocking Diode is the solution.