Rossi-Blog Comment Discussion

  • Finally finished watching the 3 hour Stockholm demonstration. Glad I did. Wish I had done it much sooner. Skipped through most of it because there was no audio and it was crowds mulling around. Rends' clip above occurs at about 2:30 of the 3 hour video if anyone is interested. On the surface yes it does look suspicious, that Rossi pulled a fast one and flipped a switch that changed the nature of what the box did, - to perhaps become more a current regulator than a voltage regulator or some such thing. But the fact that Rossi so overtly lifted the casing, something obvious to all, means that he wasn't intent on hiding anything. After all, the only reason he would be lifting the casing would be to access a switch. Given this, I only wish Rossi would have explained in real time what he was doing. As it is, I don't blame people for thinking he was cheating, and not only that, being blatant about it.

    Spoiler alert: My skeptometer has hereby been put on high alert. Some things that stood out to me about the video:

    1) Rossi clearly stated why he didn't want the voltage taken across the eCat : he said it would reveal too much about the workings of the eCat. I find that weak to say the least. Why not measure the voltage across the 1 ohm resistor, then measure it across the summed 1ohm resistor and the eCat. If the eCat actually did have negligible resistance, that means any changes in its resistance (and hence) voltage reading would have been tiny on an absolute scale, and swamped by the voltage spikes produced by the box. If the QX was legit, it's like Rossi was deliberately trying to raise unnecessary suspicion about it!

    2) Matts Lewan noted that the frequency of the DC pulses seemed to be about 100 kHz. Rossi refused to elaborate, saying it would give away too much information. Yet he gives the spectra of the darned thing?

    3) About that Ecat QX spectra. Weird. Did it catch Rossi by surprise that, because the room wasn't totally dark, it would mess with results? If so, that is extremely poor preparation. If not, why do the spectrometer reading at all? The vast majority of the intensity was in the visible range, from about 400nm to 600 nm. Yet Rossi said that in dark conditions the intensity peak would have been been more like 1100 nm. That's infrared, low energy photons. Contrast that with the spectra of the later Ecat SK demo. Most of it was in the UV. Totally different. Where the heck is the continuity? I don't get it. Huge red flag.

    4) The control box. The thing consumed apparently something like 60 watts, most of it apparently for cooling purposes. Rossi said in the demo that, previously, the problem was that heat would travel up the electrical wire coming from the Ecat QX and heat up the internals of the box, and that was why it needed cooling. Rossi continued to say that was no longer a problem, that it had been solved. The new problem was the heat being generated by the box itself, supposedly to generate a complicated electric signal to send to the eCat QX. Then on top of that, more energy was required to provide active cooling to remove that heat. Lordy. Meanwhile, the elephant in the room, that Matts clearly saw, is that the box is easily drawing enough power to feed the Ecat and heat the water conventionally.

    5) Even as early as this video Rossi mentions that the control box will be going down to cigarette box size, and could control 100 eCats. He's mentioned something similar on his blog some months ago. If so, and he did a demo showing it in operation and consuming low power, that would certainly remove at least one roadblock of doubt.

    Final thoughts : If Rossi and his eCat are actually legit, it's like he is trying to arouse skepticism, perhaps to disinterest his competitors, and/or and to ultimately punish the skeptics who have doubted him, while rewarding his believing band for their faith. If Rossi and his eCat are not legit, Rossi is a terrible magician, not good at concealing his tricks. But he would be very good at convincing people with his personality. All in all, my faith in Rossi has taken a big hit. Warp drive is gone and I'm on auxiliary power here. But some faith does remain. I tentatively remain on team Rossi, partly inspired by his apparent drive to succeed, partly because I believe that LENR effects are real. Part of me looks forward to an upcoming demo and positive test results being articulated by a third party. Another part of me expects to be disappointed with very unconvincing results. I suppose it all pales in comparison to the Covid19 disaster.

  • Really interesting the last words: "... Andrea, hai fatto tutto da solo. Pigliatela con te stesso ..." I''m not sure to translate it correctly but but more or less it should sound "... Andrea you make it all by your own. Now blame yourself ..."

    In other words ... the magician did not perform the trick 100% correctly as planned with its team

    It perfectly matches the Italian saying: "Ïl diavolo fa le pentole ma non i coperchi"

    Well Rossi did say near the start of the video that if it goes badly, he takes all the blame. It it goes well, the team gets credit.

  • So you're saying that Rossi is taking the voltage drop across a one ohm resistor, and pretending that's the voltage drop across the entire circuit.

    Sorry, that's something (even) I find very hard to believe!

    When it first happened, we remarked it, as did even some of the people on ECW. It was extraordinary. On a whiteboard he had P = V^2/R

    Well that is correct if you measure voltage across a resistor. Not correct for his circuit where the voltage across the sense resistor determines current, the (different) voltage across the device is what must be used to get P = voltage * current.

    The thing about Rossi is that he is very very good at what he does, which is convincing people to support him.

  • Mark,

    My skeptometer was turned off 8-9 years ago. The manufacturer said the warranty would be voided if the bullshit input was overloaded.

    Now, as my meter had both analog and digital bullshit inputs, (I bought the expensive one), I decided to err on the side of caution and stop listening to anything that lying con man says.

    FYI, my meter still works.

  • Best guess for a new demo...

    Maybe a 1 ohm on the ‘input’ and a 1 ohm on the ‘output’ and compare to show the glowcat making more than input?

    Then reverse the placement of the 1 ohm resistors just to make sure they're the same.

    Then go off the grid, start the control box and Ecat SKL with a rechargeable battery and have it run indefinitely with a load requiring more power than the battery is capable of delivering.

  • Roseland, the bullshit input was overloaded, despite it's quality, simply because you weren't grounded. This should help. Better to be safe than sorry.

  • Well I still kind of follow Bernie Madoff, so maybe. But we are absolutely in no danger of losing his cult followers. Have you read people like Eric Ashworth and KeithT and Buck's incomprehensible babbling posts on JONP? I can't actually understand why Rossi doesn't delete most of their posts. They are moronic even by JONP standards.