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  • This thread was started by Abd Ul-Rahman Lomax several years ago and after a dispute here was "no longer welcome".

    Has anyone heard how he is doing? It appears his website is not being updated?

  • Frank gets clarification on testing.

    This is not clarification. It is an admission that there will be no validation testing (after Rossi has been pumping this for many months). If there are not independent third party testing results released, then there is no testing. Certification testing is safety not performance testing. Is this what you had in mind when giving Rossi more time?

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, the ecat world rocket scientists are arguing with the brain surgeons as to whether it is Tesla who is the partner.

  • Come on...who is seriously thinking that a guy like Elon Musk would engage with such a "condo-do-it-yourself-from-home-depot" tinkerer, that promises hot air since a decade? Elon Musk - a man who promised and delivered, e.g. robotic factories and hundreds of thousand of products. Who sells real products that everybody can touch and test and drive and see? Products that have been intensively tested by 3rd parties? A man who provided many of important patents for free and the sake of faster mass adoption and more speed in technology development (of course for him a win-win situation...)?

    Only blind believers and folks without a clue of how doing real business (other than sucking money from gullible investors...)...

  • If there are not independent third party testing results released, then there is no testing.

    Sounds like "if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound" kind of thing.

    Certification testing is safety not performance testing.

    A "full certification" (Rossi's words, see below) should involve both safety and performance. Performance should include power in and power out, one would think.


    September 7, 2020 at 3:27 AM

    Dear Andrea,

    Very exciting end to 2020 coming up, it seems, for you.

    Regarding the certification agency, will it just certify the safety of the device, or will it certify the power input/output of the device, or something else?

    Best regards


    Andrea Rossi

    September 7, 2020 at 6:57 AM


    It would be a full certification.

    Warm Regards,


  • Come on...who is seriously thinking that a guy like Elon Musk would engage with such a "condo-do-it-yourself-from-home-depot" tinkerer,

    Why, none other than Buck, the Vice President of Vision at E-Cat World. His logic is impeccable. Just some samples of his utter brilliance below (emphasis mine):

    "My out of bounds wild speculation is that it is Tesla and that the testing is to be completed before Tesla's announced "Million Mile Battery Day" event currently scheduled for 9/22"

    "My point . . . a traditional car manufacturer such as Toyota or Ford or Hyundai or Volkswagon could "easily" leap-frog Tesla through the integration of the SKL into an EV. Further, Elon Musk/Tesla recognizes the opportunity provided to his competitors "

    "My bias towards Tesla is strengthened by the Tesla mission statement"

    "Rossi will be providing to Musk a novel energy source that has a well engineered solution today"

  • He has publicly announced elsewhere that he had a stroke, and now I am told he has Covid.

    Thank you for the update.

    I wish him well. I would assume he is in a high risk group for Covid and that it could be very serious indeed.

    He certainly is an interesting person!

    (I always wondered why he chose his name...(or pronounced it for that matter! Abd?) I should have asked him!)

  • We could discuss if this thread has

    Run it’s course.

    The believers have nothing much to offer

    until a legitamate 3rd party test

    report appears or Rossi shows

    a real partner etc.

    The skeptics are mostly the same

    type of comments that offer nothing

    that hasn’t been said before.

    The same jokes wear thin after a


  • I would agree to not close this thread, even if there is no LENR involved anymore in Rossis new devices as he claims .... Would be interesting to see where this plasma-dark energy-EVO-vacuum-story and his long range particle interaction theory ends...indeed entertaining :-)