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  • In addition to my comments above, I think you left out "Live long and prosper." Personally, I think you mistake this planet or reality with one where humans and humanity are perfect angels. Sounds to me that would be a very boring place, something like the Eloi in the Time Machine.

  • Personally, I think you mistake this planet or reality with one where humans and humanity are perfect angels..

    Thanks for the compliment, though, allow me to correct your belief (faith) in me I know for fact that we live in a reality where humans and humanity are "perfect angels" in embryo, i.e. Humanity is evolving, slowly becoming more aware of 'reality' (science and faith) and slowly becoming more humane (science and faith). Our unique and rather peculiar evolution of the species, which you are an example of. Both science and faith are dependent on advancing theories and advancing worldviews (outlooks on 'life'). In regards to this, what you believe is of some interest, and but one example and metric of humanity 'at large'. Not the 'end all' reality theorized by you, where humans and humanity are not "perfect angels" (why-ever you chose that phrase as an incomprehensible attack is beyond me).

    I posit that Darwin posed the following question because he wanted us to put forth an answer for consideration, Here is the question and my answer for your consideration. Please critique it and think about putting forth an answer for consideration.

    “The fact of evolution is the backbone of biology, and biology is thus in the peculiar position of being a science founded on an improved theory, is it then a science or faith?”- Charles Darwin

    In answer to Darwin,

    "Consider as fact that science and faith are both, in part, based on theory. Advancements in both science and faith, and improved theories of such, go hand in hand. Advancements in science and faith improve our knowledge of reality." - gbgoble2020

    I, for one, believe in the peoples of the earth (with 'eyes-wide-open').

    Just to let you know, that belief is unshakable and is not based on any religion.

    Now back to the HUMAN changing potential of the SKL.

    Here's a fun and historically educational 'new tech that changed the world' story.

    In light of this

    The SKL Crab Whistle

    The 'Crab' is representative of being the first of

    'New technology entering the market'

    As is most likely with the SKL.

    Like the Thursday whistle

    Heard on the wind

    Truly not long

    In years since




    6 miles

    (9.66 km)

    Slowly hence

    The 'Crab'



    "As I said to dear Martha, 'My guess is it rains quite often in Kent on a Thursday while riding the Crab along the Canterbury and Whitstable Railway. It's so wonderful to hear its whistle blowing from the top of Tyler Mountain." Well, yes, yes... Noted, and thank you for correcting me. Yes indeed! Frankly Tyler, while being the high point, is only a hill. Quite a feat of engineering none the less.' - In Sweet Memory of the Crab" - gbgoble

    The Canterbury and Whitstable Railway, sometimes referred to colloquially as the "Crab and Winkle Line", was an early British railway that opened in 1830 between Canterbury and Whitstable in the county of Kent, England.

    There are a number of other claimants to the title "first railway in Britain", including the Middleton Railway, the Swansea and Mumbles Railway and the Surrey Iron Railway amongst others.

    Samuel Lewis in his 'A Topographical Dictionary of England' in 1848, called it the first railway in South of England.

    Whitstable, on the coast about seven miles (11 km) due north, was at that time a small fishing village and port with a trade in iron pyrites from the Isle of Sheppey. The idea for the line came from William James who surveyed the route and produced plans for improving the harbour. The immediate problem was that the land between Whitstable and Canterbury rose to a height of two hundred feet (61 m) and railway haulage on steep gradients was technically very difficult at that time. The only alternative would have been a much longer route through Sturry, Herne and Swalecliffe and land acquisition would have been a major cost.

    Accordingly, the direct route was chosen, with three steep gradients, two of them to be worked by ropes from stationary steam engines at Clowes Wood and Tyler Hill. From Canterbury North Lane station, the line climbed for 1 mile 70 chains (3.02 km) at 1 in 46 to Tyler's Hill, where there were two 25 horsepower (19 kW) winding engines. At Tyler Hill, there was an 828-yard (757 m) tunnel.[citation needed] The gradient eased to 1 in 750 for a further 1 mile 10 chains (1.81 km) to the summit of the line at Clowes Wood, where there was a 15 horsepower (11 kW) winding engine. The line descended for 1 mile (1.61 km) at 1 in 31, followed by a level stretch of 1 mile 20 chains (2.01 km) before another descent at 1 in 53 for 40 chains (0.80 km) and a final level section of 20 chains (0.40 km) into Whitstable, giving a total length of 6 miles (9.66 km).

    Reference Wiki…%20of%20Kent%2C%20England.

  • Hmmm...

    Hi woodworker? It would have been better if you introduced yourself and welcomed me to the Forum before your unwarranted "asshole" type discourse and 'capital letter' attack. You have prompted me to copy every Forum comment made by you onto a memory 'schtick'. An in depth review of this compilation (even better with an Evelyn Wood speed reading of it) was enough to get the gist of it. Your discourse here on the Forum is so narrow it boggles the imagination. You only comment on Rossi threads which I FIND DISGUSTING. Such a lack of curiosity and motivation is downright unhealthy. Yet all this (and much more) increases my trust in people. I trust you will be who you are, that what you exhibit is predictable, reproducible always, and provides a measure of the foundational beliefs that flow through your veins, so to speak.

    Let me make one thing perfectly clear, I'm a carpenter... You are a lawyer exhibiting little to do with skilled carpentry. You act like an asshole and a lawyer IMHO. Do not attack me again. YOU CLEAR ON THAT?

    Quote the "woodworker"

    I used to do cabinetry and furniture, mostly hardwood mission style, settles, cabinets, coffee tables, end tables, beds, things like that. I started using "woodworker" when I did more of that. Now I mostly relax, read and play with the cats.


    As to philosophy and law, I do think that there are some similarities in that both try to teach one to question the accepted "TRUTH", especially when the evidence for it is all "I say, therefore it must be." Both try to teach one to ask questions, intelligent questions intended to get at both the facts and the truth of an issue, and how to reason in a logical fashion. Logic is an essential element in taking philosophy and IMHO should be in law, but it is not.


    As an attorney, I can attest to that. I have always encouraged my clients to start off negotiations fairly and see how the other side responds. If the other side is an asshole, well, I can be a bigger asshole than anyone if I need to. The result of the first approach is less fighting, less mistrust, quicker negotiations and lower attorneys' fees. If the sides want to fight, the only real winner is the lawyers.


    There are numerous game theory studies that conclude that if you approach someone else with courtesy and open hands they are more likely to respond that way, and if they don't, then it is appropriate to respond on their level. Those studies also seem to show that open hands, etc. result in a better outcome for all the parties, while being an asshole usually results in a lower or lesser result for the parties.

  • Hmmm..

    Barb and the Judge

    Well met I'm sure.

    Your intentions?

    A moment to compile and digest... Study up and find I don't really give a rat's ass about Rossi. Clearly my passion pulls me elswhere. Only someone not well read and new to the field, or an ignorant man doesn't know this. 💞👣💞

  • Speaking of "Case Closed", I wonder what the hold up is...

    "The corporate representative shall appear for a video deposition as soon as it can be safely scheduled. The parties shall attempt to schedule the deposition through ZOOM. There is no need to delay the deposition until such time as travel restrictions between Italy and the United States are removed."

    - Judge Antonio Arzola, April 2, 2020

    (emphasis mine)

  • Rossi is now claiming the ecat converts information into energy.

    In a sense he is right. Bullsheet is a form of information, which is converted into $$$$ which can buy energy. JONP is a great energy generator.

    And this has launched a series of nonsensical discussions on ECW by the minions about energy/information equivalence, ignorant discussions about entropy where they get the signs revered, white noise, how many Jules per Byte, you name it.

    1. Norma October 17, 2020 at 4:58 AM

      Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:

      After your paper…nge_particle_interactions

      how would you describe the term “energy”, like “energy =…” ?



    2. Andrea Rossi October 17, 2020 at 5:06 AM


      Energy = information density in the space-time

      Warm Regards,


  • Mr. Anderson, welcome back ... we missed you

    I wonder if that wascally wabbit Wossi character has read up on articles like this one:…or-matter-but-information


    Wheeler said the universe had three parts: First, “Everything is Particles,” second, “Everything is Fields,” and third, “Everything is information.” In the 1980s, he began exploring possible connections between information theory and quantum mechanics. It was during this period he coined the phrase “It from bit.” The idea is that the universe emanates from the information inherent within it. Each it or particle is a bit. It from bit.

    In 1989, Wheeler produced a paper to the Santa Fe institute, where he announced "every it--every particle, every field of force, even the space-time continuum itself--derives its function, its meaning, its very existence entirely--even if in some contexts indirectly--from the apparatus-elicited answers to yes-or-no questions, binary choices, bits."

    Yes, "apparatus-elicited answers to yes-or-no questions"

    I hope it is all becoming clear now...

  • Mr Anderson? I was thinking about Mrs Robinson. Jesus loves you more than you will know, Whoa, whoa, whoa

    Well that is quite a departure from what I had in mind.

    Max Nozin, if you are around, spoiler alert. No peeking for you!

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