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  • acoustic superoscillations or electromagnetic superoscillations that means both resonance behavior the more probable way to explain Lenr without exotic path..How a lot of eV fractions can be added together to reach the necessarily triggering threshold.

    Maybe. In the solar corona both acoustic and e-m superoscillations may occur --

    Magnetoacoustic superoscillations may explain anomalous heating there --

    Superoscillations in solar MHD waves and their possible role in heating coronal loops

    Also, perhaps of interest --

    The now forgotten "superwave" signal is alleged to induce LENR in the old thread --

    The Superwave --

    seems to related to superoscillations.

    Superoscillations may change tunneling probability --

    How superoscillating tunneling waves can overcome the step potential

    "...we prove that superoscillations overcome the potential barrier of the step potential

    even though none of its constituent waves can."…abs/pii/S000349162030021X

    Driving Quantum Systems with Superoscillations

    "...We conclude that, either superoscillations really can beat the bandlimit and achieve superresolution (‘kinematic superresolution’) or the superoscillating high frequency is

    absorbed and we gain dynamical access to the physics of high frequency processes

    with low frequency signals (‘dynamical superresolution’)."

  • See work from Garai, Letts, Kervran, Rossi.

    When we watch the main long wave which support the superwave, we have to consider that wavelength could be very long this is why i expect a minimum quantity we have to use for attempts.

    1 or 2 grs couldn't be enough because the long wave could exist only probably if it could rest on a lot of matter (powder).

    A kind of BE Condensate in fact.

  • I think he accidentally flipped questions 1) and 2) in his mind.


    I described a naive picture of what I imaged was happening in the Ecat. He said sorry, it has little in common with his thinking. What a let down! ||

    If we have to switch around his yes/no answers to the questions we *believe* they correspond to, we can support any conclusion. Correct?

    Your explanation which Rossi shot down was only necessary because his paper explains no source of energy. It is no surprise you are wrong because it is a trick question. There is no right explanation, or Rossi would have given it.

  • Nothing new and the next "demo" in far distance....

    But the number of hardcore Rossi-advocates that still jump in to take apart every single post that might seed the smallest doubt in Rossi's ECAT R&D, robotic manufacturing and industrial cooperation, certification, statements etc... seems to decline..

    It is so easy these days to meet and chat online, do video and web conferences, but that didn't seem to arrive at Rossis "company" or lab / garage...despite his previous claims of operating his plants/ECATs by wire ... what a joke! :D :D

  • 10 year anniversary

    I missed this 10 year anniversary, but good of Frank to take notice:…duced-10-years-ago-today/

    I will never forget it. Reignited my interest about CF. Before that, I knew about it (CF), but with so little news to follow, had gone on to other promising green developments. Then came Rossi.

    10 year anniversary of Frank’s


  • Can't resist...the front page recalls some strange memories (1977: "Close Encounters of the Third Kind")... isn't that funny :P :D Rossi is indeed an encounter of the 5th kind...


  • What a time. So many of us were naive. Now we know better.

    That's the good think. People can learn and improve.

    BTW: Watching at the comment activity on Frank's recent blog posts, it looks like the site is slowly dying too?

    Most intelligent people have been either banned or moderated into the ether.

    RossI is a charlatan, his believers will believe,

    They must, they have been told to.

  • Mark U Question to Rossi and

    ECat-SKL Presentation maybe

    by the end of the year.

    1. Mark U February 5, 2021 at 12:40 PM

      Dear Andrea,

      A couple of things.

      Firstly, after clicking on CC’s link to your paper at…nge_particle_interactions

      I am pleased to say I can now both read and download it.

      For weeks Mac users like myself were unable to do so, but it looks like the Mac OS most recent update has fixed this issue.

      Secondly, I was wondering about the outcome if you were to replace the normal charge cartridge of the Ecat with a cartridge of non working ingredients (say, without hydrogen).

      Which of the following scenarios would best describe the outcome?

      1) the Ecat would still output electricity and some heat, but the energy out would be the same as the energy in.

      2) the Ecat would suffer damage and not work

      3) the Ecat controller would sense something, like too much resistance, and not power the Ecat

      4) you have not tried this and don’t know

      5) confidential

      Thank you, and best wishes for your preparations,

      Cheers from Toronto,


    2. Andrea Rossi February 5, 2021 at 12:55 PM

      Mark U:

      The A.I. would sense it and signsl the necessity to change the module.

      Warm regards,


    3. Rudi February 3, 2021 at 3:21 PM

      Dear Mr. Rossi,

      can you meanwhile tell us a date or at least the quarter for the presentation?

      The plant for e-cat is ready, maybe you are also able to tell us the quarter when the sales to the industry- and the home-version of the e-cat will start?

      Best regards


    4. Translate Andrea Rossi February 5, 2021 at 11:13 AM


      Prudentially I’d say the forth quarter.

      Warm regards,


  • Sam, Mark, whoever,

    These question and answer series you post should be a segment on SNL, like Will Ferrel

    did for Jeopardy.

    The contestants could ask Rossi monumentally stupid questions, he would mumble something unintelligible, his toupee falls off, he bends over, turns a semi hidden switch and says see, it works, audience claps.

  • Rossi could have a Jen Psaki answering our questions, and as lovely as she is, I would prefer it coming from the horse's mouth.

    No circling back, just the straight truth, or lies, or something in-between.

    Life is full of exciting unknowns, and we get to use our individual sovereign souls to sort it out.

    That's better than a SNL skit.

  • Bills take on Science Comedy.

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  • Quote

    Frank Acland
    February 10, 2021 at 4:55 AM

    Dear Andrea,

    Can you say how Nikola Tesla is providing you with inspiration for the E-Cat SKL presentation?

    Kind regards,

    Frank Acland


    Andrea Rossi
    February 10, 2021 at 11:08 AM

    Frank Acland:


    Warm Regards,


    In order to impress his gullible fans, now the "inventor" said that he dreamed even Tesla.

    It's a clear symptom of a large overestimation of himself and Tesla is turning in his grave.

  • On a positive note, the implication might be that Rossi is contemplating something very impressive for the Ecat SLK presentation.

    But what? I wonder if it is based on a particular demonstration done by Tesla, or is Tesla's angel whispering new inspiration in Rossi's mind during the night hours? Or is Andrea just being mischievous and making things up? Oh the intrigue!