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  • "If h;e goes to market....."

    "If he does not......"


    Howe many times have you said this?

    The original eCat

    The Gas Cat

    The Hot Cat

    The 6 cylinder 1MW plant

    The 30? cylinder 1MW plant

    The Quark X

    The QX

    The SX

    The SXL

    The SXLED .....

    and this list will go on and on and on.

    I remember at least two drop dead dates for Rossi releases that you stated "if come April nothing happens"....

    well those dates have all long past, Rossi has showed absolutely ZERO and now has went from heat.... to electricity... to now producing light! (Wow, a big development?) And yet here you and Mark U stand stating just like the Chicago Cub fans of old.....

    "only wait until next year....!"

    but like the CCR song states "next year never comes!".....

    Again, what solid evidence do you base your hopes on? That is what amazes me! There is none!

  • Sam, can I ask a couple serious questions? These are moral issues so I think you should be concerned. Please answer them specifically.

    1. Do you think Rossi tells lies concerning the ecat development? (For example, "customers")

    2. If so, are his lies OK?

    3. Do you believe that the posts we identified on JONP are sock puppets? (ex "Norma", who he signs as his name sometimes) Or are they Rossi?

    4 .If they are Rossi, is it OK for Rossi to pretend to be different people?

    5. Do people who are morally forthright do things like lie and pretend to be people they are not?

  • If he does not get it to market, what will it tell us? Unfortunately we will be unable to decide if it works.

    Note that he never got any of his previous iterations to market, so that should have told us something.

    What is the most likely scenario, something that never happened (getting a working ecat to market) or something that always happened (not getting an ecat to market)?

  • Recent interesting paper [note authors, argument and campus, and compare with AR main patent]

    Mechanical spectroscopy observation of LiAlH4 decomposition

    Enrico Gianfranco Campari, Ennio Bonetti, Angelo Casagrande, Loris Ferrari,

    Giuseppe Levi

    Dipartimento di Fisica ed Astronomia, Bologna University, Viale Berti Pichat 6/2, Bologna, Italy

    ... "The decompositions occurring in LiAlH4 as a function of temperature during heating has been directly measured for the first time by means of mechanical spectroscopy, performing tests on cold consolidated Aluminum and alanate powders having a composite morphology and a good mechanical strength. Mechanical spectroscopy data prove to be equally or more precise than calorimetric data and could help to characterize transformations whosedetails are not yet completely understood."

  • If I had dollar for every Internet pundit that said that about one of Rossi’s mock science experiments, I could install a nice pool, complete with glass dome, hot tub, spa, heating and air conditioning.

  • Re: Stethoscope photo

    For my next demonstration…, I will turn ON the reactor!
    Please! Stand behind the yellow plastic chain fence so not to be electrocuted!

    Obviously only I, expert in zero energy, can safely hear the crackling lithium over the trumpeting supersonic steam while using the stethoscope on my plywood reactor cover.
    Observe the blinky lights!

    The clatter of metering pumps being used as siphoning flow restrictions,…is admittedly a bit anachronistic on a nuclear reactor…ahem… and a bit exciting, don’t you think?
    Note big brother filming from the camera above, waiting to capture your rapturous pirouette!

  • Are you insinuating it is a scam too?

    No it(Mechanical spectroscopy observation of LiAlH4 decomposition) is just hydrogen storage metal.

    No thing to do with cold fusion as is.

    But it can be used to E-CAST type cold fusion.

    E-CAT uses the following mechanism.

    a reaction between the first excited-state of Li-7 and a proton, followed by

    the breakdown of Be-8 into two alphas with high kinetic energy, but without gamma


    So E-CAT need the Nano-particle which contains hydrogen to make hydride bond to Li, so Nano-particle containing hydrogen is necessary to supply hydrogen onto Li surface to make hydride.

    Note that cold fusion can be done to compress the hydride bonding(H-Li) for E-cat mechanism.

    From the paper(Mechanical spectroscopy observation of LiAlH4 decomposition)

    LiAlH4 contain a huge amount of H so it can provide H to Nano-particle of Li-7 to make hydride bonding.

    Note that this mechanism does not require D but Hydrogen is OK, which is the advantage of this method.

    In case of D2O cold fusion it is very difficult to keep the quality of D2O because it absorb the moisture from the air, so the Nano-particle fuel with H and H supply from Nano-particle of LiAlH4 is the better way to keep cold fusion for a longer-term.

    I found the following procedure of E-CAT.

    [5] Cook, N.D. (2010) Models of the Atomic

    Nucleus, 2nd ed., Springer, Berlin

    The main element of the thermal generator is a heat cell, 8, which is a cylindrical tube, the inner volume of which filled with fuel. Initial fuel consisted of a mixture of uniform mixture of Ni powder weighing 0.9g and lithium aluminum hydride (Li[AlH4]) - 0.1g. The nickel powder used was PNE-1 (GOST 9722-97). The geometrical dimensions of these cells are as follows: length 160 mm, inner diameter 4 mm, and outer diameter 6 mm. The cell was constructed using high temperature materials such as stainless steel and ceramics 12X18H10T based on Al2O3. One end of the tube is hermetically sealed using heat resistant cement (12); and at the other end (11), the thermocouple (9) was mounted using the same cement. On the outside of the heat cell a second thermocouple (10) was mounted in the center laterally. Thus, during the experiment, the temperature was recorded at the same time in two different points on the cell, allowing not only measurement at the beginning of the reaction, but also to trace the development of temperature.

    They actually uses "Ni powder weighing 0.9g and lithium aluminum hydride (Li[AlH4]) - 0.1g."

    So the mechanism is that Ni powder on H-Ni bomding by the H supply from Li[AlH4].

    I think that this can generate the heat by the reaction of small hydrogen to Ni.

    I am not sure of the E-CAT mechanism which is correct for the current reactor.

    But I think that this is possible( compression of Ni-H can create small H(neutron) and it is absorbed to Ni nucleus.

    I am not sure of the excess heat generation of this.)

    Refer to the following paper if you want to understand about this mechanism.…st1964/22/5/22_5_337/_pdf

    On the Nuclear Mechanisms Underlying the Heat Production

    by the E-Cat

    Norman D. Cook1 and Andrea Rossi2

    a reaction between the first excited-state of Li-7 and a proton, followed by

    the breakdown of Be-8 into two alphas with high kinetic energy, but without gamma


    below schematics is in the above paper.

    Li hydride particle

    I guess that E-CAT originally use Ni powder weighing 0.9g and lithium aluminum hydride (Li[AlH4]) - 0.1g..

    But this has the lower excess heat generation and mother element need to be lighter than Pd and so

    They select Li because Li is the lightest metal.

  • Post on ECW has me thinking.

    I think we better warn the credit card companies and credit bureaus. Can you imaging them being on the hook for $25 million in fraudulant charges if Rossi accepts credit cards?

    How easy is it to set up to accept credit cards? Would they let him do it? Does Italy have an extradition treaty when he flees the country?

    "Omega Z  Observer a day ago

    You only pay the day of or the day before shipping. If you pay with a credit card, you are protected. If Rossi does not deliver after payment, he is not protected."

  • I don't know what all you morons have been doing, but I am going to build me an Ecat!

    Just follow the darn instructions.

    2021-07-13 07:10 Ruby

    Dr Rossi,

    do you think that an expert of the art studying carefuly your paper…nge_particle_interactions

    and your US patent can make an at least rudimental reproduction of the Ecat ?


    2021-07-13 07:15 Andrea Rossi



    Warm Regards,