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  • My comment was not concerned with beliefs, but with the monotonous content of your posts- you might just as well keep copying the same line and pasting it in. At least Sam and a few others inject a little variety and occasional humuor.

    It's only your taste if you like YouTube videos linking, very often off-topics. I prefer to stay on topics.

    I note that you did not reply to my question about if you also pre-ordered Rossi's stuff.

    In case, how many? One, two or more?

  • In support of Alan Smith my good friend - we at ECALOX have no need to import ideas from Rossi, BLP or anybody else - we work alone because we have worked out the three of us including Wyttenbach everything using first principles of physics, chemistry and LENR. To build the first EVER LENR reactor. The prototype uses GRANITE as the containment vessel with a critical mass of X elements and Y catalysts according to Leif Holmlid's ground-breaking research. I suggest you read his papers. We are not after a NOBEL Prize we just want to apply his principles for a working LENR reactor. If this prototype works then we can build a LENR reactor to power-station size. :) :) :)

  • We are not after a NOBEL Prize we just want to apply his principles for a working LENR reactor. If this prototype works then we can build a LENR reactor to power-station size. :) :) :)

    If you or others like Rossi WHERE after the Nobel prize, I would have more faith that it was an honest, and promising effort. Scammers have more interest in selling non-functioning gizmos than doing the science for the award. And any truly repeatable method of generating overunity LENR should win the Nobel.

  • The possible reveal of Rossi’s secret manufacturer is causing some buzz, but where is the Giant Energy Company exec that was used as a stage prop to do AR’s wrong COP math in Stockholm, now?
    I heard a rumour that some of his coworkers meow at him as they pass his office door at work…

  • Don't be deceived, This thread is about psychology, not physics.

  • This thread commenters are working together to get to there

    Brains working better.

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  • 2021-10-13 03:31 Gerard McEk

    Dear Andrea,

    I hope you can give us some details on the progress on the Ecat SKL.

    1. Has it reached a stage that it can be integrated in a product?

    2. I guess you will continue to develop it further, on which aspect is your focus?

    a. reliability; b. higher output power; c. producibility; d. production cost; e. some other aspect

    3. Will it definitely be demonstrated on the 9th of December 2021?

    4. Will it be demonstrated in Self Sustaining Operation?

    5. Will it be loaded (with lamps, heating elements or something else) to show clearly it is actually producing energy?

    I know 9 December is approaching quickly and no doubt will increasingly take more time of you and your team.

    The number of visitors to the presentation of the SKLed and SKL will be limited. Is it only open for invitees or can anyone ask for attending this great event?

    I wish you good luck in the preparation of the presentation.

    Kind regards, Gerard

    2021-10-13 14:20 Andrea Rossi

    Gerard McEk:

    1. I think so

    2. all of them

    3. yes

    4. probably

    5. yes

    There will not be invitations, but everybody will watch the presentation in streaming,

    Warm Regards,


    [ Conflict of interest : I have pre-ordered two SKLeds and one domestic eCat - now called the SKL ]