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  • "No, it stinks. If you the people running this site want contributions, they have to stop deleting messages or adding stupid comments in green. It takes effort and careful thought to write useful messages. I and others will not go to the trouble to do that if it is likely some nitwit will delete them. I am not going to leave in a huff the way Abd did, but I am not going to bother posting stuff either. I do not participate in e-cat world because they delete stuff and because they are a bunch of wackos."

    I personally am totally neutral about any contributions from Team IH -- Dewey, Abd, and yourself. All of you have something to bring to this forum -- you're smart people with knowledge of this field -- but if you don't like the moderation I personally have zero problem with none of you ever posting again. The biggest loss would be Abd, in my opinion. He has performed an important service explaining the legal documents. I think he is long winded and moody (I'm the same occasionally so I should cast the stone at myself), but he is the most reasonable of the three of you. And despite the length of his posts, he tries hard to be thoughtful and consider all possibilities. I disagree with him on many issues, but at least he doesn't flush a whole slew of possibilities down the toilet.

    The moderation in this forum is good. And the comments in green were not "stupid." They were very reasonable in my opinion. Alan pretty much lets people say what they want as long as they don't get extremely disruptive, very off-topic, extremely rude, or vulgar. If you don't like his moderation, you won't find any better until opens managed and maintained by Thomas Darden himself. He has allowed thousands of negative remarks against the man you consider to be the ultimate villain in the known universe. Even though he is convinced that Ni-H works and has a very different view than Team IH, he has allowed countless posts that were very hostile against Andrea Rossi to remain on the forum.

  • Alan pretty much lets people say what they want as long as they don't get extremely disruptive, very off-topic, extremely rude, or vulgar.

    Nope. He deleted messages only because they were mildly off-topic. In any case, why do that? What harm does very off topic cause? I have never seen messages chopped in other forums for that reason. He chopped out sections of my messages for reasons I do not recall, but they were none of the above, since I am too much of a snob to be extremely rude or vulgar.

    I am not going to bother to look up stuff in books such as "Tomorrow's Energy" or my database of cold fusion papers if messages are going to be chopped for stupid reasons. Abd devoted a lot of effort to his legal analyses. I hope he kept copies of the messages. Upsetting him by deleting off-topic messages was a stupid thing to do. Smith should apologize and reinstate the messages if that is possible.

  • I've moderated controversial forums before. It's difficult. But the only reasons to edit or delete posts should be messages which deliberately try to damage the forum (links to spam sites, phishing sites, and spam in general), large amounts of blank lines (some people really do this), or grossly obvious defamation (ie: "blank is a child molester" when not speaking about Sterling Alan). There is no problem with moving very off topic posts to preserve continuity in a discussion but it is rarely needed and should not mean deletions or edits.

  • Rossi really doesn't like control experiments, I wonder why.

    December 11, 2016 at 9:07 AM

    Dear Andrea,
    I assume calibration was performed using a control reactor as is normal scientific practice.

    Andrea Rossi
    December 11, 2016 at 11:28 AM

    You mean a dummy? I already answered to this issue: the dummy is any sistem with COP < 1.
    Warm Regards,

    Mario Lemieux
    December 11, 2016 at 1:50 PM

    Dear Andrea,
    If you don’t run control experiments, how do you know that your
    instrumentation is working properly? You might be measuring COP=20 on
    the QuarkX, but there’s nothing telling us that you wouldn’t be
    measuring COP=20 on a QuarkX with inert fuel.
    Without a control experiment, you will spend countless time trying to
    explain why you think your experiment has been designed flawlessly and
    all variables have been taken into account. It is way more productive to
    run the exact same experiment with one changed variable (inert fuel)
    and instantly show that this variable is the one causing your COP>1.
    I’m sure you must have calibrated your calorimetry setup to make sure
    it was working properly. Using a dummy is the same principle, but
    applied to your experiment as a whole.

    Patrick Ellul
    December 11, 2016 at 4:33 PM

    Dear Andrea. With “control”/”dummy”, it is meant to be a quarkX
    without one of its crucial elements (like fuel) that is fed the same
    input and whose output is measured in the same way as your fuelled
    This will cross check your calculations against another reference.
    Do you still think such experiment is useless at this stage?

    Andrea Rossi
    December 11, 2016 at 4:45 PM

    Patrick Ellul:
    Of course it is useless.
    The COP is what counts.
    Warm Regards

    Andrea Rossi
    December 11, 2016 at 4:48 PM

    Mario Lemieux:
    Surely we have calibrated all the instrumentation!
    But calibration has nothing to do with dummies.
    Warm Regards

  • QuarkX is so far simply a fairy tale from AR....all what the world (incl. ECW!) knows is a blurry blue light pic and "Rossi says". It is unbelieveable, how he is still able to steer his followers and believers with words, posts, sock pupptes talks - without any real evidence of what he is working on. A simple photo of his 30mm long and 1mm thick mysterious power generator would help to understand that he is really working on some groundbreaking stuff. But his "COP explanation" confirms to me that non of his amazing devices ever produced any real execess heat...that is probably one reason that he flees any official and/or 3rd party "indipendent" tests...and IH is of course aware of this.

  • It is always best to have a control, but we need to remember that Rossi thinks as an engineer and not a laboratory scientist. If his COP is extremely high, the excess heat will be apparent and obvious without a control. And if some form of calorimetry is being used, he will be able to measure the thermal output in watts compared to the input in watts. In this case, the difference could be huge if he is still using only a .5 watt "drive" and the output is 20 watts.

    You do not HAVE to utilize a control to verify excess heat if the COP is enormous and you are dealing with power levels that are easy to measure. The only two absolute requirements are accurate and reliable measurements of the input and output. But he has to get those two absolutely right with the smallest measure of error possible. Because even if in reality his methods are reasonably accurate, cynics and skeptics will come up with the wildest, craziest scenarios in which he could have under estimated his input power by ten fold or over estimated his output ten fold (or more). They will shout and scream that because there is a .0001% chance such an error could have occurred, the whole test is invalid along with ever test he has ever performed. And even though they think the E-Cat technology is a hoax and always has been a hoax, they won't just back off. They'll spend countless hours of their life trying to debunk a technology they don't believe in.

    If I were devising a test for a cold fusion device, I'd try to utilize a "dummy" reactor and try to go to great lengths to eliminate as many unlikely measurement issues as possible -- to try and shut up the cynics from the start, even though I would know they'd come up with *something* to criticize me about. At least they'd have less to attack me with, and the majority of individuals would recognize the value of my experiment. Rossi on the other hand doesn't care about shutting anyone up. If he can verify the performance of his devices to himself and those that he considers important, he isn't going to lift a finger to do any extra work by incorporating a dummy: unless he is forced to. The excess heat to him is so obvious, he doesn't need to use a dummy. I would probably agree he doesn't need one. But it sure would be nice if for once he could do an experiment that would make the cynics work a little bit harder to find something wrong with.

    Of course if he is bringing a product to the market soon and proving the technology to the world, I shouldn't really care what the cynics say. But I do.

  • Quote

    Andrea Rossi
    December 11, 2016 at 4:45 PMPatrick Ellul:Of course it is useless.The COP is what counts.Warm RegardsA.R.Andrea Rossi
    December 11, 2016 at 4:48 PMMario Lemieux:Surely we have calibrated all the instrumentation!But calibration has nothing to do with dummies.Warm RegardsA.R.

    Rossi is definitely a complete psychopathic lunatic. (I just forgot, who called him like this some time ago ).

    His answers sound harsh, as if he needs to defend himself (what he apparently really needs)...

    just await the next lawsuit against him, now from this "secret supporter"....

  • I don't think he is a lunatic. It is a remote possibility, but not likely. The only way I'd call him a lunatic is if it turns out in court that he lied all along about a manufacturing process taking place at the Doral site, James A. Bass actually directing anything, a connection of some kind with Johnson Matthey, having more than simple radiators on the other side of the wall, etc. If he filed a lawsuit for 89 million dollars plus damages against Industrial Heat when he had been the one lying about all these issues, then he really is totally insane. But I think the chance of this is extremely small. Not only would he have to be stark raving mad, but his lawyer would need to have a desire to go to prison and James A. Bass would have been willing to give up a very long and successful career to participate in a fraud.

  • In theory with a huge COP you could make absolute measurement that are not too bad, but given the accusation on Lugano emissivity, on fake client and water flow, it is best to play the good guy and respect best practice, calibration, allow third party visits....

    In my memory the only positively dubious test is Ferrara, but once trust is broke, you even doubt of your mother...
    I wait for the end. If Quark is real, we will know it soon. Until things gone public, Rossi says have no value.

  • BTW - the forum management needs to straighten up if it expects to have a chance to be relevant in the coming next phase of LENR. Amateur hour needs to end.

    Dear Mr. Weaver,
    is that a threat an order to the forum administrators or what ?
    I think that the real basic working of a forum is to be open to various voices in a democratic way.
    If you don't agree with somebody why don't you try to answer with effective and sound arguments ?

  • Rossibit returns in a burst of brilliance. I'll take the bait because it is fun. R'bit - which referenced forums are democratically controlled?

    BTW - Tell the boss that it looks like multiple engine flameouts from the cockpit monitoring system - warning lights and buzzers everywhere - you need to get some of those restarted or we all know the end result.

  • I think that the real basic working of a forum is to be open to various voices in a democratic way.

    Don't want to be to sarcastic, but I know of a very democratic forum with very few and simple rules, where the moderator spends most of his time talking to himself. Additionaly this blog works sometimes like a Black Hole - posts from the outside world come in, but magically disappear and will never pop up again...

  • Straighten up a bit guys, this is a thread about comments on the Rossi Blog, not a thread about comments made in this forum (which cannot be bullied) or IH's spending habits. Off topic a tad too far. Green ink will be deployed -at least (or maybe even purple, and we all know what that means.)

  • Barty:


    It really looks like Rossi has absolutely no knowledge about how to measure properly...

    Of course he does. He's a conman and a crook, not a COMPLETE idiot. To him, the only "dummy" that matters is the one who gives him investment money.

  • QuarkX is so far simply a fairy tale from AR....all what the world (incl. ECW!) knows is a blurry blue light pic and &quot;Rossi says&quot;. It is unbelieveable, how he is still able to steer his followers and believers with words, posts, sock pupptes talks -…

    It's very believable especially when there are downvote machines such as you watching over this forum and others, ready to pounce on whatever's written that doesn't agree with the anti-Rossi narrative

    If anything, you're Streisand effecting, and negative buzzing Rossi is still buzz. I had no leanings towards Rossi being a scam or the real thing, but since I've seen the viciousness and dishonesty of "people" (many of them are bots) who attack him, I'm convinced he has the goods (or he's being set up to spearhead the false breakthrough, false, because this tech has been known and harnessed for decades in the secret of the military(ies?))

    edit: answered before reading the following comments, and Alan's. I welcome the green ink!