Rossi-Blog Comment Discussion

  • This is a bunch of crap - Brillouin's IP is their own. Godes has been working hard, is tenacious and has contracted with Fran Tanzella at SRI for testing - a great move with a high integrity operation. The only thing that IH ever provided Brillouin was a small initial investment. Rossi's storyline is yet another desperate attempt to generate a semblance of legitimacy for his empty shell of an operation. His attempts to astroturf via his sockpuppet army adds further to the hilarity and sadness of his self-destruction.

    Based on what we presently know - we can see right through everything that he is doing.

    You never can tell. Juries do unpredictable things; they found OJ innocent; one solitary piece of evidence did the deed. O.J. Simpson defense: 'If it doesn't fit, you must acquit'.

  • and that is not my fault BTW, as my guidance in legal matters Abd, has been banned here, or maybe, just maybe there is something we don't know, that the judge knows?

    Since his permanent ban here, Abd is quite active on his new blog.
    He analyse as he did before the legal moves around Rossi. There are also posts on Wikipedia policy.

    As he cannot answer here, please no personal comment on him, and I'm sure he will debate with pleasure on his blog.
    I follow those analysis, but to be honest I mostly wait for the hanging (question is who), and Brillouin/SRI report or replications are more the subject of LENR-Forum than legal technicalities.
    We are there to play football, not to see OJ Simpson trial. :blackeye: