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  • .....he would not get invited back to Rossi demos and he desperately wants to keep that avenue op

    Desperate? Moi? I think you are mistaking me for someone with a motive.

    ETA- IMHO if Rossi has nothing he should have. Mentored by 2 great scientists early on, he pioneered the 'hot and dry' LENR route t create energetic systems. And I know they work. The religious fervour created by the Inquisitors that surrounds the whole saint or devil argument is of zero interest to me. As for Bob's remark about reputational damage, at least I am happy to use my real name.

  • ... "Does Rossi read LF?"

    Sure: is one of the two sites where he can read his name.

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  • Ahi - During that timeframe, I saw an image of the read-out. The device in your picture was R's device - ours was handheld and not yellow.

    With apologies for not being able to recall more details.

    To all others who see the potential method in the madness - thank you. There is progress and we're going to stay after it.

  • Reading his blog from time to time is quite entertaining. Even if english is not your mother tongue - after all you get used to these nice coincidences and you realize that approx. 90% of the posters over there use the same kind of italo-american-english writing, punctuation and grammar style as Rossi is using... I am wondering where his huge number of american followers is gone...or maybe they did adapt their posting style over the past years to Rossi's answers?? ^^

  • Rossi's answer to the JONP question he wrote contradicts his own statements (made some years ago) about gammas from runaway reactors. I am sure that can or another member can find the references. From memory around about the time of the Ferrara adventures.

  • Alan Smith the biggest trick in becoming a successful liar is to remember everything you said since you can't refer to anything real to refresh your memories.

    That weakness is used during interrogation when same questions are repeatedly asked many times and the answers are matched.

  • Amazing those in attendance for the Oct 28 2012 (military customer acceptance test) did not put 2 and 2 together. It was like the proverbial elephant in the room, and somehow they ignored it. They even had trouble hearing each other over the noise. What were they thinking? I know the AP science reporter left, never to be heard from again. On ECN's it was instantly noticed, and made the whole test DOA.

    To be honest, I thought the use of the 500kW generator was odd, but mostly ignored that because I was focused on the NATO Colonel. Being ex-military myself, I knew that is not how the military works. They do not send one low level Colonel to a public demonstration of a controversial technology, put on by a convicted conman, and have him sign for it there right at the test sight. And were they so stupid, they would insist he wear his military uniform! It was so corny, and unbelievable, it was funny. Still get a laugh out of it when it comes up.

    The IH Validation Test (April 30 2013) is different IMO though. From Darden's deposition, he and Vaughn were well aware of Rossi's checkered past, before they first met him at his Miami condo. Leading up to the VT, they became even more suspicious when Rossi came up with 2 excuses for needing to downgrade the 1MW to <500kW, while using the same 500kW genset. Rossi, probably detecting their suspicions as any good con artist would, made it a point the day of the test to give them an early copy of Levi/Swedes Ferrara results. From the deposition, and from what DW says, that played a big part in their going on with the VT.

    What is amazing is that for the October demo, the capacity of the generator is assumed to be representative of the output of the container. As far as I can tell, hot water went around in circles, probably almost never becoming steam.

  • Alan claims that such an unbelievable pattern in nuclear radiation is produced by radioactive isotopes with near instant half-lives: another bold assertion that the science trolls let get through.

    axil : It's time to move off. Alan claims nothing! It is all your phantasy!

    If you believe that the standard model explains LENR, then go to a classic physics forum...

  • Rossi's answer to the JONP question he wrote contradicts his own statements (made some years ago) about gammas from runaway reactors. I am sure that canor another member can find the references. From memory around about the time of the Ferrara adventures.

    Neutron evolution

    * * * * *

    Board of Advisers
    May 6, 2010 at 10:07 PM

    This insight of Dr Dufour is very interesting. It merits a deep analysis. We never found emission of neutrons outside the reactor, with exception of once, when the reactor has gone out of control because we tried to raise further the pressure. In that case we got a strong emission of neutrons, detected from the bubble neutron revelators. But in average exercise we never had an emission of neutrons. Our shield is made by 20 mm of boron, 20 mm of lead. The water flow has not shielding power towards the neutrons. We detected emission of gamma rays, which have been thermalized in the water flow, and we have strong evidence of matter -antimetter reaction

    (positrons + electrons), with production of energy through the annichilation, but we didn’t get neutrons. We think it is because we don’t reach the energy level necessary to the neutrons to get out of the nucleus. Nevertheless the analysis of Dr Dufour is extremely interesting and we want to go through it.

    Andrea Rossi

    Andrea Rossi

    May 7th, 2010 at 6:52 AM

    Very interesting. After 2 hours we still have thermal emission, but still we don’t have radiations out of the reactor. Of course, the lasting of thermal emission means that readiation (gamma) continues to be thermalized. We ( Focardi and me) are convinced that neutrons don’t reach the energy to exit the nuclea, with some exception, which is thermalized in 20′,also because our shielding od boron and lead is much lower that you calculated.

    Warm Regards,

    Andrea Rossi

    Andrea Rossi

    May 1st, 2011 at 4:19 PM

    Dear Mr Mauro Rossi:

    1- we consume about 1 gram og hydrogen in 24 hours

    2- I never saw neutrons and neutrinos, with exception of few times, when I saw neutrons, captured in bubble columns, but for a very particular experiment I made by myself, being very dangerous.

    3- No, I didn’t.

    Warm regards,


    Andrea Rossi

    July 6th, 2012 at 10:09 AM

    Dear Dr Enrico Billi:

    1- yes, it is so

    2- no, we have never detected neutrons outside the reactor

    Lavolale, Lavolale!


  • Quote

    - I never saw neutrons and neutrinos

    The Genius of Modena can detect neutrinos in his "factory?"

    ... and just for the record, Shane D. the megawatt test with the leaky machine and the Diesel generator and the NATO colonel happened in 2011, not 2012. BTW, WTF is a "NATO colonel?" Rossi made it up. NATO does not have its own military ranks. If you Google "Colonel Domenico Fioraventi" you get only a young Italian swimming champion and "colonel" is not in the Wikipedia entry. The character in Rossi's story is probably an actor he hired or an old friend of his.

    At one point, Rossi claimed that all the energy produced by the ecat came from "thermalization of gammas" by a thin lead layer he supposedly surrounded them with. Nonsense!


    ... we have strong evidence of matter -antimetter[sic] reaction [-Rossi]

    Really, Dewey? You and Darden hired this guy for millions?

  • WTF is a "NATO colonel?"

    You know what a colonel is, and presumably what NATO is, so why constantly ask the same dumb question?

    ...And in an effort to nip a tiresome 'conversation' in the bud:

    He is also a real colonel who was seconded to NATO and for reasons one could only imagine is next to impossible to find on the web. Some might take that as proof he is imaginary, but I have had a first-hand account of his reality.