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  • It's always fun when a technically illiterate idiot claims I'm wrong..

    You obviously don't understand how a gas turbine works.

    Quote my actual words to show where I was wrong.

    (edited typo)

    NEWI - 5 year B Sci in Aeronautical Engineering - Graduated 1986.

    (I'm sure the college keeps records if you care to check under the

    name Peter Ian Hughes).

    Sorry Adrian, didn't know I was talking to a fellow Aero Eng.

    (although I am surprised you never mentioned it before - you seem

    to love to brag up your other accomplishments).


  • Significant technical issue?

    AA: Rossi worked on the QX reactor for a long time and (as many times before) said he would demonstrate it , and then did so. There were two measurements he didn't show at Stockholm, that he aid were proprietary, and as I pointed out, would be easy for an investor to do. His new partner would have to be more foolish than IH not to make those measurements and remove all possible doubt.

    Right: but without those measurements the demo proves nothing. At all.

    You speculate that:

    (1) Rossi has a new partner

    (2) That new partner would do proper measurements

    Given both (1) and (2) there is evidence that Rossi has a working device but neither is known, and (2) flies in the face of historical evidence. There are no partners of Rossi known to have done said proper measurements, and at least one known case, IH, where the real issues only came out of the woodwork after a set of improper measurements enough to make them sign on the dotted line in hope.

    Before you say you doubt this, you must call Darden a liar when testifying for Discovery to do so. That would be a strange thing to do when the only contradiction is your unfounded speculation.

    Rossi himself, even, tends not to say that his devices work. He lets others like you conclude this. An effective strategy.

    I am not saying Rossi cheated over the QX. He has certainly lied, and misled, in the past. We know he has cheated IH. But my posts are restricted to pointing out the lack of evidence that his stuff works, and the strong negative evidence, in the form of demos that do not actually test whether it works proclaimed as a success. It is logically possible that he could have a non-working demo that he thinks works. His technical statements ( AC polarity in power measurements does not matter, measuring power with average volt and amp meters is Ok, control experiments add nothing and are not needed) make that plausible. Or he could be fully aware that his devices do not work - and evidence for that has been posted by many others, and therefore a cheat.

    AA: So there is considerable proof that he has a working reactor and only unproven speculation that he cheated. You prefer to go with speculation. I don't. Wait and see what happens.

    Your contention that we make unfounded speculation Rossi cheated is profoundly wrong in so many ways.

  • I don't care what you say your qualifications are, you insulted me and clearly do not understand a gas turbine works with the Brayton cycle. Which is pretty elementary.

    I asked you to quote my actual words to show where I was wrong and you have failed to do that. Please do that or apologize.


    Adding PIH's original post in case it gets deleted.

  • And you only learned of the Brayton thermo cycle when Zeus mentioned it later.

    You have been the most insulting person on this forum for the past year or more.

    You will get an apology from me, when I see you correct that.

    Signed "a technically illiterate idiot" - Your words Pot.

    I will start quoting you and providing evidence when you do the same

    with everyone else.

  • You are clutching at straws. How many times do I have to repeat the evidence is dodgy on both sides? You ignore the question of why he is doing what he does and who could possibly be victims of fraud.

  • What obvious reason? If the SK runs at ~3000C and can survive the environment, there is not reason why it couldn't substitute for heat from combustion.

    Adrian Ashfield : A classic light-bulb also runs at 3000C but this is the physical T of the light not for the T for heat exchange (1/r ...) . In a classic turbine the fuel is injected after the compressor, that provides enough back pressure to support the output flow. Please study the mentioned design that are needed for a LENR turbine.

    Mills carbon/graphite dome can go above 2000C certainly not any form of glas!

  • I've known about the Brayton cycle probably longer than you have been alive.

    You started the insults with your idiotic comment:

    "Adrian is the only "Engineer" I know, who doesn't know the relationship between P,V and T. ... Presumably AA didn't need to know that little tidbit when designing the vast array

    of furnaces he was involved in. AA - hint: look up Ideal Gas Law before coming back at me with your ususal babbler comment.

    Conclusion, he is/was an "Engineer" in the same sense as a "Refuse Engineer" aka garbage/bin man."

    As I knew you couldn't find a quote from me that was hectically wrong, you would dream up all sorts of reasons to avoid admitting you were wrong and and apologizing.

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  • As I knew you couldn't find a quote from me that was hectically wrong, you dream dream up all sorts of reasons to avoid admitting you were wrong and and apologizing.

    You don't get to choose how I will respond to you, and neither do I.

    Posting history trumps all.

    And you do know that your insulting tone is an inside joke on this forum,

    with people wanting to design and order T-shirts.

  • WO2018119352A1.pdf

    Several things of interest about this patent. The claimed inventor was Murray, for IH.

    The application was in Dec 2016 and it talks about extensive research and testing showing excess heat.

    I didn't read it all as it was so vague, but I got the impression it was as novel as a left handed door.

    It claims all the known materials/isotopes that others have posted but I saw no details of what one should specifically use or do. It looked to me that H were trying to cover every future possibility known at that time.

    Lots of luck for anyone trying to build a working reactor from the patent.

  • The 20 000°C probably confined in a containment made of “completely new materials” developed by Rossi in a side project.:P