Lightstone Technologies Inc. discose changes and project.

  • Yesterday, the LENR company "Lightstone Technologies Inc."published an announcement about few corporate changes.
    This company was discovered recently by Omega Z on E-cat World.
    From legal data (see on yahoo) it is a company incorporated in delaware through "Quince Run Acquisition corp". a "blank check company".
    On E-cat world it is reported that the company is based on germany from soviet research...

    The recent announce (8K form) report few changes, and give hint on their projects:

    • some capital emission and sales of 2/3 of shares to Sergio Calqueiro.
    • with the consequence to change the control and board, with Sergio Calqueiro as sole boss
    • and a statement on their strategy to merge/partner with a company having 3 subsidiary in Germany, which prepares applications for LENR... also some reference to nuclear waste remediation with LENR and non-stick paint (seems to be nanoparticle paint, from data on their web site)


    The Registrant anticipates that it will develop its business with a combination with a private company or through the development of its business plan. The Company anticipates that it will merge with an existing private company that has three German subsidiaries developing applications for a certain patented form of nuclear fusion the LENR technology). The LENR technology has the capacity to produce large amounts of cheap and clean electricity. The Company has built two prototype systems which produce electricity on demand. Other applications of the technology include the capacity to treat nuclear waste and reduce its half-life. The system takes nuclear waste, treats it and turns it into 100% uranium. The technology has also been applied to create a non-stick paint that is a paint to which nothing will adhere. Such a paint, for instance, could be used on ship bottoms to avoid marine growth on the hull, hospitals to reduce or eliminate adherence of bacteria to walls or other surfaces, and buildings to eliminate graffiti.

    on their web site they announce a new website for July and state they strategy shortly :


    The company is developing different patent technologies which happen to be spin offs from our energy business ranging from a Nuclear waste transmutation clean-up process through to nano non-stick paint which has many application such as marine anti-fouling through to graffiti clean-up. Lightstone Technologies through our licensing agreement will work closely with the Swiss company and their European subsidiaries to develop these technologies and take them to the global market.

    They also state they are owning a German subsidiary, which own 50% of a swiss company owning IP/patents and subsidiaries...


    Lightstone Technologies Inc through it’s wholly owned subsidiary NRG Technologies Inc (BVI) owns 50% of a Swiss company that owns the IP/Patents and various operating subsidiaries.

    Who is their possible partner and it's German subsidiaries ?

    Is there any link with the Swiss LENR companies we know, LENR-Invest (good candidate), LENR-Cars (probably just connected through LENR-Invest)?

    Is it serious claims ?

    Is their nuclear remediation claims just based on LENR sciences, or with GeNiE/GEC or Mitsubishi/Iwamura relation ?

    Is it related to Seldon Technologies Inc (working in nanotech too).

    More question than answers .