The Rossi & IH Sub-Forum

    • Official Post

    Hello everyone!

    We, the LENR Forum Team, decided to open a new sub-forum called "Rossi & Industrial Heat".

    This forum is specially for topics covering everything around or related to

    • Andrea Rossi
    • The E-Cat (in several versions and generations)
    • Industrial Heat
    • The Curt Case
    • and all related topics

    We noticed an increasing number of discussions between the two parties ("pro-Rossi" and "pro-Industrial Heat").
    Their amount is overwhelming and is moving other interesting topics out of scope.

    We also noticed multiple allegations (from both sides) which claim that we (the LENR Forum Team) are funded or paid by either Industrial Heat or Rossi. But we can assure you that we (the LENR Forum Team) are totatlly independent and we don't receive any money by one (or both) of the said two parties!

    Why this new sub-forum? Why not let it in "Players" as it is/was?
    By creating this new sub-forum we give our Members the opportunity to ignore everything around these topics and to browse undisturbed through the other topics in the LENR world (replications, theories and so on).

    How you can achieve this is described in the following "howto" post:

    [HOWTO]: Ignore a whole Sub-Forum

    So please if you want to post news or additional information to topics listed above, post them in the "Rossi & Industrial Heat" forum!
    Otherwise we will move them there.

    Thank you!