Event in Roma by ENEA : Historia Magistra Vitae - Reazioni nucleari a bassa energia: L.E.N.R.

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    Monday 19 December, the Commission Management Nuclear Plants, founded by the Order of Engineers of the Province of Rome, in collaboration with ENEA, within the cycle of conferences on a technical-scientific and cultural "Magistra Vitae", offers its subscribers a free informational seminar on the topic of nuclear reactions at low energy (low energy nuclear reactions), as part of condensed matter physics.

    These reactions, unlike those now well known fission and nuclear fusion, while arousing great interest and curiosity on the part of the scientific community, still arouse skepticism, despite the fact that the existence of the effect was, on several occasions, demonstrated even from prestigious research institutes. The field researchers have produced a considerable literature and maintained long laboratory campaigns. The aim of the seminar is therefore enable all the major players in this field to present the results of their studies in the different paths that LENR are following both in the theoretical field is application. During the seminar the paths and scientific results will be presented that have characterized this frontier research. It will range then Effect to Fleischmann & Pons, the piezonuclear reactions. with "evidence" historical-geographical-morphological composition of the Earth's crust and other planets.

  • Peter Gluck report this event today 19 dec 2016
    in his blog

    It seems the presentation of Vitorio Violante was interesting...
    To be continued..

  • vessynik wrote in this account: "To a specific question asked by an audience member – whether he knew the work of Andrea Rossi – Eng. Violante replied, I believe so surprising, that he knew nothing!"

    That is a sensible reply. I do not find it surprising. No one outside of I.H. knows anything about Rossi, because Rossi has not published.

    It sounds like this was a productive meeting. Violante gives excellent presentations.