Chinese press Article on EmDrive

  • Nasa forum contain a translation of a Chinese article on EmDrive citing their efforts…-12/11/content_357004.htm

    Not very clear and not so sure, but interesting report.

    Some other buzz reports test in Chinese space station... some just that Yang Juan, unlike previous reports of failure, continues the reserach and have achievements....

    Buzz Buzz... we have to be careful but watching. Success is not to exclude.

  • This is BIG news.

    The EM Drive is REAL. There is no way to rationally deny it now

    It doesn't matter how the thrust is created, but there is thrust. And most likely that thrust can be enhanced dramatically. This is a Chicago Pile moment.

    Shawyer has told us sometime in 2017 we will see a flying wingless drone. If it can hover, that means it will be able to produce an acceleration equal to that of the force of gravity. In space, this means an acceleration of 1G. This would allow for fast travel anywhere in the solar system. The 1G acceleration would also create artificial gravity.

    And if my hypothesis is correct, the same technology will be optimized to allow for faster than light travel. The EM Drive, according to Harold White of NASA Eagleworks, holds the principles of a warp drive.

  • The most interesting part is this:

    China confirms it is already testing out an EmDrive in orbit

    Chen confirmed that Cast has developed a test device of the EmDrive and that tests to verify that the device can actually fly are already being carried out in low-Earth orbit. This ties in with information sources in the international space industry gave IBTimes UK under condition of anonymity that China already has an EmDrive on its orbital space laboratory Tiangong-2.


  • Hi all

    Is China stealing a march on the West in space?

    If China can move its space craft around without reaction mass it will gain a significant increase in capability and will be able to use smaller less detectable platforms.

    If China's capabilities with LENR are at the same level, ie they have been working on em drives since 2008 and are already testing in orbit while the west dithers, that would explain the swagger we see in Chinese foreign relations.

    If their LENR research is as far in advance of Western LENR research as their EM drive is then we may have a problem.

    Kind Regards walker

  • If their LENR research is as far in advance of Western LENR research as their EM drive is then we may have a problem.


    Since you mentioned China/LENR; Dr. Nagel attended this years "Satellite Symposium of the 20th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science" that took place in Xiamen, China before the Japan ICCF20, and later wrote this nice report about China LENR research -past to present.

    It starts on the second page (marked as pg27) titled "LENR Research in China".

    China took an active interest in CF right after FPs, with two important papers:

    "The first was by Tian-hong Lu, “Research
    Situation and Controversy of Cold Fusion,” which was pub-
    lished in the Chinese Journal of Nature in 1990. The second
    was published in the same journal in 1995 by Xing-Zhong
    Li, the Co-Chairman of this Symposium, with the title
    “Abnormal Nuclear Phenomena in Solids Containing

    And have been at it ever since...just like the west. Good read. Lots of good stuff in there. But, about your point...I don't think they are any further advanced than we here in the west.

  • a chinese coworker, who studied in china.

    Might be, that he

    for ( ;;; ) {
       knows someone, who knows someone who

    who might know Dr. Chen Yuen and therefore might get internal information about their current reliability of the results.

    Research of real physicists at universities, which even is founded by the gouvernment, would not have been followed for 5 years, if it was fraudulent from the very beginning.

    Let's hope, the Chinese will start that race with that kind of reliability, so that others will need to join that race.
    And let's hope, that this invention is the so long awaited, and, btw. overdue innovation, the space travel needs to become a lot more practical, especially in terms of redusing the amount / weight of propellant in order to overcome earth's gravity.

    Thumbs up...

  • Dr. Chen Yue, Director of Commercial Satellite Technology announced on December 10, 2016 that not only has China successfully tested EmDrives technology in its laboratories, but that a proof-of-concept is currently undergoing zero-g testing in orbit (according to the International Business Times, this test is taking place on the Tiangong 2 space station).

    Cast is a subsidiary of the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) and the manufacturer of Dong Fang Hong satellites. According to Li Feng, chief designer of Cast’s communication satellite division, the team has built a prototype that so far generates just a few millinewtons of thrust, IBTimes UK reports.

    Scientists with the China Academy of Space Technology claim NASA’s results ‘re-confirm’ what they’d already achieved, and have plans to implement it in satellites ‘as quickly as possible.’
    ‘The establishment of an experimental verification platform to complete the milli-level micro thrust measurement test, as well as several years of repeated experiments and investigations into corresponding interference factors, confirm that in this type of thruster, thrust exists.’
    Cast is a subsidiary of the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) and the manufacturer of Dong Fang Hong satellites.…ts-of-propellentless.html

  • There is undoubtedly much of propaganda and fudge in both positive, both negative direction. For example before some time the China claimed, that the EMDrive doesn't work and that its research ended, because the proffesor Yang retired (despite she is still quite young ). I don't think, that the Chinese are too advanced in research of EMDrive before USA, but now it's in their political interest to pretend so. But similarly to nuclear weapon research during WWII they don't want to show big interest about this technology, to reveal many details about it at public the less.

    In April 1942, Georgii Flerov - who would later become a key figure in the nuclear program - addressed a secret letter to Joseph Stalin pointing out that nothing was being published in the physics journals by Americans, British, or even Germans, on nuclear fission since the year of its discovery in 1939, and that indeed many of the most prominent physicists in Allied countries seemed not to be publishing at all. This academic silence was highly suspicious and Flerov urged Stalin to launch the program with immediate effect as he believed that other nations were already secretly advancing their programs. From this example you can see, we cannot judge the research activity just from publication activity - in case of research of strategical importance the dependence can be exactly the opposite as one could expect naively.