EMDrive from perspective of dense aether model

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    So how does it work that there are dirac electrons in the mica capacitor. As far as i know these only seem to appear in the special structure of graphene.

    Dirac's (and also Weyl/Majorana) fermions are way more common than just graphene. They're formed with particles, the free motion of which remains constrained with external forces or by structure of material to a narrow layers or even 1D stripes. Because they cannot propagate across spatial dimensions, they're utilizing temporal dimensions for it instead, as the animation bellow illustrates. It manifest itself by their quantum zitterbewegung, i.e. with fluctuations of entropy. All superconductors are composed of Dirac fermions, topological insulators as well. The important finding of J.F.Prins was, they can be prepared artificially. Electrons or ions attached to a surface of insulator with external electrostatic forces aren't allowed to move freely there and they will change into a Dirac fermions. Occasionally they can form a superconductive phase there in similar way, like the Dirac fermions inside real superconductors. The important aspect of Dirac fermions is, they're ignoring the transverse waves of light the more, the more they get constrained in their free motion. Instead of it, they interact strongly with longitudinal waves of vacuum: they can serve both as their transceivers, both detectors and they convert them from/into electrical impulses.

  • I already linked Hodowanec and J.F.Prins articles, or not? Of course, the experimental evidence of scalar waves is much deeper and way more convincing than that.
    The primary point is, the electrical impulse at superconductive layers can become a source of scalar wave impulse - it leads into macroscopic forces - I mean much higher, than some EMDrive thrust.

    Two videos (AVI, MOV) from C. Poher experiments. In its simplest form it's about introduction of electrical pulse from capacitor to the surface of superconductor pellet soaked with liquid nitrogen. The pellet is attached to a ballistic pendulum, it's purpose is just to measure the resulting impulse. This impulse is generated with superconductor itself - it does behave like the reactionless drive. The impulse is such strong, it ejects the arm with reactive force. The emanated pulse of scalar waves manifests itself with shaking of water surface placed bellow experiment (you cannot shield it with dielectric or ferromagnetic materials). At the moment, when superconductor loses superconductivity, then this effect disappears too - so we can separate it easily from mechanical effects of electric discharge in this way.

  • The reality is, the physicists simply learned to ignore a wide spectrum of experiments and reports.
    These reports are often even published in standard journals, but they get no publicity in media - so that they're handled in similar way, like the thousands of existing cold fusion studies.
    Or better to say, most of physicists simply believe, that these studies don't exist at all.

    See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil...

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    I am not sure ur attitude is helpful for the acceptance of these theories. It is quite hard to convince people of something by insulting them.

    This is a misunderstanding - I don't want to convince them. I just want them to fuck off my sight.

    Look, even now, 200 years after Darwin over 60% of USA citizens still don't believe in evolution despite the existing pile of evidence. Do you really believe, it has a meaning to try convince them about the opposite one after another? If not, why I should attempt for it just with damn_right _man? The arguing with pathoskeptics will just enforce them in their stance - this is well known fact (actually just a special application of general rule: don't argue with ignorants - fuck them off instead).

    Max Planck: "Science advances one funeral at a time. A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it." Can we read here something about convincing of people here? Not at all, they're just have to die out - it's as simple as it is.

  • to believe in some statements, which are not widely accepted (for wideley accepted, very defined reasons) in contrast to post and comment on them, self convinced, as if they were more than what they really are.

    Unproven myths.

    BTW: It is definitely obvious, why they blocked You on reddit.

  • to believe in some statements, which are not widely accepted (for wideley accepted, very defined reasons) in contrast to post and comment on them, self convinced, as if they were more than what they really are.

    Unproven myths.

    You fail to understand Zephirs point. You say "unproven myths" in a disrespectful way and fail to realize that advances in physics are all "unproven myths". I dont know how long serious physicists discuss seriously in serious journals about string theory and 11 dimensional spaces etc. Now it becomes more and more evident that string theory stays an unproven myth. Or our beloved quantum theory: they still don´t know what their equations really mean and so the copenhagen interpretation is still an unproven myth.

    I think it is immanent to science to keep up as many hypothesis and theories and ideas simultanously as long as possible and as long it makes sense. This is a problem for us humans because we focus on one solution and we cannot handle things in parallel very well. But focusing on one or two ideas leads to a degeneration of the solution space (like the degeneration of gene variability of a population of people deep in the rain forest). And an analogy from my field of expertise: google "multi hypothesis tracking" and try to understand why this is good for science.

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    Now it becomes more and more evident that string theory stays an unproven myth

    No doubt, that string theory failed its target, but the irony is, at least some theorems of string theories can be demonstrated just with the findings, which the physicists currently dismiss most obstinately. The scalar waves are also very close to particles predicted with supersymmetry - just at different energy/mass scales. IMO what the string theory/susy theory missed the most is, the quantum gravity effects aren't matter of some esoteric Planck scales, unacessible with existing generation of colliders - but just the phenomena at the human observer scale BETWEEN scales of relativity theory and quantum mechanics.

    Therefore the string theory and SuSy sorta shared their destiny with real breaktrough findings due to ignorant character of mainstream physics, which avoids the threatening of established models (most shadows is just under candlestick). The string theory did it in particularly silly way, as it believes in extradimensions (which I believe too) and Lorentz symmetry at the same moment (whereas the Lorentz symmetry must be broken just with presence of extradimensions).

  • Regarding the existence of scalar / longitudinal waves of vacuum, the physicists have it before their eyes from the 1905, when Einstein proposed the existence of photons. Because in dense aether model the photons are nothing else than the solitons of light waves, i.e. the composite artifact of transverse and longitudinal waves of vacuum. If the scalar waves of vacuum couldn't exist, then the photons couldn't also exist, because every photon (1-spin particle) keeps 2-spin component (i.e. the graviton) in its belly. Without this component the photons couldn't transfer the matter in our Universe from place to place - only momentum. Just this component distinguishes the photon (i.e. the boson particle) from its carrier Maxwell wave.

    BTW Experimental evidence for superradiance observed in a water vortex analogue of black holes It's sorta funny to see the "quantum gravity" lab stuffed with water basins at the moment, when the water surface analogies od dense aether model are still coherently dismissed at public forums...;-) Analogue systems which have low frequency horizons and suffer the same type of quantum instability promise experimental observations of the effects of quantum gravity theories.

  • post and tell me, where Do You expect him to be placed, if not in the esoteric corner....

    The fact, that I say unproven myth is disrespectful ?

    Are You f...g kidding me?

    id You read the posts of zephyr, which are really disrespectful ? Apparently not...

    He hasn't posted a single link to any reliable source, which MIGHT even be in the range of possible explanations for whatever science ....

    Zephyr is a dreamer like axil. Nothing bad about that, but please let Your Dunning Kruger get cured by some docs, both.

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    He hasn't posted a single link to any reliable source, which MIGHT even be in the range of possible explanations for whatever science

    EMDrive is also published in "nonreliable" sources only - and now we can read, the Chinese are testing it in cosmic space. Apparently the mainstream physicists missed something and now they even cannot imagine, where their problem actually is. And I don't even talk about the very subject of this forum, which is the cold fusion - this is analogous, just way more extensive situation, which just waits to happen. The mainstream physicists are simply separated from reality in many areas, the nature of which differs from their paradigm of thinking.

    But in essence they're just an idiots. Everyone must see, that the photons differs from Maxwell waves, which are the only transverse EM wave model in physics. Everything else differs from Maxwell's waves, so it cannot be transverse wave anymore. And how the reality would look for us, if we would live at the water surface and observe it with its surface waves only? Well, at proximity all phenomena would be blurred with Brownian noise of underwater, i.e. in the same way, like the quantum uncertainty presents for us. What we observe all around us is just macroscopic analogy of this situation. Now even the mainstream physicists recognize water surface analogies of quantum mechanics and black holes - the case is already closed for me and I'm just wasting my time here. Like I already said, the ignorants can be never cured from their ignorance.


    ...Unproven myths... esoteric, wishful thinking... posts of zephyr, which are really disrespectful

    Well, if only posts of yours would be respectful... ;-) I can understand, you don't agree with it - but until you have no better arguments than fallacies, I don't feel obliged to respect you at all.

  • The Big bang controversy is just another answer for the question: how the world around us would look like, if we would live at the water surface and observe it with its own ripples? The scattering of surface waves doesn't manifest only at the small quantum scales, but also at the large scales, where it's followed with increasing of wavelength, as the ripples are losing energy with it. Therefore the Hubble red shift is actually a manifestation of the quantum fluctuations of vacuum, which shift the wavelength of light coming from distant sources.

    The MOND and MiHsC theories of dark matter (and also EMDrive) have this mechanism already hardwired in them: in these models the general relativity (which applies to smooth space-time only) is altered with quantum fluctuations, the contribution of which is derived from product of speed of light and Hubble constant (MOND theory) - or from diameter of observable Universe (in co-moving distance scale - MiHsC). The general line of reasoning is as follows: The deceleration of microwaves can be calculated like the c^2/diameter of universe. The cavity itself is accelerated in extent which is smaller by ratio of total mass of microwaves and total mass of cavity. The microwaves in the cavity have a mass (given m=E/c^2) of 10^-20 kg (roughly), whereas the cavity may be 10 kg, so the acceleration of the cavity to conserve momentum can be 10^-21 times smaller, which is about 10^-3 m/s^2, implying an accelerating force (F=ma) in the range of few microNewtons. The mass of photons within cavity can be estimated easily from time, during which the photons dissipate in EMDrive, which can be calculated like the T = distance of photons / speed of light = Qfactor x CavityLength / c. During it the mass corresponding the E_input/c^2 gets dissipated: m = Input_pPower x T / c^2. The results are given bellow and they're in good agreement with the above model:


    Observed Thrust (mN)

    Predicted Thrust (mN)

    Shawyer 1



    Shawyer 2






    NASA 1



    NASA 2



    NASA 3



    NASA vacuum






    From these data it's evident, that the EMDrive cannot work as a photon rocket, because it's thrust is way higher. The formula for the differential radiation pressure emitted is roughly F(N)=sigma*flatarea/c*(Tempofnarrowend^4-Tempofwideend^4) (assuming emissivity which is ~1). Sigma=5.67x10^-8 Wm^-2K^-4, c=3x10^8 ms^-1, flatarea~0.1^2 m^2. Assuming a reasonable temperature differential of 30K gives thrust F=6x10^-9 Newtons, i.e at least million times smaller than the observed thrust 1mNewton.