Rossi vs. Darden developments [CASE CLOSED]

  • Second in Russia is one of the countries where there have been successful replications of the ECAT, being Parchomov's just the most famous.

    Purportedly successful. There are reasons to doubt Parkhomov's results (particularly the earlier ones). There is no evidence that Stepanov did a calibration. Are there others that you think were done well?

    I would be not surprised if a Russian company ( or military ) had hired Fabiani to develop there a LENR reactor. He is in fact one of the most expert persons !

    Remember also that with the new Administration, President Donald Trump probably will make strict commercial relations with Russia.

    So maybe that Fabiani has been sent to Russia by an a US company.

    Fabiani seemed like more of a software and electronics guy. He himself said he knew nothing about the fuel. If there is some super secret formula that actually works, then he doesn't know what it is.

  • You misunderstand what the engineer meant. It could be 1.3 or it could be 0.7 or it could be 50.0 if you believe the entire building was in a vacuum chamber. There is no telling what it was. These results are meaningless. These instruments tell you nothing. That is what Exhibit 5 tells you. Rossi has never denied it, and his own damn data says it.

    IH's engineer was referring to replications done independently by IH. I think you might be conflating two different things.

    IHFB is right, Dameron was talking about the replications of the Ecat made by IH: Exhibit 5 has nothing to do with this argument.

    So people from IH keep on saying that they never obtained excess heat from their attempts to replicate the reactor, whereas their chief engineer has given a different version to the Court. That's a fact.

  • So people from IH keep on saying that they never obtained excess heat from their attempts to replicate the reactor, whereas their chief engineer has given a different version to the Court. That's a fact.

    Do you have a reference where Dameron said he did not any excess? You claim a contradiction, what reference can you give that shows that from Dameron?

    And again saying that the answer MIGHT me 1.3 is not the same as saying that he definitely saw and proved over 1, only that he was unsure of the level.

    Recall that the level that IH wanted for certainty was 6. That is likely in part because COP is a very crude measure since could have been a single short term value. Just because a business has a profit on a give day is not proof that it will have a net profit for the year. Just because you MIGHT have seen a cop 1.3 does not mean that there was a net heat production.

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    I was just being dramatic about Siberia. Sounds better in making my case that Fabiani is fleeing prosecution, rather than moving for better employment opportunities. :) To be fair, I will give FF the benefit of the doubt, and say that his moving to Russia...right before depositions begin that may implicate him in a con scheme, possibly leading to time in a Miami Dade County jail, only gives the appearance of his fleeing prosecution. ;)

    He may have left the warm, sunny and beautiful beaches of Florida, to seek better employ in the freezing cold Russia as you say. Not sure though the Russians need him, as they have a very deep talent pool of scientists. And while they are obviously very active in LENR, they appear no further along than their colleagues here in the west, or east.

  • Andrea Rossi - On Her Majesty's Secret Service?

    The most meaningful piece of information coming from the published private emails could be the signature on the last one (1): Rossi, Andrea Rossi.

    Presumably a narcissistic slip, which though by itself would be able to explain most of the weirdest and unresolved issues of the Ecat story, and maybe some others in the whole CF/LENR saga.

    In such a case, the main open question to be answered would be now: who is "Her Majesty"?


  • If you read about the replication attempts you should know that a great part of the "secret" is how the charge is stimulated. Fabiani is the guy who programmed all the electronics and stimulus part.

    pleas read :

    Yep. The first part of the "secret" (which really isn't a secret) is the experience and know how to highly hydrogenate the nickel -- possibly using reverse spillover catalysts like palladium or platinum -- and create the tiny nano-sized hydrogen "clusters" that are to be stimulated.

    The second part is stimulation. This can come from both thermal shocking events and electromagnetic stimulation. From what I've heard, if you can get the stimulation right (at resonance with the resistor coil(s) so that you get very fast and powerful spikes) the reactions can be allowed to continue in a pseudo-self sustain mode without out periodic thermal shocks. The technology from the very start was said to self sustain for a period of hours between thermal shocking "reinvigorations." I think the EM stimulation allows the self sustain mode to continue for longer periods of time.

  • If you read about the replication attempts you should know that a great part of the "secret" is how the charge is stimulated. Fabiani is the guy who programmed all the electronics and stimulus part.

    I have read them and conducted many myself. What particular replication attempt do you think has demonstrated that the electronics makes any difference?

    What in particular do you find of interest from that blog? I see some mention of Parkhomov and theoretical papers. Is there some reference to a good Russian replication experiment there?

  • Mr. Lomax has reported that the judge has dismissed the counter suit against Bass and Fabiani. I am extremely surprised about this! 8|…n-to-dismiss/#comment-288

    The counter suit still stands against Rossi, Johnson and Leonardo Corp.

    The drama continues.... I am sure some will take this as a major endorsement of Rossi being truthful and having a working reactor. Even though it does nothing of the sort.

    It does make IH's stance seem a little less sure though! I wonder if they will or can appeal? Mr. Weaver have any comments?

  • Bob - fairly surprised by that as well and interpret that the Judge is a stickler for signed contracts, documents and dates. We'll see how that plays out

    for the remaining matters. Fuls could have kept his tan after all.

    Also, the 60 day extension request just got denied by the Judge - she is tough, has a big case load and apparently likes to keep the trains running on time.

    Rossi delayed until the last minute to hand over his Discovery over the weekend - maybe that was part of her decision.

  • Bob,

    This has zero impact on Rossi's truthfulness during the Doral test OR the performance of the plant. I don't think anyone here would say at this point that Rossi was totally truthful about a whole range of issues. Although we only have read a *few* emails out of a much larger number (they could be telling us something out of context) it sure does *seem* like Rossi misled everyone as to the nature of the so-called "customer" and his relationship with JM Products. My hope is that more emails, documents, and other evidence will emerge that will reveal the full truth -- whatever it might be.

  • This could make sense if Fabiani and Bass were merely victims of AR as much as IH was. There seems to be a high probability that this was the case. Fabiani seemed to really look up to AR, and Bass seemed clueless as to what was actually happening.

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    Very surprising to me also. Another thing that also surprises is that the judge has not thrown Rossi's suit out. It seems clear from the evidence released so far, that JMP was a shell company controlled by Rossi. No doubt about that actually, as the emails show. Rossi and the Third Parties do not even bother to refute this. And except in some active imaginations, there is no obvious no need for the steam.

    Fake company, fake product, fake need, yet the judge keeps the suit on track. Hmmm, I am scratching my head too. I can see why so many settle. The process is a crap shoot, and Rossi seems to understand that well. After all, he has a lot of experience with legal systems, and it seems he is playing it well so far. Well maybe not so well, as the judge has not dismissed IH's counter against he, Penon, and Johnson.

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    Just for the people who don't understand , it seems Fraudulent inducement is :


    A successful fraudulent inducement claim requires a claimant to establish that it “reasonably relied” upon promises of future conduct made by another party.

    Anyway, as I understand the judge don't state on what is true or false, but what is legally self-coherent or legally incoherent.

    It seems the erased claims were not coherent, and that the fraudulent inducement can be defended/considered/questioned from given evidences.

    Jury will state. "Be patient Grasshopper!"

    PS: we should question ourselves, individually, if we were not victim of Fraudulent inducement by someone about LENR claims. Did you "reasonably relied" upon "promises" of future conduct by "someone else"... and now feel fooled? E

  • My high-level impression about IH vs. Rossi case is, USA government realized the practical importance of the ECat finding and it doesn't want to lose grip and profit of cold fusion, especially at the case of foreign, i.e. italian technology. Just from this reason the US patent application of A. Rossi has been delayed for years, whereas way more vague patents of NASA and others were granted smoothly. Even the famous photo of A. Rossi bellow USA flag means something: the USA doesn't want to lose an impression before public, that the ECat is American technology.

    Now, when A. Rossi attempted to lose this grip and to take away the ECat licence from Industrial Heat, he will face prejudiced judge, once the accusation of Fraudulant Inducement will get accepted, because I don't think, A. Rossi didn't fool IH willingly in this matter. His weak point is in promises of various "strategical partnerships", which later waned, because the investors changed their opinion. This situation with "unknown secret customer" did happen with A. Rossi many times before and we all know, that A. Rossi never sold anything.

  • Count III states that "Rossi & J.M. Products fraudulently induced Industrial Heat to enter into the agreement to move the plant to J.M. Products in Florida by falsely representing that J.M. Products was a manufacturing company with real commercial use for the steam power generated by the Plant."

    This is rather funny evasion, because IH originally dismissed the case with evasion, it doesn't believe in ECat technology. Now, when it realized, it may lose the case just because of it (why to fight for license for technology, which allegedly doesn't work?) it changed its reasoning and it doubts the A.Rossi promises regarding the J.M. Products partnership. If the judge wouldn't be complete imbecile or biased on behalf of USA government, he would dismiss this fraudulent inducement claim with respect to its lack of substance - but this is not gonna to happen, because this court is American one.