Rossi vs. Darden developments [CASE CLOSED]

  • This is beside the original IH lab in NC. R shipped it from Italy with loaded reactors on top of the shipping container. Wondered for a while why in the world the most secret formula / tradesecret would be allowed to ride on a cargo ship and enter US customs with loaded reactors on top. Rossi never fired it up in NC. It is still in the possession of IH. The side picture that Para somehow possesses is from an adjacent property and is private property (deep into the private property actually).

    So Rossi had a system that he claimed to have worked in Italy at IMW for some manufacturer.

    He never was able to get a working reactor to IH's satisfaction.

    And yet never turned the ones he brought over on even after apparent "failure" in NC.

    It seems like he would have brought them to bear on his verification difficulty at NC instead of waiting years to start something in FL.

    But then if he never had anything in/on that original shipping container....

  • Strangely enough Google still haven't captured the virtual tour inside the container...

    Oh, but they will though. It is just a matter of time. See: "The Googling":

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  • I mentioned about 6 months ago the old blue box could be seen with Google Earth, but I guess there were more interesting things to discuss...

    The stupid fake 3D needs to be disabled to see it any good. I used an archived version of the old Google maps to get best results. You can do the full circle of views of the box when in the back lot, but not to much to learn from it, other than there it was once upon a time.

    And that red truck with the tool box and pet carrier was there, and at Doral. Almost equally un-useful.

    Slightly more interesting is that Penon seems to have been at Doral on Feb 11, 2016.

  • I think that one answer is that part of the catalyst (a vague term that could cover actual elements or processes) is the pre-hydrogenation of the fuel utilizing reverse spillover catalysts such as platinum or palladium. If before the use of LiAlH4 or even before when hydrogen tanks were being used, someone had done something like stole a reactor and analyzed the contents, I don't think that would have guaranteed them the ability to reproduce the effect. They might have figured out the elements used in the actual active reactor (such as nickel, LiAlH4, or Li), but they would not have been able to figure out how the fuel was pre-processed and pre-hydrogenated. So shipping the one megawatt plant with the reactors on top wasn't too huge of a risk. It was a risk, but I think by that time some parties already knew of his use of lithium.

    It is becoming more and more clear to me that the most critical aspect of ALL LENR technology involving metal and hydrogen is getting the hydrogen into the metal and creating the optimal reaction sites inside the lattice (dislocations, defects, voids, cracks, etc.) If these are not created, any additional know how will be of limited or no use. Since nickel it is much more difficult to get hydrogen to absorb into nickel at reasonable pressures and temperatures, the use of atomic hydrogen via reverse spillover catalysts like palladium and platinum offer a potential shortcut. If someone takes the time to check out the non-LENR literature, the absorption of atomic hydrogen takes place rapidly.

    Interestingly, I checked out the the tensile strength of palladium and nickel. The figures on different websites are not all the same, but nickel has approximately twice the tensile strength of palladium. I think this means that if you can create the appropriate hydrogen bubbles or clusters, that you can push their pressure higher in nickel than palladium before damaging the NAE. This may allow for the effect to be stronger.

  • Quote

    The nickel also provides a container for the metallic hydrogen in cavities to be stored, transported and loaded into the reactor.

    There is no experimental evidence for it. Do you have some - or you're just pushing some random theory here again?

    most critical aspect of ALL LENR technology involving metal and hydrogen is getting the hydrogen into the metal and creating the optimal reaction sites inside the lattice

    This is better, but also not completely true - we already know about cold fusion running at the surface of molten lithium only. This reaction requires the activation barrier as high as 0.5 kVolt. And of course it doesn't involve any metallic hydrogen, which just has nowhere to form there.

  • I mentioned about 6 months ago the old blue box could be seen with Google Earth,

    Great, beautiful photos. The 1MW Plant seems very close to its natural environment (the bin)

    It seems that Paradigmnoia accurately located the old blue box at 35.893323° -78.749139°.

    Oh ho guys what a sharp eye ! Just for my curiosity how can you be so sure that what you see from google is the actual blue box.

    Have you any idea of how many blue containers there are ?

    • Official Post

    Thank you Eric Walker

    That is a lot of material!

    New pictures from the facility in Doral. Especially the ceiling of it.

    Interesting that Fabiani seems to have delayed the delivery of the excel sheet with the raw measurement data for months! He also seems to have rejected his last check by doing so?

    Did he ever deliver that data in the end?

  • The Exhibits seem to be the same, except for a few new ones added.

    Fabiani agreement extension starting Sept 2015 would appear to be enough to keep him in the case, as long as the Court agrees. (edit: is that even new?)

    (The ceiling of Doral pictures, and Fabiani data delay are old stuff)

    Edit: I should go over these last couple of exhibits in more detail, and read through the proposed amended answer properly.

  • In other documents, Rossi was ordered to provide discovery to which he had objected. I will be reviewing this in detail. One order requires him to provide all test data for his devices:

    Plaintiffs’ production of documents in response to Request No. 1 shall include

    documents relating to testing performed on the E-Cat or using E-Cat technology (or technology related to or derivative of the E-Cat technology), including testing performed subsequent to February 15,2016.

    That could include Quark-X, or was Quark-X entirely independent, a completely new discovery or invention by Rossi? Mr. Rossi not gonna lika this. (Even if it were independent, it would likely be “competing technology” which is covered by the Agreement. But it is unlikely to be completely independent.)

  • Thank you Eric Walker

    That is a lot of material!

    Yes, thanks Eric!

    Here's an initial summary from what I make of the new documents:

    122 - IH gives Notice of Filing. (The filing is contained in 122-1)

    122-1 - IH’s Proposed Order on Discovery (this is what they hope the court will order)

    A point of interest here is that IH emphasizes in 4)


    ... [Rossi] shall include documents relating to testing…, including testing performed subsequent to February 15, 2016.

    I mentioned this in an earlier post - that Rossi seemed very resistant to providing data after mid February.

    123 - Court’s actual Order on Discovery. The court grants IH’s proposed Order in it’s entirety, adding an additional requirement that IH provide ‘Bates numbering’ (which is simply adding a unique page number to each page provided), in their responses to Rossi’s interrogatories 8,9,12,13.

    It’s a bit strange to me that the court order was made 1/27/2017 stating that Rossi produce the answers ‘by January 13, 2017’, but so it goes.

    124 IH's Motion to File Fourth Amendmended Answer against Third Parties

    This is the ‘meat’ of the filings. In this filing IH requests that the court allow them to amend their counter-claims (124-1 Exhibit A is the proposed Amendment 4) to address defects that resulted in the court denying IH’s Counts IV and V against the third parties JMP, Johnson, Fabiani and Bass. IH states that the amendments are limited solely to Counts III to V and ‘does not contain any new legal theories, new causes of action, or any new allegations…”. Rather, they state that the requested Amendment 4 includes additional evidence to support their claims (aka ‘Counts’) III - V.

    IH notes that this is the first time the court has dismissed any of IH’s claims, and provides case law essentially showing that courts are supposed to allow a good-faith amendment to claims if they are initially denied.

    IH then summarizes the allegations in Amendment 4 that they claim provide the additional evidence to support their Counts. For Count IV, which is a FDUTPA claim, IH alleges:

    • Fabiani provided false electrical input data for the plant which was the basis for performance. (They site documents from Florida Power and Light)

    • JMP’s deceptive acts to move the plant to Florida resulted in actual damages, including the costs for transportation and costs for repairs and maintenance of the plant.

    For Count V, (breach of contract with Fabiana/USQL), IH provides evidence of a signed, written contract renewal and email from Fabiani showing that Fabiani’s contract with IH expired on March 31, 2016, not the original end date of August 31, 2014.

    The rest of the legal narrative in 124 gives arguments for why the court should allow IH to amend their claims by providing the additional allegations and evidence.

    124-1 Is the entire amended claims.

    124-2 through 124-30 are the exhibits

    124-31 is IH’s Proposed Motion to allow them to file amendment 4.

    I'll look into the details regarding the additional evidence in a separate post.

  • In a flight over the documents the following might be a quick summary sorted according to importance!

    (most of the exhibits are duplicates)

    1 IH now claims that the original 24h validation test for the 10 mio. Payment has been done incorrectly.


    This has serious implications: If you could have noticed fraud with a reasonable amount of investigation (just reading the test report..), then any complaint there after is void! This does not mean that AR is not a fraudster. This only means that IH can't get anything out of this (10 mio.) by a (counter-) complaint.

    2 Tax evasion: IH confirms that they shifted all patents in a Netherlands company...

    3 Many crucial points of Rossi patents were denied, because R.Mills patented most of it years ago...


    4 IH did never pay (missing consulting contract) for the final report and thus all E-cat data (if it existed ever..) is now in the hand of IH, - was never handed over to Fabiani/Penon.

    5 Only one IH counter complaint survived (but shaky ..)

    Final conclusion: Unless AR is able to present real evidence of a customer-manufacturing process, he will never get 89 mio..

    On the other side: IH will never get back any money, because intentionally doing business with fraudsters excludes the right of any refunds... The only chance for IH to get money back is very cumbersome; The can sue individuals, which just helped the fraudsters, but that are peas they will pick up...

    Thus: There is only one reasonable outcome of this dooms day party: Stopping the money squandering for layers and settle in an honest way...

    And what interests us most: Unless an older Penon report appears, we will never see any result of test runs of the 1MW machine, because IH owns the data!

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