Rossi vs. Darden developments [CASE CLOSED]

  • I think we should all be very careful about jumping to conclusions, and particularly careful about how any of this evidence is interpreted. Views of both pro and anti-AR posters here have been contaminated with what is now fashionably referred to as 'fake news'. I am sure that members/contributors on both sides of the Florida fence can think of examples. This is a huge pity IMHO, and we should all try to guard against it. So, if you think something should be pointed out, let's please have quotes and links to your info. It will help enormously to keep the temperature at it's proper level. Unsubstantiated allegations about any aspect of this affair - from any direction - may be moderated.

  • Alan wrote that "fake news" had become fashionable

    Macquarie dictionary has voted 'fake news' as the word for 2016

    edging out 'halal snack pack' in Australia


    What's the bet that 2017 will be even fakenewser than 2016

    the temperature in Sydney was 39 degrees today..following the hottest January on record

    I am all in favour of global chilling on the Rossi-IH discussion

  • Monty - so nice of you to show up at the party. The bounty of evidence in support of IH is overwhelming. The Ecat, 1MW and "Customer" systems

    are not what Rossi represented to IH or his adoring followers. Rossi has chosen US Federal Court for this battle and must somehow think that he can fake his way past the Judge and a jury. That is where you and others will also learn the fraud side of the story. My guess now is that Rossi and his lawyers somehow believe they can win the battle by trying to keep damning evidence from being introduced into the courtroom but this is not Italy and the IH side has done a better job than the Italian prosecutors in preparing the arsenal for that fight. There is too much evidence in support of IH and virtually none that supports Rossi outside of his fabricating players and actors. Proof of his massive scheme is in hand and Rossi's chances of legally prevailing are exponentially shriveling away. Planet Rossi will continue to try and spin based on misplaced guidance from their leader. I still find it stunning that Rossi put the macro FPL and monthly Penon data into evidence yesterday to try and keep Fabiani out of the case. This clearly shows how he is thinking these days and how his attorneys may not really understand what they are up against. Note that he conveniently left off the "cover page" of Penon's report. Some day you'll understand why.

  • Higher steam temperature is required for overcoming the pressure drop across 40DIN pipe, objected with Penon in Exhibit 5

    For realistic pipes, much higher, or the "steam" is in fact liquid phase and there is no evidence for COP. So 103 vs 101 makes no difference.

    @THHuxleynew: Everybody can think what he wants but Rossi put this up as evidence. That means if this is fabricated or made up he will face severe consequences. So my first impression is that there is no fraud involved unless somebody can proof otherwise. Let's see if IH has anything to put up against these claims. I bet Dewey is very interested as well ;)

    As you say, everyone is entitled to their own view. My point is that putting something wrong - even badly wrong - up as evidence does not itself imply fraud. Look at Lugano where the IR calorimetry - badly wrong - was a mistake and there is no reason to think it was not genuine. Levi#'s reply to Mats shows that people can go on genuinely believing wrong things even when challenged. It is human nature.

    I'm not arguing that Rossi was, or was not, fraudulent, merely that the correctness of his evidence is a separate issue from whether or not he was fraudulent.

    For example in science, when somone makes an eye-catching claim, it is treated with suspicion until validated. If found to be incorrect no-one views the person responsible as fraudulent. They just got it wrong. Non-scientists, like Rossi, are more likely to get things wrong.

  • After Planet Rossi finishes cornering or fooling themselves with the steam and temp re-hash / speculation, they're going to have to resolve the heat output with the understanding that Rossi's claimed 1MW energy production had now where to go. If R's system would have been working as advertised, the noise and heat would have made that part of Doral famous in several capacities.

  • Zeph whips out another ripsnorter tactic from the Planet Rossi playbook. I guess I should have realized that we were so close to the bone and heck - that is becoming a reliable signal response. BTW - that usually co-travels with cries for moderation.

  • And I thought it's about the trial between Rossi and IH in this thread. I think I wait for what else comes to light in the trial. Have a nice one Dewey ;) Always entertaining to talk to u.

  • Quote

    During the 350 days of operation, the ERV will visits to the plant with a frequency approximately

    four months in order to verify the configuration of the system and the measuring chains and make evaluations of Multiple Energy

    Who logged the daily 9pm values if only Rossi was in the plant? Maybe Colette?

  • It would be hilarious if the pressure transducer was reporting 0V all the time because it was operated above its range of up to 85C (as others have pointed out already).

    model PX 309—100A5V

    No matter if this is a big hoax or if Rossi has the real thing. It really amaze me how this test can be set up in such an amateurish way. Considering it was supposed to be the base for a transfer of $89,000,000.

  • LENR Calender are you sure about that model number?

    model PX 309—100A5V and not something like PX309-100GV a guage pressure meter.

    note the G and A.

    That is an absolute gauge. So if it was being read as 0 bars then there would be 0 pressure, not even atmospheric.

    It would be a vacuum!

    if the 100A5V was read as 0,I would think there was a major problem with the wiring (5V supply or short or something)

    I would think with so much on the line, they would be using redundant measures.