Rossi vs. Darden developments [CASE CLOSED]

  • Peter - go check your history. The onslaught of insults and lies started in April 2016 and coincided, in fact even seemed to be coordinated, with the filing of the lawsuit.

    Planet Rossi was a spewing machine but the outlets and offenders have slowly been educated / picked off with facts. There are not as many of you as there were before.

    In fact, there are hardly any real identifiable people left defending Rossi. Maybe you should think about that over the weekend while you ponder this riddle:

    Who's quote is this and what was he thinking? “Organic wastes, exposed to changes in pressure and temperature, have been transformed into oil; perhaps, imitating this process, you can get oil from waste.”

  • Paid consultant, investor, what's the difference? We all knew that Dewey Weaver had a financial stake in this matter. I happen to value his statements about the trial. There is insider information there for us outsiders although you do have to work to separate the wheat from the chaff. (There is also entertainment value in his inimitable style.) I have no stake in this at all other than as an outside follower of Rossi's saga for the past 6 years. My biggest fear is that there is an out of court settlement and we never find out what happened. So far I am pleased that IH is continuing with this despite huge costs and I hope they do not settle out of court. I want to know if the E-Cat works.

  • Peter:


    One who writes lies, slander, libel, uses aliases to try and control narrative, uses puppets to demean others and perpetual partial truths, dupes and plys journalist, bloggers, scientist with lies, etc...etc...etc....

    Which bit of this do you feel is so false? Perhaps if you state I could say why either it is clearly documented (for some bits) or why somone here might reasonably surmise it is true (for other bits).


    They cannot possibly accept that the other side could be telling the truth.

    This is about IH supporters, masters of insulting.

    In these matters either IH is lying, or Rossi is (or possibly, if you want logical completeness, both). Given what Rossi has done there is no win-win. So the idea that nicer IH supporters would accept all Rossi says as true is ridiculous.

  • A forum search of "dewey investor" is interesting.

    He was certainly happy to let everyone think he was just an aggrieved investor (and friend of Darden). And yes, I do think it's important whether he is an investor, or a paid insider.

    Here's Abd asking him a direct question Jun 7, 2016:

    Industrial Heat Files Motion to Dismiss Rossi Lawsuit


    Dewey, back up. Correct me if I'm wrong -- if you can, I fully understand that there are things you cannot disclose. You are an investor (in Cherokee Partners?) -- something like that. As such you may have some access to inside information. But you are not an officer of IH or of Cherokee and do not represent them, and may not know every detail.

    and his answer :

    Industrial Heat Files Motion to Dismiss Rossi Lawsuit


    Abd - I hate to keep repeating this but I can only share so much detail at this stage of the legal battle with Rossi. First of all, Cherokee and IH are separate legal entities. Second, I'm a shareholder in IH, not Cherokee. Third, I've been involved in investing with Darden for over 16 years and know the man very well. He is an incredible visionary, a great leader and a cause-oriented investor. He puts everything that he has into solving big problems.

    OK ... he didn't actually lie .... because Abd didn't ask the right question.

    Here's THHuxley (or whoever) on May 4, 2016

    Cutting Through the Fog Surrounding the Rossi/IH Dispute (Josh G)


    Well Dewey claims to be an investor and therefore privy to more info than us - but not an IH super-insider. And his very imperfectness, for me, is plausible. Take what he says with a pinch of salt as always, and ignore his speculation, as always. But while you can make a story for the facts he has brought to the table being lies the simplest case (usually true) is that they are more or less true.

    .. but not an IH super-insider ..

    Happy to let that slide by, too. He IS an IH super-insider.

  • And I accidentally came across this question by Paradignoia , also May 4, 2016

    Cutting Through the Fog Surrounding the Rossi/IH Dispute (Josh G)

    Answer :



    Mat Lewan Meets Rossi in Sweden, Rossi Bidding on Factory For QuarkX Production


    Thomas - the outlet temp was 100.1C for every day the test was running. Rossi forgot to adjust his cut and paste data for the days that he claims his system was down for maintenance or inspection. I'm telling you this is some kind of special machine.

  • My opinion:

    This is a discussion about a fake "technology"-setup with faked "measurement"-data.

    Now, nearly reaching 2000 posts.

    Trying to solve a puzzle that can't be solved from a scientific view.

    Leads to insulting and ranting, with sometime offending speech.

    But keep on, I'm somehow addicted to it.

    Rossi might have a lot of fun, if he is reading this thread ...

  • Am I the only one here who senses a similarity here to what happened to P and F shortly after their 1989 experiment. First they said it wasn't scientifically possible. Then the news came that it couldn't be replicated (even though it was in several instances) and finally the accusations that they had faked everything (sound familiar). I wonder how much of this is professional jealousy from some of these scientific minds that they were beat to the punch by such as Rossi, or P and F.

  • What's going on with Peter's writing style over the past 12 hours?

    Perhaps English isn't his first language just like Rossi. Have we sunken to the level here of ridiculing a learned man simply because he is of another nationality. Personally I think he is doing fine and have no problem understanding what he is saying, unlike Dewey who seems to speak in riddles half the time.

  • I see this as confirming a complete conflict of interest for Dewey Weaver concerning anything he says on this forum.

  • Well, Rossi alleging that Dewey is paid by IH to assassinate his reputation is understandable - though if so I'm pretty sure Dewey could find more profitable assignments and IH could find more effective assassins. So like many RossiSays it has blog plausibility but looks flaky when closely examined.

    I prefer Dewey's story that he is here unpaid to defend his friends against the monstrous allegations of a known liar whose cause is nevertheless championed by many here. Either way I don't think Deweys' posts win any hearts and minds - but they are good fun!

    If he is indeed head of Deep River then he is definitely being paid by IH.

  • Dewey is an interesting guy. Shows up at ICCFs, gives speeches, lunches with the players (picks up the tab I hope?). Runs around Europe with a pocket full of cash to hand out to LENR hopefuls, confirms IH has not yet committed to hosting ICCF21 in important guy, and LENR player no doubt. Yet he posts here and you just can not read his immature posts and envision him as someone of importance, but he is. Go figure. This LENR story has been unusual since I got involved, so I am getting used to the surprises.

    That said, Dewey seems more perturbed than usual the last few days. I hope it is not because he thinks Rossi may have maneuvered IH into settling? That IMO, as many have said, no matter ones stance, would be bad, very bad.

  • You need to stop implying that Dewey Weaver is a trollbot operating for IH/Cherokee under the umbrella of plausible deniability they set up at the start of the trial, when stating that the only communication from them will be official, which means that people should disregard hearsay or others seemingly speaking in IH/Cherokee's name

    But isn't that exactly what he is? A trollbot. It seems so obvious now.

  • But isn't that exactly what he is? A trollbot. It seems so obvious now.

    That's an interesting perspective, as after 7 years of observing Rossi, I have such a different perspective. It's obvious to me that Rossi is a fraud who has harmed dozens and dozens of people (at least) with his lies. Dewey, as an investor and 'insider' with IH has no doubt experienced some significant loss because of Rossi. So it seems obvious to me that his comments stem from that.

    I don't know how you can reconcile Dewey as 'trollbot' with Dewey as a person with more direct knowledge of IH and Rossi than any of us posting here.

    Or is your definition of 'trollbot' any person who persistently disagrees with you?

    Can you name anyone else with more direct/inside information than Dewey? The only other person who posts on this site that I can think of would be Jed. Perhaps you think Jed is a 'trollbot' too?