Rossi vs. Darden developments [CASE CLOSED]

  • I am waiting to see Rossi enter as evidence something like a signed email from IH that says..... Sure we'll forget what you signed about Doral being just a 2 year sale of heat and will call this the GPT anyway and you don't even have to have the ERV take the measurements, just copy what ever data you think up and write it down, you don't even have to follow the Test plan and use the equipment Penon said he would use- after all their specs are not up to the temperatures and rates anyway.

    Yah, like that is going to happen.

  • Suppose all goes to CF energy production and 100W/g are attained (1 W/g is more realistic now. Cf will generate then) 200,000,000x 100= 20,000, 000,000W that is 0.02 TW was calculated with 100 W/g

    ...OK, has PdD a commercial future? Y/ N

    The first nuclear reactor used 50 tons of uranium and uranium oxide, and put out 0.5W...

    It gets boring after a while which is why I like to take a rest from time to time.

    Welcome to the daftest thread on the internet. There's more mindless bitching and pointless verbiage here than on the entire website...

  • Okay, I ran the numbers for Pd-D cold fusion and started a new thread, "Palladium cold fusion as an energy source." These are very rough estimates with a broad range of starting assumptions, as you see.

    Palladium cold fusion as an energy source

    I should have given more credit to Martin Fleischmann, who talked me through this issue many years ago. He was an expert on palladium. Plus, he won the Palladium Medal from the electrochemical society, which couldn't have been more appropriate!

    (I don't know what metal the medal is made of.)

  • It gets boring after a while which is why I like to take a rest from time to time.

    You are correct. I normally do not let myself get pulled into these situations, where it has become more faith than fact. It has moved from debate to simply baseless argument. I need to pull out for a while as well!

    With that, a few points to ponder! :thumbup:

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    :) Everybody have a good weekend......

  • IFHB,

    Any thoughts on this?

    It falls within the mantra: if you repeat it enough times, maybe they will believe you. For example, if you say "fake data" a hundred times, in a hundred different ways, maybe you will bring some on board. The only weird part that I see is the latter half of November, and that will need to be explained. And I can think of any number of ways in which it could. Otherwise, it looks like real data to me, with a real varying load. For anyone who has ever collected data knows, there will be some consistency from day to day. Once a system is dialed in and performing in a stable manner, you won't see huge variations. Jed and others would like you to believe otherwise, but I question whether they have had sufficient experience to recognize fake data from real.

  • Um, yeah. I'll be straight up: this is the first time that I've seen evidence that Darden was sincere in his motives, at least initially. It seems to have taken a dark turn, however, when it appears that Darden sicced some Israelis on Levi and possibly others... what the? Then our very own Dewey messing around with the Swedish profs with some veiled threats. Wow. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

  • Looks interesting... Quite an opening paragraph:


    1. The pleadings of Defendants Thomas Darden, Industrial Heat, LLC, and IPH

    International B.V. are hereby stricken, with prejudice, for engaging in bad faith litigation,

    including the attempted bribery and coercion of witnesses.

    I haven't bothered looking at all this arcane stuff before: Is 167-01 something the judge has ordered, or that Rossi is asking for?

    • Official Post


    What an understatement! Rossi has gone off the deep end:

    Defendants, through their agents, are tampering with witnesses and/or otherwise harassing

    individuals in abuse of the judicial process. Plaintiff, Dr. Andrea Rossi, may currently be under

    consideration by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for a Nobel Prize related to his E-Cat

    technology – the same technology that is the subject matter of the present lawsuit. Defendants in

    this case have known this fact for some time, even sharing this information with their

    investors/potential investors (See Ex. 1). During times relevant to the matters in this action, several

    professors from accredited universities throughout Europe, including Dr. Giuseppe Levi and Dr.

    Bo Hoistad, had previously tested Dr. Rossi’s technology, and co-authored a report validating its

    efficacy (See Ex. 2, the “Lugano Report”). Defendants not only dispute the efficacy of the

    technology, but also, by extension, the Lugano Report – and this is a pivotal issue for Defendants’

    case. Defendants and/or their agents, including but not limited to Dewey Weaver and Uzi Sha

    (and upon information and belief, their purported attorney, Zalli Jaffe), have harassed, threatened

    and attempted to bribe these professors into withdrawing their support of the Lugano Report – all

    in an attempt to damage the reputation of Dr. Rossi, make less likely his ability to receive the

    prestigious Nobel Prize, and materially impact the evidence introduced in the present case. Such

    harassment and threats are abusive, made in bad faith, and are quite possibly criminal in nature.

    Plaintiffs request that this Motion be filed under seal pursuant to Local Rule 5.4, as further

    publicity regarding this matter may further harm Dr. Rossi’s chances of receiving the Nobel Prize.

    I really do not think this will go on much longer. It is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Amazing Rossi's lawyers have not yet dismissed themselves. They must either be beholden to him in some way, or desperate for the money.

  • The discussion about the alumina and plug are interesting.

    The Lugano report claims that the sample was collected from one of the ridges, not the plug.

    "In order to determine the nature of the material covering the reactor, a sample from one of the ridges was analyzed."

    (underlining added)

    - first sentence, Appendix 2, Lugano report

    "From the analyses performed on the sample taken from the reactor, we determined that the material constituting the outer shell is 99% pure alumina (Appendix 2); better yet, that impurities, if present, are below the experimental limit of measurement."

    -page 8, Lugano report

  • Reading the Levi stuff I am reminded of this:

    Durapot 801 is 99% Alumina. 810 is (from memory) Alumina and Magnesium Oxide with a trace of Zinc Oxide.

    Alan - We know that the Bologna University folks have kept their integrity so there are no questions or concerns there - I have no doubt that they tested and reported on material that was delivered to them by Levi. Taking it from there, what part of the story would you like adjust from a Durapot 810 reactor at Lugano to 99% pure alumina material test result with Levi as the middleman per his own words?Dewey,

    Was the analytical test by X-Ray diffraction? If so, what does an X-ray look like if you take say 80% crystalline material and mix it with 20% amorphous material of similar density? Won't the amorphous material just elevate the background and the spectrum be dominated by the crystalline material? Alumina has many different diffraction spectra. What phase was identified? When you say 99% pure what does that mean - 99% of what you can see? It is like saying some metal is 99.99% pure but only relative to what was analyzed and the precision and sensitivity for various impurities.

    And this possibly tasty morsel:

    The Playground

  • I haven't bothered looking at all this arcane stuff before: Is 167-01 something the judge has ordered, or that Rossi is asking for?

    Rossi is asking for this.

    Item 160 was another thing Rossi asked the judge to order. Item 163 was from the judge saying, "no, I will not order that." Her response to this new item 167-01 has not been posted yet.