Rossi vs. Darden developments [CASE CLOSED]

  • @Zeus46

    A bit hypocritical of Dewey to suggest Levi was somehow committing a malfeasance when it was Darden himself who has allegedly sent some Israeli buddies over to Italy in an attempt to ply and bribe Levi. This just keeps getting stinkier and stinkier.

  • Except that you have Levi, declaring under penalty of perjury, that what Rossi's lawyers have laid out, actually happened. Not sure we can just sweep this behavior under the rug.

    As far as I can tell, he just reported several inferences about the "Israeli's" intentions. It is conspiratorial thinking.

    Given that AR tends to point the finger at others for what he is doing, one might speculate that he has been engaged in harassment, intimidation, and bribery during the course of the suit. It looks like the whole thing is just like the 1MW plant--it is nothing more than a massive show and distraction. Aren't you impressed with all of the exhibits and claims made? Surely someone wouldn't go through all that effort unless it was true. AR would. Well, at least he would get someone else to do all the work and pretend to be working 18 hours a day.

    • Official Post

    Having read it all now, I can say this is one of the more interesting stories I have ever had the privilege to watch unfold. Just amazing.

    Levi still standing by Lugano, felt pressured by some Jewish investors (Levi is Jewish) his rabbi connected to him, or something like that. Our own Dewey again in the picture, this time being deposed about his contacting, and apparently scaring the Swedish profs from Lugano. Even our own Alain and LENR-Forum are in the new exhibits. The Lugano reactors paint, and reactor body composition discussion recently discussed here, initiated by Dewey, is also in there almost verbatim.

    Document 167-02, to me is the most important though. It involves some exchange between Darden, Tom Sloan and a Watkins, but the meat of the document seems to be an email from Darden to himself (?) from 2014 (pre-GPT). Anyways, in the email it is apparent that Lugano was really not independent at all, as most of the professors only threaten to drop in unexpectedly...I assume to keep Rossi on his toes. But Rossi and Fabiani were there the whole time it appears.

    More importantly in 167-02 for us here interested in LENR, and contradictory in some ways to a recent Deweysays, Darden recounts some success with the Ecat in mid 2013, and on a few occasions some explosions, or melting, that could not be explained. So by the sounds of it, what many of us have speculated for a long time...that Rossi has something, but it is unreliable, and not of the magnitude he claims, may be the silver lining to this story. Nothing however, that would in anyway satisfy the agreement requirements for the GPT and entitle him to the $89 million.

    But Rossi expecting the Nobel, and this may derail that... LOLs. Nothing I read could justify his thinking he is a candidate, other than sheer lunacy.

  • Dewey reckons the Lugano report says the sample was taken from the plug, not the ridges. According to 167-08 at least.

    I guess IH didn't fancy trying to explain Tom Clarke's incisive emmisivity paper to a bunch of lawyers. (No sarcasm intended).

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  • There was an old PC game released in 1984 entitled: The Ancient Art of War. It was a progressive textual game with some rudimentary graphical icons. The IH/Rossi story reminds me much of that game. And as the great Sun Tzu once said: "All war is deception...when strong, feign weakness, when weak, feign strength." I think both IH/Dewey and Rossi have this strategy down pat.

  • Say, Dewey, your theory about the plug. Is it your position that all of the authors of the Lugano report lied when they wrote:

    (Thanks Para for pulling these cites.)

    "In order to determine the nature of the material covering the reactor, a sample from one of the ridges was analyzed."

    (underlining added)

    - first sentence, Appendix 2, Lugano report

    "From the analyses performed on the sample taken from the reactor, we determined that the material constituting the outer shell is 99% pure alumina (Appendix 2); better yet, that impurities, if present, are below the experimental limit of measurement."

    -page 8, Lugano report


    Let me guess. You think Levi tricked them all and instead of sending the sample that they took from the outer shell, he did a switcharoo and sent the plug to the University for analysis instead. At least that way you can narrow the number of people involved in your conspiracy theory.

  • Darden's report in 167-2 is very interesting.

    It discusses Rossi's preoccupation with a Nobel prize (without refuting it, given the actors).

    They admit that IR measurements are a problem. But they had several exploding devices (which are NOT identified as electrical problems).

    He confirms the QuarkX development, including "flashes of light".

  • Dewey reckons the Lugano report says the sample was taken from the plug, not the ridges. According to 167-08 at least.

    I guess IH didn't fancy trying to explain Tom Clarke's incisive emmisivity paper to a bunch of lawyers. (No sarcasm intended).

    I reckon the same thing. But the report states clearly otherwise. The exhibit transcript seems be somewhat confused, or is missing an important part that immediately followed the segment.

  • The judge refused to enter them under SEAL -- and therefore dismissed the motion as moot.

    So Rossi refiled the motion (and attachments) NOT under seal.

    The Order 163 says "2. The Motion for Sanctions [ECF No. 161] and its attached exhibits are STRICKEN."

    This (167 and attachments) seems to be that motion for Sanctions. Apparently it was re-filed, but why was it it stricken before, if it was the Motion to Seal that was denied?

    Maybe it is some Court procedural rule. I would have thought that the original 161 and attachments would have remained intact. Maybe they took some parts out?

  • Before I go to the effort, does the following approach make it easier to get to the latest documents?

    No, unfortunately not.

    On an IPad I don't get even that far to see that screen which you have posted.

    However, if I am the only one with this troubles, you don't have to put in any efforts to solve this issue.

  • Eric Walker ,

    I have been doing that for ages. I usually just click the arrow, to reverse the order of the files to latest first.

    Edit: On my Pad, It wants to Sort the files when I try the arrow, but it seems to work fine.

    Edit2: After a recent update to Adobe Reader, the actual PDF doesn't want to open in my Pad directly after selection (just keeps doing the circle thing), and I have to click near the top and Open in a New Tab to see the file, which opens more or less normally. I think it is something to do with my Google Drive set up.

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