Rossi vs. Darden developments [CASE CLOSED]

  • 215-03, page 368 (Murray again)

    "8· Q.· · And for lack of a better word, I think there

    9·were discrepancies between Fabiani's numbers versus the

    10·FP&L's numbers.· Do you have any reason to believe that

    11·that is a result of Mr. Fabiani manipulating the data

    12·that he was putting into his spreadsheets?

    13· A.· · At this point, I have no evidence of that


    15· Q.· · And do you anticipate any kind of work in the

    16·future between now and trial where you would come to a

    17·different conclusion?

    18· A.· · I can't say at this point because I think

    19·that there's a lot of data that's just becoming

    20·available.· For example, I think the raw data from

    21·Mr. Fabiani just became available, and I have not looked

    22·at that at all." (emphasis added.)

  • IHFB - Rossi slow-walked all of his discovery just so that he could get statements like this in deposition from honest people.

    What was actually provided was a mess and a sad joke. What was "destroyed" probably never existed in the first place.

    The other sad joke remains on the Rossi hopeful who continue to desperately believe there is something to his story behind an encyclopedia of lies. There is not - Rossi is the Father of Lies and only the deluded cannot admit to this right now.

  • I think the JMP situation will not look good before a jury, at all.

    This is only true if you know the rules of the game they play...

    ? There are many shades of grey here, well more than 50.

    Bob : isn't that to much substance for the type of posts you make??

    Here a nice Doral update. First from an inquiery a made a year ago, then from today.

    Why did nobody ask, what went on in the adjacent room to AR's factory, that has been sold 2014 and resold 2015?? and seemed to be unused?

    Further on there are new photos from the roof showing many more and larger openings, than seen before for AR's part...

    and possibly JM chemical was founded much earlier, but when and by whom?

  • Jed,

    Fanboy, (like most at ECW), just can't let it go, the grasping at straws was both predictable and expected.

    Soon, they will find another lame specification in an attempt to stave off the inevitable, the fact that they, as relatively smart people were "hoodwinked" by a scam artist, which is impossible

    Roseland67 Are you now or have you ever been associated with IH or any of its shell companies?

  • At this point I've come to discount just about every word written by you are Jed. You are both so clearly biased in favor of IH that your comments at best can only be considered in their humorous context, much like the writings of Mark Twain. M'thinks you doth protest too much.

  • Dewey,

    You are wound up too tight. Relax. The more I go through all the documents, the more confident I am that IH will win. Even with a second rate law firm...which JD is not, and the dumbest of jurors, the evidence is just so overwhelming.

    Just finished the James Stokes deposition; 207-52...yes I am slow. :) He is a Florida state radiation inspector, and inspected Doral accompanied by 2 detectives. He was followed around by Fabiani -the guy who thought Russia was more suitable for his lifestyle than Miami Beach after IH counter-sued, although the place is so small, Fabiani could be at the other end, and still appear like he was following. Anyways, Stokes has plenty of experience in manufacturing worksites, and of steam.

    Nothing in the JMP area he testified, other than small tools. No equipment one would associate with manufacturing. He was well aware of what 1MW was, and said no way there was that, nor 1/4 that taking place. Admitted it could have been 1/10th that. Steam coming out of one pipe was "pressurized steam", and not "high pressure".

    Odd he did not mention stumbling over Rossi's heat dissipation contraption running along the floor, up the steps, and out a window, or two, over the one office. Oh, and the office appeared totally unused.

    No problem though, because iHFB, and Just Another Troll living up to his name, have assured me Tesla did all this stuff too.

  • Wyttenbach ,

    I did not see any roof changes at 7861.

    The original neighbor used to be Tecnopack, and they had an opening between buildings, the two units on the end.

    I also looked at the front widows between 2013 and 2016. Crossbars always in the windows, so for sure the whole window wasn't removed.

    Edit: It is hard to see behind the tree in front of the window, but not impossible. There are literally dozens of photos from dozens of angles. The trick is to catch the reflection, showing the window panes were there.

  • according to Penon's test plan they were to be T type.

    Penon's temperatures (supposed to be daily minimums) are often around 0.8 C higher than Rossi's, up to 1.4 C higher, and also almost the same as Rossi's.

    The day in April where there was some sort of problem (nothing recorded ) is a day ahead on Rossi's sheet compared to Penon's. That is the same point where Penon's data catches up to Fabiani's, which was a day ahead.

  • Forget the roof Wyttenbach. Everyone who examined the small warehouse, even Rossi's own supposed expert (Dr. Wong), said they saw nothing there that could exhaust 1MW thermal. Only reason Dr. Wong thinks it plausible, is because he swallowed what Rossi said...that he (Rossi), with the help of some day laborers built a heat dissipation system from JMP's area, out through the second story. A system he never took pictures of, and no one noticed.

    Tell me, if you had a wooden housed piping running through your house, exhausting 1MW thermal out your bathroom window...would you need a hairdryer? ;)

  • Shane, now you made me have to go read 207-52. I'm pretty disappointed in your analysis. I haven't known you to FUD before.

    James Stokes testified that there was a container and piping on the JMP side, not just small tools. I think we all are aware of that by now.

    Stokes admitted that he had no ability to know how much or the temperature of the steam being produced:

    207-52, Page 210

    "13 Q. You also have no ability to know how much

    14 or the temperature of the steam being produced by the

    15 plant?

    16 A. That is correct."

    He wasn't there to investigate any of that. All he was doing was walking around with his Geiger counter--that's it. 207-52, Pages 95-96.

    As for the pressure, he said it wasn't high pressure, and when he had previously said "pressurized" he meant he had noticed a leak.

    207-52, page 169.

    "10 Q. You had used the word pressurized steam.

    11 A. Uh-huh.

    12 Q. What makes you state that? What do you

    13 mean by pressurized steam?

    14 A. Well, pressurized steam is going to give

    15 you a little bit of a hissing sound and it's going to

    16 get louder and louder and higher and higher in

    17 pressure and that was not high pressure steam but it

    18 was a steam leak.

    19 Q. So it wasn't high pressure steam, it

    20 wasn't --

    21 A. It wasn't something that would turn over

    22 a steam turbine, no."

    He didn't mention the heat exchanger on the second floor because he wasn't asked about it. In fact, the second floor isn't even mentioned in his deposition so he likely never even went up there.

    What is also interesting to me is we have a non-interested party testifying that there was steam.

  • Jed:

    It was under some pressure from the heat exchanger, so it was liquid water, not steam. Since there was no steam, and the flow rate was far lower than recorded, there was no excess heat.

    Jed again:

    There was no steam. The radiator (heat exchanger) must have produced some back pressure. Even with a slight increase in pressure, at 103 deg C the fluid would be water, not steam.

    Jed again:

    There must have been some back pressure from the heat exchanger. At these temperatures there was no steam; it was all liquid water.

    Disinterested state inspector: there was steam.

    207-52, page 169:

    4 Q. Now, stepping back for a moment back to

    5 you had mentioned, again, seeing steam coming out of

    6 one of the pipes --

    7 A. Uh-huh.

    8 Q. -- near the red shipping containers.

    9 A. Correct.

    [The "red shipping containers" refer to the e-Cat, see bottom of page 169.]

    207-52, page 169:

    "17 ... and that was not high pressure steam but it

    18 was a steam leak


    This is probably one of the most important depositions that we have on the record. Because we have been hearing the no phase-change FUD for a long time now. There was steam. And that is very important to know in untangling this mystery. It in fact makes it very difficult to claim that there was no excess energy, and in fact points to massive amounts of it.