Rossi vs. Darden developments [CASE CLOSED]

  • Peter Gluck I'm not posting much at the moment but I just wanted to say I whole heartedly agree with your sentiments in your post above.

    In addition Regarding your 1992 ideas the more I understand about the possible process the more I'm also coming round to think that the dynamics on the surface are particularly significant too. I think your right.

  • Rionrlty banned for two weeks. Take some time away, go read the newspaper, get some perspective, and perhaps some manners.

    You banned him for this?

    Rionrlty wrote:

    It seems to me that the Rossi haters here are beginning to foam at the mouth. I'm just not sure why they have become so rabid about putting down anyone who does not agree with them. It smacks of desperation on someone's part, perhaps IH's.

  • I've thought this all along and the evidence seems to grow rather than decline.

    I understand that Focardi and some other past tests were a basis of your belief in Rossi. I can understand that, as at one time, it was part of the reason I thought the eCat had a chance to be real as well. Those points are reasonable and I once agreed with them. :thumbup:

    However, lately you have posted that "evidence seems to grow rather than decline" on more than one occasion. Can you provide what evidence this is that is causing you to be more optimistic? I am not trying to be a "rear end" here, but truthfully would like to see what evidence you are considering in that light. I have read the court documents (most if not all, but certainly could have missed some points) but have seen nothing that increases the likelihood of the eCat working at all. Just the opposite in fact. The court evidence is overwhelmingly against eCat working at Doral.

    Outside the Doral drama, I have seen nothing to support the case either. Parkhamov has actually done further testing and shown his initial results were questionable and his more accurate testing shows less evidence than more. ME356 has shown absolutely nothing but teasers, so I put no weight on him until verified data actually comes out. Using ME356 as evidence counts no more than if I myself started posting "I have made excess heat". ME356 at this point is simply forum fodder.

    In contrast, others such as MFMP have openly conducted tests and shown no evidence to support the eCat at it's acclaimed power and COP. Rather, MFMP has shown that Lugano is seriously faulty, which was one of the biggest positives for the eCat.

    Again, I am just trying to understand what evidence you see lately as positive and am not being disrespectful here.

    Thank you.

  • Not that it really matters, but on public Internet servers (the real stuff, ie top 1M sites), Linux market share is more like 96%.…hare_of_operating_systems

    I should have been more clear in my original post in that I was attempting to convey an example where "money making strategy" succeeds over "open source" strategy, more so that Windows being the #1 OS. It is true that operating system dominance has evolved significantly over the past 25 years.

  • Dear Eric Walker

    Just to remind you that you have not banned

    Jed Rothwell and, especially, Dewey Weaver for some very nasty offenses and ugly wording.

    (I can send you a collection)

    I ask you to be fair and impartial- it comes a very

    eventful week- look please to Doc 226 for a start.

    With IHFB travelling, Riri and the Other troll banned, me having to write a LENR info blog-

    LENR Forum can organize a polyphonic chorus of IH faithfuls.

    The attractivity of the forum will suffer.

    Best wishes,


  • Peter,

    I will do what I can to keep this place from becoming a mud pit, as it devolved into last night (during the day, your time). This is not a cut and dry thing and requires a set of judgment calls which weigh what value a forum member has contributed in the past and might contribute in the future, the willingness of the forum member to engage in reasoned debate, and the proximity of the forum member to central players of the story, among other things. There were at least two additional shitposters from the thread last night that I did not ban but considered doing so, because the pros of doing nothing outweighed the pros of clearing up the air here. I wish no one would engage in ad hom, but we take a practical approach.

    It is true that my sympathies lie towards the IH side of this debate, and this probably weighs heavily on who comes across as nothing more than annoying to me. But there are other LENR Forum mods and admins whose sympathies are different than mine that provide a counterbalance. We support one another and we are all agreed that the level of conversation here can become undesirably low at times. So no trolls or troll wannabes are safe, no matter which side of the debate they fall.


  • I should have been more clear in my original post in that I was attempting to convey an example where "money making strategy" succeeds over "open source" strategy, more so that Windows being the #1 OS. It is true that operating system dominance has evolved significantly over the past 25 years.

    This I find interesting since it has been my business for the last ~23 years or so (kernel v0.99). In a ~near future we will think about energy in the same way we think about information. Not in kB / kWh but in Mbps / kW (ie bandwidth). This is disruptive on a general level and might have a influence on the discussion ( I wrote about it a year ago here:…06/blackswanascending.pdf) since energy is sort of the basis of everything (money, power, etc.). The "open source" aspect will eventually win (but many will be killed in the process) since it is <open> and distributes it to anyone who is able/ready or not violently stopped to receive it.

  • So as long as you are close to "the central players" it's allowed to post ad homs and throw shit around?

    Ah no. it's one thing amongst others. But these other things we will not speak of. It could upset people...

    Don't get me wrong Eric. I support your attempt to tidy up things around here.

    But right now your decisions might seem biased to quite some people...