Rossi vs. Darden developments [CASE CLOSED]

  • The domain is registered in the US (San Francisco CA.) maybe that there is another law, but I would prefer that no person, cooperation, or organisation is accused here as long as there is no judicial verdict.


    That sounds very much like encouragement of legal action against those speaking against Rossi. Bad boy! You guys must be really desperate to stoop so low.

    I have been on these talk forums for 20 years. That is an often used strategy to shut down conversation. Sometimes it works too, unfortunately. Not with me though, and doubtful with anyone else here. And Dewey will be on the stand soon testifying against Rossi...maybe Annesser can take advantage and throw in a libel charge against him for the nasty things he has said against Rossi here on LF.

    Anyways...I just lost a lot of respect for you.

  • But this is just one opinion among many.

    No, it isn't. It is well supported by the evidence in the lawsuit, on Rossi's web site, and in Lewan's book. An opinion supported by a mountain of evidence cannot be libel. It might eventually found to be incorrect despite the evidence, but it is still not libel.

  • Anyways...I just lost a lot of respect for you.

    This is the usual way as discrediting and depreciation of a person versus a community works...

    That is an often used strategy to shut down conversation

    ...and this is exactly the reason for this behavior, good analysis.

    *At the request of the admin and moderators team, I announce that this is my purely personal opinion.*

  • So, trying to make sense of the Fabiani data snippet (exhibit 5, recent file)...

    Does this show the Plant running (powered) until midnight of the 16th, and running hot until 10:30 am of the 17th? (Sorry, documents not with me right now).

    But this would be after the flow meter was in a box, and being fought over, photographed, etc., on the morning of the 17th... ?

  • Do you guys ever have anything you agree on??? I just want some new info now and then and have to weed through all this crap of you don't know no you don't know. Why don't the moderators make you guys do that in the playground. Not a one of you know anything more than I do and apparently none of you actually work on anything. Except keyboards. I wish bob and can could move over to ecat world. Sorry it just really suxxx! I know it is a forum for passing time.

  • I do not think so. I believe the other judge will decide this on May 28. Perhaps I misunderstand the documents.

    @Jed: Nicely said! Altonaga is the small one and O'Sullivan the big Daddy = Judge = the Court.

    And: Yes: He, O'Sullivan, decided everything - <no spoliation - no (severe) missconduct> - even the final date for all final filings!

    Just read DOCK 297.01 - takes some hours - 4 hours trans-script.

    But you will enjoy the windings of Mr. Pace, who tries to explain, why a huge law firm is not able to correctly structure legal matter and does appeal in time and invents claims after failed claims.

    On the other side you can enjoy how Annesser tries to amplify IH's miss-conduct, to imply some punishment.

    In fact, Annesser has good reason to appeal, just to give O'Sullivan a motivation to be well balanced.

    To make it celar: The miss-conduct of IH is far more damaging in front of a Jury, than any prior sanction. The only clear Rossi lie I see, is about the 1MW, which is at least 4 times to high.

    But unluckily for IH this is irrelevant for all contractual issues.

    Now we are back on square one: There is no more cheap way out for IH and I hope we will now soon see the real COP of the IH/AR reactor. As a Jury I would decide to run the plant in a certification LAB and if any COP measured is higher than the contract asks for, IH has to pay.

    Just a matter of poker. All or nothing for both sides.

  • Well, just for the record, I find the notion that some here actually support the idea that evidence-based, sincerely held perspectives should be squelched due to some countries' speech control utterly repulsive and appalling.

    That there is support for suppression of evidence-supported debate says a lot about an intolerant and socially regressive anti-free speech perspective.

    If that's truly the kind of society or forum you want, why not move to China or Russia or some other totalitarian regime and set up your controlled-speech echo chamber forum there, where you can safely agree with the totalitarian regime to all sorts of state-enforced error. In most totalitarian regimes, this is done in the name of 'progress', so you might even be able to delude yourselves about how righteous and progressive you are.

    My opinion about that perspective? Disgusting.

    That Rossi is a scammer is now incontrovertible based on non-disputed facts: Rossi admits that he controlled all aspects of JMP as regarding all activities in the Doral warehouse. But I certainly think that people who disagree with this should not be 'banned' or punished because they have a different perspective, especially if they have some thoughtful reasons why that they sincerely want to contribute to the discussion.

    But the evidence that Rossi is a scammer is not merely a matter of opinion, it is a matter of record based on agreed (by both Rossi and IH) facts established and recorded in a US Federal Court. Rossi scammed IH into signing the 'Term Sheet' by claiming JMP was controlled by Johnson Matthey when in fact it was controlled by Rossi. He furthered his scam and deception by claiming that JMP would not allow IH to find out more about it's connection to Johnson Matthey because Johnson Matthey would not permit it. In fact, Rossi signed the lease of the entire warehouse (but only after telling IH that JMP was a manufacturing facility in need of energy) and was in full control of both the E-Cat and the JMP device and all operations in the warehouse, according to his own sworn (and officially uncontested) testimony. In fact, Johnson Matthey had no involvement in JMP.

    Rossi also bragged about his scamming HydroFusion out of a contract clause regarding one of his tests. Rossi promoted his scam, which he found to be ingenious, characterizing it as a 'masterpiece' in an email to IH.

    What more evidence do you 'non-scammers' need?

  • Nicely said! Altonaga is the small one and O'Sullivan the big Daddy = Judge = the Court.

    On the contrary, Altonaga is the main judge. She can overrule O'Sullivan. He is the magistrate judge. That is, the assistant judge: "In the United States federal courts, magistrate judges are judges appointed to assist district court judges in the performance of their duties."

    I hope we will now soon see the real COP of the IH/ARreactor.

    We have seen it. It is right there in the Penon report, uploaded by Rossi himself. The data is fake. The instruments shown in the report could not detect any excess heat. That report plus the testimony from Rossi, Murray and Smith show that the real COP is 1. There is no excess heat. Anyone can see that. Rossi tacitly agrees, which is why he made up the nonsense about the invisible mezzanine heat exchanger.

    Surely you don't believe the mezzanine heat exchanger was real, do you?!? You are hopelessly naive and deluded if you do.

  • BTW, for those who like the idea that evidence-based speech should be subject to governance, I have a great idea: Go mount a political campaign to outlaw gravity. Then establish a totalitarian government to enforce the anti-gravity laws.

    Eliminating gravity will radically reduce the amount of energy needed for transportation, making your new regime the most efficient and powerful regime in the world. Just think, air travel would be free! (Except, then there wouldn't be air for very long, would there? Well, I'm sure you can add legislative details to make it all work.)

    This will win over the population of the world, because we all can universally agree that gravity sucks (literally). So outlawing gravity will no doubt solve all sorts of social ills, like poverty, inequality, labour exploitation, etc.

    If anyone dares to opine that gravity exists, the government can quickly nip that heretical thought in the bud by severely punishing that person as an example for all others regarding this anti-establishment, anti-social, and regressive notion.

    Then everyone can all live happily ever-after in the Brave New World.

    (With apologies to Aldous Huxley and inspirational credit to George Orwell)

  • If that's truly the kind of society or forum you want, why not move to China or Russia or some other totalitarian regime

    They do not even have to do that.

    Simply just go to! Mr. Ackland, the site owner has set the policy that no "continued" anti-Rossi posts will be allowed. Either sing his praises (long term) or be banned. He has done it repeatedly, including with me.

    The following types of comments are subject to moderation:

    • Comments that state openly or by implication that LENR/cold fusion/E-Cat is a fraud or hoax

    If there is no counter views, then there is only dictates! As in dictatorships. Want to have a good golf game? Go to North Korea where the big chief shot numerous holes in one playing his first game! Of course, if you dissent on that, he will shoot you with an anti-aircraft gun. =O…2004/ea_nkorea_06_16.html…vents-answering-back.html

    Yes, squelching free speech is really a wise thing! ..... not! :rolleyes:

  • I am also critical towards Rossis attitude that only the proprietary approach will succeed when it comes to moving the scientific world and bring LENR to the market. My opinion is that we are living more and more in a transparent society and this should be reflected in science as well.

    Avoiding the proprietary approach is what Dumas is doing in France with the "cavitation ball" of Peter Davey's fame
    He's working with different industrials developing their own devices, and a french official structure tried to collaborate with him to put his findings under a NDA, but he refused. Yet we're no closer to seeing a commercial "overunity" boiler in our homes, though it seems that some dedicated and technologically-savvy individuals reap the benefits of cheap heat after having built their own.

    Rossi's invention does not belong to the same category, you can't just screw a few bolts over metallic spheres to make an E-Cat or a Quark-X, plus there are the safety certifications. Maybe it's better he collaborates with industrials from northern countries, where people are traditionally honest, and have a lot of trouble lying, playing double games, and being enemies of science and mankind. It's just not in their DNA (cold climates, scarce resources in the past -> implying collaboration, low population: you just couldn't be scum and expect to live through the winter)

    For example, I doubt many a swede, norse or finn would stoop so low as to use bot softwares to post about sensible subjects on niche, yet key, forums... ;)

  • *At the request of the admin and moderators team, I announce that this is my purely personal opinion.*

    Is this really necessary? I hope the admin and moderators team reconsiders, because I find it distracting and unnecessary. I'm pretty sure we all know here that most of what is said is purely one's personal opinion.

  • .

    I don't know--just seems unnecessary. Mods are free to have opinions too, and I don't think they need to announce that.

    Even more unnecessary for a mod to allude to libel, against anyone that thinks Rossi is a criminal. IMO, LF took a big hit today because of Rends comments. Worse is that in this case his is an empty threat, but nonetheless the damage is done, and there will be those who will refrain from commenting as a result. Especially those that go by their real name. Shameful really.

    Can a mod be blocked?