Rossi vs. Darden developments [CASE CLOSED]

  • For example: LFH has contact with a Hollywood celebrity with millions of followers on his social media accounts, one short post from him would be seen by hundreds of thousands, basically that little post would make more impact and drive more attention than years worth of pr outreach from the whole community, including TD's Financial Times article. But it would have to be justifiable, otherwise it's a no-go.

    LFH together with MFMP could be a very a very good launchpad, if there is/was prospective technology. Worst case scenario, if the technology does not work, we can sell it to Dewey for 11.5 million dollars.

    Star power- Don't forget that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were investors in IH via their trust fund. Not sure where that stands with their divorce now.

  • As I recall it is a factor of ~3, not 11.

    JedRothwell : If you do the correct math its 11. If you count in all possible cheating's then it goes down. But the delta T is 34 degrees with double measurements. The flow is double measured by pump setup and flow meter. IH has to prove that both were wrong at the same time. I would not exclude that cheating happened. May be somebody faked the "Florida power" smart-meter...(just by mistake.. when it got changed by .. ).

  • Rossi's 1-year test is not a scientific claim. It was a crude attempt to defraud people. Anyone familiar with conventional instruments and boilers can see that the Penon report is fake, and that even the data and configuration in it were real,

    Again your usual Leit Motive. Now you push even further no evidence eve if data is true.

    A perfect example of "Four legs good, two legs bad" statement something you have to repeat and repeat and repeat so to try to convince others.

    So for you a COP >80 is nothing ?…7/03/197-03-Exhibit-3.pdf

    This is the exibit. If you don't agree go in the Court and explain your reasons under oath.

  • If they settle I would not want to be Dewey. He promised they were going to fix that wagon once and for all. For a revolutionary technology that has been proven beyond a doubt by independent tests that is almost 10 years old...... and still is having trouble being replicated. I hope that the case goes to trial. I don't know which one bothers me the most, his hubris or just leading so many people astray. But at some point folks are responsible for themselves.

    /edit: I meant rigged tests

  • Rigel - I'm going to take the bait but only momentarily. I wouldn't want to be anybody else but me right now. I don't like having to deal with criminals, haters and naysayers but that is sometimes the price for pushing boundaries forward on the frontier.

    I'm actually quite pleased with where things are right now and very much looking forward to a season of combat to set matters straight. The slow sunrise continues for CF despite the global man-century and tens of millions lost by the recent unpleasantness / distraction.

  • Dewey -

    I do not we think will ever understand each other. It was not bait. You have been promising to take him to court and stop this maddness. Surely you know that I think that this must happen. My fear was illustrated by Alan's comment above that they might settle. Oh and BTW good luck!

  • I don't like having to deal with criminals, haters and naysayers but that is sometimes the price for pushing boundaries forward on the frontier.

    So you are saying that you usually deal with criminals, not only one, many, even if you don't like that.

    Who are those criminals ? And which frontiers you have pushed forward ? Should we look at the history of Cherokee ?

    As usual your tone is generic, without any real information and eventually threatening. But I think that nobody fears you.

    • Official Post

    The slow sunrise continues for CF despite the global man-century and tens of millions lost by the recent unpleasantness / distraction.

    I'm hopeful about what you say.

    Jed recent description of the shoestring war of the true scientists of LENR made me sad. We are too optimistic of what is happening. IH abandoning ICCF 21 is one more tear to flood the river of LENR tears.

    Since I've read Ed Storms book, and "pacemaker" (;)) I'm convinced that the solution is good old PdD science, but with bleeding edge nanotech/Li-Ion/nanoelectronic instrumentation. We need a theory to make it work reliably, and this need instruments, not shoestrings and proof of reality that nobody accept.

    I realized it needs big money, the tens of minion Rossi's burned and the 250Mn$ I know he made flee 2 years ago.

    I hope I'm wrong and hobbyist work, like the amateur astronomes' work, have a room in the big Science landscape. Maybe they can discover a new comet, but they cannot build Hubble.

    About LENR entrepreneurs, I see only one possible reality in a tragic landscape of delusion and con.

    It won't be cheap.

  • Alainco - IH, along with others, is shepherding the next ICCF21 Chairmanship into the right hands. The Elders are in agreement - all is going to be okay. At this stage, it is more appropriate for the research community to lead itself. Besides, the business guys have a temporary distraction that must be dealt with. Back to the front.

  • Rossele - the only thing I have to say to you is to please keep publishing. It is very helpful material that you are cooking up.

    Maybe I should say one more thing ----- The only you have to fear is Justice itself.

  • Quote

    I'm beginning to think they might settle on the courthouse steps.

    *Extremely* doubtful. Rossi is sitting on $10M+ of IH money for which he provided nothing that works. And IH is out more millions in legal costs-- Jones Day isn't cheap. I am pretty sure Darden wants his pound of Rossi-meat. Having said that, it could be that the old con man squandered all that he was paid and has nothing left to extract. That would put IH in a serious bind. But I doubt they will settle or drop their countersuit. And I am virtually certain they will never give Rossi a dime as part of a settlement.


    The slow sunrise continues for CF

    Someday you will have to tell us how you figure that! From my view, nothing tangible has happened since I first started looking at this stuff in 2011 as a result of the original ecat announcements. But I mean NOTHING. Oh sure, plenty of claims and a trickle of funding here and there but real concrete credible meaningful results? Which are those, please?

  • From my view, nothing tangible has happened since I first started looking at this stuff in 2011

    Well you would say that - because famously, you don't care to learn anything about it...

    As I said before, I have no interest in claims for small, low level, low power LENR effects. I know nothing about those, I care little about them, and I don't evaluate them. So what?

    I know nothing about Pd-D or electrolytic systems, I don't pretend to know about them, I don't comment about them, and I have said that many times are, as you admit here yourself, just an ill-informed windbag.


  • It appears to me that he transferred the knowledge. Dameron got a COP of 9. He was still running the IH-Rossi-built reactor as late as 2016--the same time Murray was ramping up his testing of his own modified e-Cat. Murray's modified e-Cat apparently didn't work, although he was given little time to build and test it. But the IH-Rossi-built one worked. IH admitted as much. And there are no contemporaneous emails or test reports that state otherwise.

    Can you provide a link or details as to when IH admitted they had a Rossi reactor that worked?

  • Can you provide a link or details as to when IH admitted they had a Rossi reactor that worked?

    And just importantly, that link / resource needs to clearly state that the reactor test was not conducted by Rossi / Fabiani! That it was done explicitly with an IH made reactor, IH made fuel, IH prescribed test protocols and IH testing personnel..... This would be the true test of "transferred knowledge". Heck, even the 1 year test "required" Rossi to man the controls for 14 hours per day!

    Some people are quick to pull a vague statement, out of context and then parade it around as "proof" of their wishful thinking while at the same time, ignoring the mountains of testimony and actual events that completely negate it! For some, it has become as religion and political faith, not the "Truth".

    If IH could make a reactor with a COP of 9, they would have paid Rossi gladly, the paltry 89 million, out of the billions they would now be making from selling the greatest energy source since fire controlled.

    They are not because they cannot. The eCat does not work.

    If Rossi could make the eCat work for 350 days out of 400 with a COP >80 as he claims, he would be selling billions in Europe through Hydrofusion!

    But he is not because he cannot. The eCat does not work.

    Instead he fraudulently setup a fake customer, fake production, fake engineer and then sues for $89 million, instead of reaping the billions to be made from actual sales! Believers have not and cannot counter this argument. If they state the eCat is not ready for commercialization, then they must say that Rossi's lawsuit is moot. 350 days out of 400 IS ready.

    So either it did not run at COP > 80 for 350 days and thus not ready and he should not be paid or it did run for that long and he should be selling the eCats.

    One cannot avoid this dilemma except that Rossi's eCat does not work.

    Rossi "forgets" about this wonderful 1MW plant that produced 1 MW of heat at COP >80 for 350 days out of 400 by completely dropping it and is now working on the "QuarkX"! A device that produces 20 watts!

    He states he has "4 sigma" certification, but he does not state WHO is certifying or to what! With a sigma of 2 he could be selling millions of units, but he does not! A scram trick of setting an unreachable bench mark which does not even relate to introducing the product is being used to delay the eventual outcome. "I cannot publicly display until 5 sigma". Ha! This is absurd! He is simply buying time as he cannot produce anything that works.

    Many former "Rossi believers" have seen the writing on the wall and see him for what he is. A few still teter on the edge, but are losing faith quickly. But a few faithful will defend him until no one else listens anymore. It is not because of "Truth", it is because they have linked themselves so strongly with Rossi that the alternative is unthinkable. Just like some will never change political parties, regardless of who runs or some will never change religious beliefs, some will never stop believing in their messianic leader! :(

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