Rossi vs. Darden developments [CASE CLOSED]

  • Well, Rossi's attorney must have known this for a long time. I guess, on this reading, Rossi after listening to the opening statements may have had it brought home to him quite how much he would be crucified, and finally yield to persuasion from his attorney.

    An agreement implies that both parties agree. So you can not say that Rossi was the one that wanted to negotiate, just as Darden wasn't the one. Both wanted it. I do not understand why you (and many others here) continue to see this outcome as a renunciation of Rossi to fight for fear of losing. He gave up the lawsuit as well as IH gave up their lawsuit. And we probably will ever not really know why.

  • Posted June 12th. What's the prize?

    Sorry Alan, I had missed that (earlier) comment from you speculating about settlement on the courthouse steps.

    Although a bit vague, I admit that your comment was the most prescient made, and after submission to our panel of judges (myself) your comment qualifies, and I am pleased to announce that you have won millyuns of Quatloos as the RvD Trial Bold Prediction Winner!

    Therefore, as the principle financier of the Bold Prediction Challenge, I am awarding you all of my 1M Quatloo bet, Alan Fletcher's, IHFB's, woodworker's, Dunford's and anyone else I missed). Furthermore, I bestow upon you all warranted fame, honor, and bragging rights for this RvD Trial round of the Bold Prediction ChallengeTM. Also, you may use your Quatloos in future rounds of BP Challenges!

    So now that you're Quatloo rich, what are you going to do with it all? (Advice tip: try not to spend them all at Quatloo World no matter how amusing that park may be.)

    Also, I encourage you to pay no attention to the fine print:

    The total award amount is confidential and subject to Non-Disclosure, and pending any Quatloo legal claims (especially from the new lawyer duo). This offer not available in all territories. Amount does not include deductions for value added and other taxes, marketing, administration fees, pending bribes or other miscellaneous charges. Please allow 100 years for delivery.

  • From

    "Darden remained sitting, not interacting with anyone. Serious face."

    "Darden was philosophical. He was, here, accepting a loss of about $20 million, but Darden, with Cherokee, certainly risks that level of investment commonly, and risk implies that sometimes one will lose."
    "Rossi walked out and I shook his hand and he warmly returned it."

    Does that tell us anything about how the main protagonists feel about the end of this affair?

  • My guess is that Rossi will now start claiming all kinds of things about the settlement that are not true even though the settlement was to be confidential. He knows that there will be no record to catch him in his falsehoods about the settlement.

  • Who is Brian?

    I don't understand your logic here. It was Rossi who started this mess, not IH. They would have let the $10.5m loss stand. Rossi, you will remember, wanted $89M...

    Now if any time in the next five years I notice Rossi actually selling an e-cat I might reckon you had half a point. But then we both know there is no chance of that, except as Rossisays on his blog. Where are those automated factores? Those 10 e-cats sold which in sworn evidence ended up being none?

    As a matter of interest - what do you think Rossi has gained from the whole thing? He was always able to sell e-cats - the IH contract leaves him all of Europe.

  • Rossi loses big time.... loss of $ 89 M if he really had what he claimed.

    Loser: The judicial system, confirmed focused on its belly button and incapable of understanding facts and concluding the obvious.

    The only losers are the patoskeptics that had vomited hate and insults against Rossi. I think that he never hoped to get the full payment. Even an agreement lake that is a big victory for him. He was against people that was having much more money and means !

    Weaver many times has told here that Rossi would be juridically destroyed by IH. That not the case.

    AndreaS. do not insult USA Juridical System. Is much better and faster then Italian one. In Italy a trial like that one would take about 20 years and parts that are weaker are never protected. You are not understanding the fact on my opinion. And in that case there was no obvious conclusion.

  • Quote

    And we probably will ever not really know why. (the two parties settled)

    Of course we know why. IH did not want to throw good money after bad and Rossi did not want to lose everything he has accumulated and possibly, in the end, be criminally charged for fraud and/or perjury as well. They each had a good reason to settle. The reasons had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the facts of whether or not the ecat worked.

  • Weaver many times has told here that Rossi would be juridically destroyed by IH. That not the case.

    No, because Rossi decided to settle. I guess the thought of his iffy depo evidence being cross-examined for fakeness (as Pace in his opening address made clear) was a bit uncomfortable.

    Again: what does Rossi get out of this? He started it...

  • As a matter of interest - what do you think Rossi has gained from the whole thing? He was always able to sell e-cats - the IH contract leaves him all of Europe.


    We at least know that (i) Rossi blocked a competitor for a significant period, (ii) he once again showed that strategically he is very strong, (iii) Rossi proved that his inner circle stays intact, no matter what kind of pressure is applied, and he (iv) marketed his future plans with the help of IH.

    We do not know the details, but i assume he also gained financially in this settlement and perhaps clawed-back IP.

    His downside has been the time he invested (and perhaps some lawyer fees), but his persona got attacked before and most of the "dirt" and "spin" were out in the open already. So no loss there.

    The Dottore once again gave us a glance of his talents. The IH dipstick team could use somebody like him..oh wait..



    • Official Post

    No, because Rossi decided to settle.

    It takes two to tango, and two to settle. The fact of a settlement itself means nothing. For all you know IH may have offered to pay Rossi more cash, or Rossi may have offered them money to walk away. Who knows- definitely not me, and definitely not you. To say otherwise right now is merely 'spin'.


  • And so the great contest enters the next phase.

    Roll up, roll up and bet your Quatloos.

    Who will be first to market with the LENR magnificence of the century, Rossi or Darden?

    They started as partners and soon became bitter rivals.

    Not since Edison vs Tesla have we seen such a mighty contest.

    Roll up, roll up! ;)

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