Rossi vs. Darden developments [CASE CLOSED]

  • LFH Sam - the SEC fine against CIP was the equivalent of a parking ticket. The expense entry accounting error that they did challenge after years of investigation and audit is corrected and the matter is closed.

    In addition, the days of SEC shakedown racketeering under a certain administration of certain investor groups is also over. The swamp is being draining all around and those folks are looking for jobs. I'm sorry if that is disappointing to you. The entire CIP teardown charade is over here as well and accountability is up next.

    Dewey Weaver,

    The wording of your posts is suffering. Twitchy hands?

    Your "status aparte" on this lovely forum has provided you with ample possibility to bully and mislead. In my opinion the recent developments in Rossi vs. Darden should bring the moderators of this forum to rethink your special treatment.

    Thomas Darden and his friends, including yourself, have put themselves under a magnifying glass by, amongst other things, viciously attacking everybody that did not fully agree with them. You are now and in the foreseeable future reaping what you sow. You, Mr. Dewey Weaver, are mostly accountable for the voracious enthusiasm with which people like Torkel have been searching for "IH dirt".

    I advise you to stop the "accountability" bs. It will be a first and good measure to start improving the IH brand again. I am quite sure that any European judge will think the same. You and your friends can try again to throw some good money after bad causes, but focussing on "the mission" (friggin' hypocrite) will most likely be more useful.



    PS: I am astounded by the lame reaction on this forum in regards to your venomous and dangerous posts and the subsequent development in the court case. You are part of the IH team. You are paid by Thomas Darden. And yet all the angry quatsch you ventilated here is seen by many as fun and games. As attempts to be humorous. Shame on you and shame on the (silent) posters here that back you.

  • What in the world does THAT mean, Mike?

    The powers of the legislature are defined, and limited; and that those limits may not be mistaken, or forgotten, the constitution is written. To what purpose are powers limited, and to what purpose is that limitation committed to writing, if these limits may, at any time, be passed by those intended to be restrained? The distinction, between a government with limited and unlimited powers, is abolished, if those limits do not confine the persons on whom they are imposed, and if acts prohibited and acts allowed, are of equal obligation. It is a proposition too plain to be contested, that the constitution controls any legislative act repugnant to it; or, that the legislature may alter the constitution by an ordinary act.

    • 5. U.S. (1 Cranch) 137, 177
  • Try reading what I wrote: "(unless in the undisclosed settlement)"

    I did read it. And read it again now. But I still don't get your resoning. What's the point of claiming that Rossi "given up or walked away from a possible $89" when we have no idea if it's true or not.

  • Well fortunately I am not averse to blowing my own trumpet... Feb 9th:

    So basically, I claim these damn Quatloos as rightfully mine. And if anyone has a problem with that, I suggest you sue me...


    Whereby there is a Quatloo ownership dispute with Zeus46 providing evidence of a prior claim to RvD settlement prediction vs Alan Smith, and

    it is recognized that neither party claimed 1) a Bold Prediction (by name and, importantly, font weight) or 2) any amount of Quatloos in their predictions, and

    this being in contrast to others who at least said they would bet 'all their Quatloos' on outcome X (even if not more specific or with proper font weight), and

    in order to make a more perfect Bold Prediction ChallengeTM contest,

    it is hereby ordered and decided to revoke all Quatloos and bragging rights claims from all participants in the RvD Trial Bold Prediction Challenge and distribute these Quatloo funds evenly to all members of the peanut gallery (consisting of everyone here except Dewey) in the amount of 1 millyun Quatloos each for use in future Bold Prediction Challenges.

    So ordered and adjudged on 6-Jul-2017 by the honorable Grand BPC Poobah,


    financier, Bold Prediction ChallengeTM

  • LFH Sam - The Rossi chapter is closed with a confidential settlement. Regarding the big picture, we've put our own time / money / resources as well as and raised tens of millions of additional dollars to try and see if LENR was ready for prime time. This was all with the knowledge that our bets were of extreme risk in traditional terms. We've made some bad bets and possibly some good ones. What have you done? I don't think that you have standing to ask me to do anything and you definitely need to adjust the linear processor - it is not doing you any favors.

    We're going to mind our bets and we'll see where we end up. I do wish you the best at Looking for Heat and hope that multiple LENR breakthroughs are possible in the coming years.

  • Sig - While I don't think this is necessary, I hereby release any previously unknown and unrealized and / or any future claims to any quats on a non-confidential basis. It all is what it is and what is shall ever be.

    You've done some some pretty work in the past year by the way!

    • Official Post

    Funny. One day after the settlement, and everyone has picked up where they left off before the suit started. Frank Acland is even more convinced of the tech. And while there have been many Rossi defections such as myself, others supporters have taken our place and all have begun their hopeful wait for the Ecat world to come. Rossi is right back at it too; Rossisays today plans are back on track for factories, and the QuarkX (test) by years end. Don't you just love it. :)

    Side note: He does say there will be a joint press release...can you confirm that Dewey?

    Not really sure who came out the winner, but Dewey seems satisfied, as does Rossi, so until further information comes to light, I will call it a draw. One clear winner though, are ECW and LENR-Forum. Especially so ECW. They are pretty one dimensional (all about believing boring), so they have a new lease on life. LF not so much, but still a windfall never the less, as Rossi discussions will always be fun and keep us gossipers here, and also give the scientists types some entertainment breaks from their more serious talk.

    One big loser IMO, is the Rossi tech. The 1MW was a dud. Even the most ardent Rossiites have to admit Doral had no scientific, or commercial value best. At worse it was a total fraud. FTR, I have not the slightest doubt it was a rigged, purposely fraudulent test. No doubt whatsoever.

  • I do remember that. If somebody needs a reminder take a look at the clearence Thread yesterday ;)

    Should also make you think how close Dewey really is to the important things going on.

    Edited once, last by Thetruemonty ().

    • Official Post

    If you hear some Dewey Weaversatisfaction in the background it is the muffled hysterical guffaw of a schizophrenic. Minutes before the settlement he was still convincing the readers on this forum of how he and his buddies would annihilate Rossi...

    Now, now ECG. No gloating. :) Dewey was playing his part in the "good cop/bad cop" routine. If you could not tell which...he was the bad cop. He used LF to scare Rossi, as Rossi used his JONP to scare IH. IH knew, and accepted all along his tactics here. Everyone always said their posturing on the two blogs was a waste of time, as all that matters was what the jury would think. But when you are playing for an out of court settlement, it is all part of the game.

    So how long do you give Rossi to come through?

  • Shane D. ,

    Has Rossi kept us waiting? Yes, sure. We are all very much excited by any LENR prospect and therefore we rather see results yesterday instead of next month.

    Has he been sitting on his hands the last few years? No, he has been working very hard to get stuff done. One can debate about his results, but the guy is working his ass off to deliver on his promises. And in my opinion he always delivers. Sure, there are delays and misunderstandings arise, Andrea Rossi is not communication wizard, but he has been and is always responsive. I believe there have always been good reasons for the delays / misunderstandings.

    So i'll give him a few years more to get his findings out in the open. I think the whole IH experience has forced him to speed things up and he has some eager guys on his back that slowly but surely gain knowledge and experience as well, so perhaps we do not have to wait for another six years. Also, the guy is growing older and this is his magnus opus. He will succeed or blow-up.



  • What are the # of the ad hoc hypothesis you just had to invent to justify Cherokee/IH opting for a settling and not feeling too good about it, when their representants both acknowledged and stealthy have been clamoring for more than a year that Rosscammy's E-Bunk is a nothing burger heater? Surely that doesn't compute, a blatant fraud is blatant and is easily proven.
    "Blast those plebeian juries who will always think of the bigger guy as an evil Goliath, when IH is only about bringing good to the world, and unfortunately falls prey to mythomaniac pseudo-inventors. Such is the reward for being overly generous and trusting!"
    "Well, since Rossi already hypnotized other potential partners, and scientists moreover, there was a high risk that he would have succeeded in manipulating the whole judicial process. IH was right in assessing this risk and fouding it worrisome"

  • WCG - I guess your continued antics while hiding behind your fake names should be expected. The truth is out / available and everyone can reach their own conclusions.

    Shane D - I haven't heard anything about a joint press release.

  • This is the way the Rossi/IH saga ends

    This is the way the Rossi/IH saga ends

    This is the way the Rossi/IH saga ends

    Not with a bang but with a whimper.

  • Dewey Weaver,

    The pseudonym offers some protection, but mostly because i do not like to see my name all over the internet. LENR is a hobby and i rather keep my private life and professional life separate. Also in this respect.

    That does not mean i would be embarrassed if my real name would be connected to this account. I do not protect it vigorously. You (and others) might think differently, but i do try to stick to my own (moral) standards and the ones of this forum (and other media) as much as possible and I do not see myself as a troll. But yes, i like to engage in a fierce discussion. Especially when the sparring partner uses techniques and or displays behaviour i dislike.

    IH's strategy to "murder" Rossi has been appalling, amateuristic and very "20th century" in my opinion. It has probably worked to skew some opinions of some silver birds, but if you like "draining the swamp" guys i advise you to study their techniques a bit better, so you also have a better chance with younger generations.



  • How in the world do you get Rossi won?

    If the E-CAt or QuarkX works, getting his IP back and licensing agreements for most of the world, would be worth a lot more than $89 million. Darden got $50 million for a 4% stake by Woodford.

    Presumably IH think they are worthless so should part with them easily as part of the settlement.

    Too early yet to see who has the last laugh.

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