Rossi vs. Darden developments [CASE CLOSED]

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    If the E-CAt or QuarkX works, getting his IP back and licensing agreements for most of the world, would be worth a lot more than $89 million.

    Ya think? And didn't Rossi retain rights for about half the world anyway, even if the IH deal had stayed in place? BTW, if my energy-producing, COP=10000, pink invisible flying unicorns (PIFU(™)) work, the rights to those will be worth billions too, right along with Rossi's equally probable ecat. If Steorn's energy-producing never needing recharge Orbo works, it will be worth... well, you get the picture. It's all in the big, giant, overwhelmingly sized IF.


    Darden got $50 million for a 4% stake by Woodford.

    I'm not sure where THAT came from but if it is correct, which I highly doubt, the Woodford management are incorrigible complete morons.


    In case Rossi really finds new business partners/investors, then I hope this guys do way better in writing airtight legal contracts and e-cat test/verification protocols than IH did.

    One would hope so but as I and others noted many times, Rossi's real talent is in choosing gullible people to use as marks (scam targets). Anyone stupidly trusting enough to ever buy Rossi's lies again probably also wouldn't know how to find the right people and methods to test his claims. Sort of like IH and Woodford!

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    What are the # of the ad hoc hypothesis you just had to invent to justify Cherokee/IH opting for a settling and not feeling too good about it, when their representants both acknowledged and stealthy have been clamoring for more than a year that Rosscammy's E-Bunk is a nothing burger heater?


    You seem to think IH is wrong on all counts, the 1MW performed as Rossi claimed, and the IP works...just because they settled. I do not think it works that way. These things are complex, and many things have to be factored in before deciding to settle...not the least of which is a fickle jury. It is not so simple as you and many Rossi supporters are trying to spin it. I think you are letting your bias/hatred against the big guy, cloud your judgement about the facts, and who exactly the little guy in this case is. But that is your choice.

    Rossi owes his fans a big debt of gratitude. You guys have stood by him through fake companies, mezzazine heat exchanger, spoliated equipment, data, and emails, so we shall see how he rewards your loyalty. So far today, he has given you what he gave you before...the same empty rhetoric we have seen from him now for 6 1/2 years. In your shoes, I would demand more. Like I said, he owes you at least some specifics, and not the same old same old.

    If he is evasive, starts missing his own timelines...well, this gloating, and running a victory lap, may be premature.

  • I think you should take accountability for everything you've sad that did not come to fruition, and frankly I think you should step down and leave the LENR field.
    Let someone else take over and focus on something else. Please! It's the right thing to do in this situation!

    I wouldn't blame Dewey or IH if they just decided to chuck the whole field of LENR after this mess and treatment they have received from many Rossi fans (including you). They seem to have managed to retain some hope for the field. I'm not sure it is worth it. I think I'll go find a new hobby now myself. ;)

  • They each had a good reason to settle. The reasons had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the facts of whether or not the ecat worked.

    When did I ever say that the settlement has something to do with the performance of the E-Cat? Nor was the process focused on whether the E-Cat or the LENRs really worked, it is obvious. I said that we will never know the reasons for the settlement because the details are and will remain secret forever, and without those we can only speculate. But I find that these speculations are pretty useless.

  • No, because Rossi decided to settle.

    I don't understand how can you assert this thing with such confidence. The choise to settle was taken (apparently) in a few minutes, while Altonaga and the whole jury waited for the outcome of the "talk" between parties. I do not think it is possible that a party has made a completely new proposal to the other side in such a short time and in those circumstances. Probably the possibility of this outcome had already been dealt with by the two parties' attorneys, which were both consciously and inclined to that end. It was not then Rossi (or Darden) who had decided to settle, it was obviously a common decision.

  • Well, to paraphrase Mike D, the terms of the settlement are confidential, unless one side blows up the confidentiality (or otherwise breaches the settlement agreement). If Rossi starts bragging about what the settlement agreement provides, regardless of whether or not his statements relating thereto are true or false, he may waive the confidentiality provision and IH could decide to publish the whole thing and take their chances that Rossi sues them, again.

    It doesn't seem to me that Rossi intends to violate any confidentiality agreement. From his blog:

    "The terms of the settlement will remain under NDA for ever, as per request of the Attorneys of both Parties. Personally, I am glad to be free to return to work full time for my E-Cat.

    I will never anymore talk about the issues of the litigation. They belong to the past. The war is over, now we must build a constructive future."

  • I think punishment might have prevented Rossi from running out and scamming more people in Sweden.

    In Sweden, some people have long been working on the E-Cat replication, with Volvo funding. No one has forced them to do anything, no one is deceiving them. And if they have not stopped "playing" with the E-Cat maybe it is because they are having encouraging results, don't you think?

  • I am astounded by the lame reaction on this forum in regards to your venomous and dangerous posts and the subsequent development in the court case. You are part of the IH team. You are paid by Thomas Darden. And yet all the angry quatsch you ventilated here is seen by many as fun and games. As attempts to be humorous. Shame on you and shame on the (silent) posters here that back you.

    Personally, I've never found Dewey's threats funny ... at most they seemed to be anathema cast by a crazy preacher. I hope this settlement will also calm his agitation.

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    Rossi owes his fans a big debt of gratitude. You guys have stood by him through fake companies, mezzazine heat exchanger, spoliated equipment, data, and emails, so we shall see how he rewards your loyalty.

    Con men "reward" loyalty with more scams. Sean McCarthy (Steorn) kept taking money from investors long after his "product" (Orbo) had failed over and over again and had never been proven to work over the course of six years. And believers still gave him some. He thought it was hilarious and said so on the Moletrap forum. Rossi will try to do the same if he doesn't retire.

  • I expect the socks and minions of Planet Rossi are going to keep going in this frenzied state no matter what happens with the settlement agreement. With the rare exception - they are a cowardly / hateful / deceitful / deluded bunch of folks who wouldn't dare behave like this posting under their real name. And how does Andrian know so much confidential information? I guess we'll never get to the bottom of that one.

    LFH Sam - Perhaps much to your dismay, we're going to stay with our investments and see them through - I guess it'll be a race of sorts.

    May the best man win and best of luck to everyone who is doing research in finding funding to move the needle.

    Its been surreal, its been fun. Its been surreal fun. I'll see some of you in the funny papers and maybe a few of you at the finish line.

  • A 100th post that is the 10.000th post of this thread...i hope..what a story..

    PS: Dear Moderator, moving this post will get you some upvotes for sure..feel free

    Edit: Darn, Dewey Weaver you have your revenge. Well done, Sir. You beat me.

    Maybe we are more alike than we hope. F5'en the page to conquer a historic post number.

  • expect the socks and minions of Planet Rossi are going to keep going in this frenzied state no matter what happens with the settlement agreement. With the rare exception - they are a cowardly / hateful / deceitful /

    As you are so reliably wrong in your forecasts this is enough to make me wonder if Rossi and his friends will survive.

  • Interesting excerpt from a post from Jones Beene:

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    "According to Abd... "All claims dropped on both sides. It is as if the suit was never filed. All parties bear their own costs. The action of the Agreement was the consent of counsel to settlement without any court order other than dismissal, which is final."

    No agreements were included... so unless they present something otherwise in a joint statement, IH retains the original E-Cat License. No money changes hands.

    As for the future of the litigants, it looks like IH paid about $11 million ++ for a License which according to them is worthless insofar as it was never shown to produce excess heat. Add to that the attorney fees and we see why many observers consider IH to be the big loser in this.

    That assumes the IP is really worthless, but it may have value in a surprising way, even if Rossi could never make it work. Here is the granted patent, and there are a number of applications not granted."

    The $11.5 million was "throw away money" for IH. That was basically the price they paid to get their foot in the door to see if he really had something. Actually, that was a bargain, as Cassarino said in his depo, that in his AEG's first years with Rossi, he wanted $15 million to talk about a deal, and only valued his tech at $150 million. Hmm...$150 million for a world changer?

    If Abd is right, and he probably is, this was actually a win for IH too. Even more so than Rossi, but I still give Rossi a win, because he walks away from another run in with with the law, with enough of a fan base, and money to get back to what he craves...making shit up, and being adored for it. :)"

  • If it's true that the settlement essentially reverted the situation back to the time before the suit, then to me it's as if both parties came to their senses and realized it would be better for them to determine their fate then 6-11 jurors and the competing legal teams. Wise move!

    But it is also true that essentially Rossi dropped the suit (and IH the counter-suit) and Rossi and IH are back to the same poorly written Agreement and the same issues as before (was the IP transferred with the $11.5M payment, what the test the GPT, did this test meet the criteria, did IH give away the IP etc). The lawyers win here too!

    I think it best to wait for statements for each side (if any) to determine what exactly is the situation and who might have won here.

  • Here is a partial news release - looks like LENR-Forum was majorly Trolled by IH - THE ECAT WORKED IT WAS A SUCCESS

    Then on April 6, Frank got an email from an attorney representing Andrea Rossi containing this press release announcing that the test had been a success, but that Rossi was suing Industrial Heat for breach of its license agreement, and misappropriation of intellectual property. I was shocked, as I know were many others. What could be one of the most important technological advancements in history would now be tied up in court for an unknown period of time, and who could predict the effect on the dissemination of E-Cat technology?

    How do you feel now, a Fake narrative about the Pipes and steam was all part of the disinformation ploy. ) WOW


  • But it is also true that essentially Rossi dropped the suit (and IH the counter-suit) and Rossi and IH are back to the same poorly written Agreement and the same issues as before . . .

    There is one big difference. If I understand the lawyers here, in a civil suit the judge insists the case be dismissed "with prejudice." That means neither side can file suit over this Agreement or any other involved in the case. There is no longer any danger that Rossi will demand $267 million, or that he might actually get that kind of money because gullible jurors believe his lies. I doubt there is anything more he can do to hurt I.H., or to force them to spend millions on legal defense.

    I regret that Rossi did not get his comeuppance. But, more than that, I am relieved he can no longer harm I.H. I expect he will go to Europe and fleece a new group of people. That's terrible. I hate to see more people hurt, and I hate that he will continue to harm the reputation of cold fusion.

    Aside from the legal protection against another lawsuit, the only good thing that came out of the trial are the papers in the docket proving that Rossi is a fraud and that his test was ridiculous, such as the Penon report. That information was not worth the $5 million I.H. reportedly had to pay their lawyers. But it is worth something. Perhaps it will prevent Rossi from fleecing his next victims. Unfortunately, I doubt it will. Even if the trial had run to its conclusion, and Rossi had been found guilty, people on Planet Rossi would remain loyal to him, ready to believe whatever he says. If the Penon report and the depositions from Smith and Murray do not convince them he is a fraud, nothing will.

  • I'm afraid all you'll get out of Signor Rossi in the future is the anodyne answers like " still getting closer to Sigma 5" on his pseudojournal blog.


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