Rossi vs. Darden developments [CASE CLOSED]

  • So the strength of Abd's evidence, to me, is that this all happened 1) unexpectedly, and 2) quickly.

    I think there was more to it than that. The trial seemed to stop for two days after a mistrial, but Dewey made a cryptic post each evening, suggesting some rumblings were happening beneath the surface.

    Thanks to our friends from the motherlands. There have already been a lot of fireworks today and looking forward to some fun tonight.

    Ele - I knew you'd make it. Been quite a party today as I'm sure you're quite aware.

    Now I don't put it past Dewey to practice the occasional bluff (It's a war, remember) but he's not really one for subtle approach IMO, so I take the above at face value, as he normally telegraphs when he's on a wind-up... Consider this old favourite as a counter example:

    100.1C is a number that you will learn more about in the near future. It is such an amazingly consistent and brilliant temperature measurement that it remains steady state even when certain systems are "shutdown" for inspection / maintenance. Other system metrics are equally astounding and miraculous.

    Almost like a tweet from the POTUS.

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  • Murray deposition was only one of a huge amount of documents.

    That is true, but the point is, Murray mentioned my visit.

    Is very anomalous that you gained access to reserved data before it was public . . .

    No, it isn't. Many people gained access to it. Rossi himself described it in his interview with Mats Lewan, long before it was published. He even mentioned that the pipe went into the mysterious customer site and came out, and there was no way of knowing what happened in the site. That alone should have alerted you this was a scam.

  • The trial seemed to stop for two days after a mistrial,

    That was for the July 4 holiday.

    The whole country stopped. Call me old fashioned, but I think 4-day weekends for national holidays are excessive. You can't move July 4 or Christmas to a Friday, so let's just take one day off.

  • One conclusion we may draw: IH is convinced "again" that NiH-LENR works... Sad for TC...

    IH most likely didn't want to hear the testimony of Bo Höistad, which was the main risk in their Poker game.

    I only can recommend to count condos all over the world. This (+- ?) will answer the settlement tax.

  • That was for the July 4 holiday.

    Aha... We pointedly ignore that date over here.

    I guess that explains the first comment about the motherland and fireworks. The second comment ("Been quite a party today as I'm sure you're quite aware.") still seems heavy with meaning though, or is the 5th of July traditionally a big party day too?

    Call me old fashioned, but I think 4-day weekends for national holidays are excessive. You can't move July 4 or Christmas to a Friday, so let's just take one day off.

    Are you seriously avocating fewer holidays for all? What! :huh:

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  • Sam - does this mean that you think a one time 10% positive signal from a Ni/Cu gas discharge system makes for a working LENR reaction? It does mean try again but nothing more if you're serious about your science.

    Wyttenback was in Asti??? Missed a good opportunity there.

  • If I read ABD right another explanation besides a real simple withdraw claims agreement is that Rossi agreed to a previous offer by IH. I base this on the fact that Pace was approached by the other side first.

  • I'm still licking my wounds but my gaze has turned towards IH and they said they would fix this issue. Oh boy, it was AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN a ploy all along wasn't it? Posturing is that the right term? Next time you guys pipe up...


  • Using the recursive emissivity method suggested in the Lugano report, and the matching total emissivity value for alumina for the final temperature from Plot 1 in the Lugano report as the Optris emissivity user function, the MFMP April 2017 test would have produced a convection + radiative power COP of 3.8,

    OK, my computation was 4.3 but I did simplify to one average temperature throughout the dogbone. Maybe you split (the hairs and) the cylinder into sections as in Lugano and this explains some difference. Glad that we are substantially in agreement.

  • Quote

    This says "this matter is dismissed with prejudice," "all parties shall bear their own fees and costs" and "all pending motions are denied as moot."

    Own fees and costs? I wonder if Rossi kissed Darden. He sure as hell screwed him.

  • [...] "all parties shall bear their own fees and costs". [...]

    Yes but under the confidential settlement money likely changed hands. I wish I had half the quatloos Alan has, but no, just a handful - I bet all of mine that the money - peanuts for them, a few millyuns - went from TD to AR and/or to his lawyers.

    I wonder whether tax declarations are open enough that we will find out in some months. And certainly AR will abide by the tax laws: we all learned from the Al Capone story.

    But I can relax: if the info exists on the internet, Ahlfors will post it, hopefully along with a good riddle to exercise our minds.

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