Rossi vs. Darden developments - Part 2

  • Some new documents on the docket (incl. the order):

    180 Is the Judge's denial of Rossi's Motion for Sanctions. She instructs this issue regarding Corporate depositions to be resolved by the Magistrate (per my post above).

    181 and 182 Announce that there is a one hour hearing scheduled for Thursday March 23.

    183 is an appeal with exhibits (see 184)

    184 Is an amended appeal of IH's appeal in 183, appealing the Magistrate's ruling that Dewey Weaver does NOT have attorney-client privilege or work product doctrine with respect to email communications. It appears that 184 merely adds a brief section of a court transcript to the appeal (184-5). IH is asking (by appealing the previous decision) the Magistrate to re-instate attorney client privilege and work product doctrine to block Rossi from obtaining email communications between IH and DW as evidence.

    I don't think any additional analysis is useful or warranted.

  • This concern about jury independence- Remember the primary suit is Rossi's claims against IH, If the jury is thrown out then IH would "go free" unless/until there is another court trial. IH would also "go free" unless there is a unanimous verdict or if the judge throws out the case against them.

  • I don't think they would be stuck. IH would not have to pay the 89M and still have the IP and license. IH could still use the IP (but likely not since I think it is useless and if Rossi ever did have something he didn't transfer ) But Rossi would likely keep the 10M that he was paid for the IP just not license it in the US. At least that is my understanding.

  • ele's fantasies are no less real than any other of the speculations going on here. None of us have enough hard evidence to be jumping the conclusions that most express here. Also I believe whole heartedly that forum posters are being paid, perhaps by both sides, to distribute fud and misdirection hoping to influence the public, and therefore possibly jurors, to there way of thinking. It's a new world with the proliferation of the internet and sentiments like that are nearly impossible to repress.

  • RiRi - It looks like you've earned honorary citizenship on Planet Rossi in record time - comes with a passport and everything! This also comes with an honorary PhD in the discipline of your choice so let R know if you want to move into the sciences overnight as well. Everyday is a new day on Planet Rossi and I can tell that you're going to be very happy there. Congrats!!

    Keep the cluelessness coming - you're making fast friends in the best of places.

  • I forgot to mention that an honorary JD is also available as part of the P.R. citizenship package - you're already demonstrating Planet Rossi acumen, intellect and character - they need some fresh legal brains on top of that. I think that is the way you should go. You can instantly add value to the Planet.

  • ele's fantasies are no less real than any other of the speculations going on here

    Yes, we agree, ele has real fantasies.

    Others here observe, describe and comment on the realities of things like Court Documents.

    You inspire me to buy stock in Alcoa. You know doubt consume a lot of it for your hats.

    In the future, when you post something with actual information, we might have a discussion.

  • Quote
    • Andrea Rossi

      March 20, 2017 at 4:55 PM

      Certainly the 352 days I stayed in the plant from 5 P.M. to 10 A.M. of the next day, spending all the nights working in the 1 MW plant, costed a price. Anyway, thanks to God, I am well and I am working at my best.
      Thank you for your sympathy,
      Warm Regards,

    Interesting statement from Rossi which seems at odds with his posting habits on the JONP.

  • AND



    5) Darden is paying (with real money) actors on the web (Weaver/Sigmoidal, J.Rothwell and others) in order to influence the trial.

    ... damn drugs, Do not do drugs, mama said.

    Who can really believe, that this can be true to only 0.2 % ???

  • Given that AR tends to point the finger at others for what he is doing, one might speculate that he has been engaged in harassment, intimidation, and bribery during the course of the suit.

    This is a truly absurd reasoning and totally lacking in objectivity. Too often the documents about the process have been interpreted by IH supporters according to their cheer, without any kind of detachment and lucidity. In this way they just throw mud on the protagonists .... a questionable pastime.

  • More importantly in 167-02 for us here interested in LENR, and contradictory in some ways to a recent Deweysays, Darden recounts some success with the Ecat in mid 2013, and on a few occasions some explosions, or melting, that could not be explained.

    Apparently the Ecat was an interesting object for Darden as long as he had not to pay for it .... Explosions and mergers are a clear sign of the veracity of the effect, so IH's problems were those related to control and reproducibility of the phenomenon, but its existence was not questionable. Yet when Darden has found advantageous to deny the effect, he has not hesitate to say that it was all a hoax. I do not understand how so many people here continue to treat these people as if they were true gentlemen!

  • I think Darden felt like he needed to discredit those earlier tests, and the professors involved, to place IH in a stronger position before a jury with respect to the Doral test. And so it looks like he went about using his means and influence to do that.

    I agree with you. IH has created the reactor used in Lugano and then has declared that any reactor made from them never worked. IH now has an interest in discrediting the test in order to continue to prove their point.

  • He also wrote in the report that Rossi was only there to start it up at the beginning, and came back at the end to assist draw the fuel sample, but we now know Rossi/Fabiani, were there maybe the whole time.

    Being present does not mean to intervene. The Ecat belongs to Rossi and he tried to protect it from strangers (they were guests of a company where could have been spies or thieves). In fact, in the Lugano report has been written that: "Throughout the test, no further intervention or interference on his part occurred; moreover, all phases of the test were monitored directly by the collaboration." (Lugano Report, page 7). As you can read, in this report the authors say that Rossi didn't interfer, they did not say that he wasn't there.

  • And this thought occurred to me regarding Uzi Sha. Apparently, from googling, he either has some significant finances or knows people with significant finances in Eastern Europe and Russia. So suppose he see's what IH is doing, and hopes that he (or his contacts) can get a piece of the action in Europe or other places that don't fall under the IH's territory or compete directly with IH. He might reasonably want to find ways to get resources to move LENR implementation forward (ultimately for profit). And if so, he might reasonably be in contact with Darden regarding IH's progress.

    The territories not covered by IH are covered by Rossi, then what sense would have for Uzi to contact IH?

  • Since long I don't understand, after MFMP and many, bashed the Lugano report with credible claims, that Levi's team did not make new test with better protocol...

    If they believe in their work, they should be confident.

    If they are unsure, they should be demanding for such test...

    I do not know what you mean by Levi team, but the Swedes still are making replicas of the test, as Mats recently said.