Rossi vs. Darden developments - Part 2

  • But IH had built their own devices and were seeing 5, 9, and in some cases 11 COP. Can you fake out your camera to that degree? And if so, do you think IH would have been faking out the camera in the same way?

    Please cite where IH says that they were seeing COP 5, 9, or 11 with their own built devices!

    This statements from JT Vaughn (214-4, page 164)...

    14 Q. Okay. The second paragraph below, where it
    15 says Industrial Heat update July 2013, the document
    16 states, in the middle of that paragraph: "We tested our
    17 plant at the end of April and beginning of May for four
    18 days. During the test we operate 37 different reactors
    19 for periods ranging from 24 hours to a few hours and the
    20 results were good. Our engineer and the independent
    21 engineer operating the test reported the machines produced
    22 far more energy than they required to operate. Nearly 11
    23 times as much in some instances versus our test
    24 requirement of six times during the 24-hour test."
    25 A. Mm-hmm.

    ... obviously refer to the 1MW plant built by Rossi and "tested" in Ferrara end of April 2013.

    You know, that was the test where Rossi didn't want TUEV, SGS etc. present (215-06 Exh6)... because "this creates big problems".…466-215-06-exhibit-f-jpg/
    Sure, this would have created big problems for Rossi, because it's not so simple to cheat real professionals.

  • Some of you may wonder why I'm highlighting these. It's because I had a strong hunch back when IH first released their PR statement that they were being less than forthcoming.

    You were wrong then, and you are wrong now. After careful review, they determined those results were in error. If that were not the case, they would be manufacturing cold fusion equipment by now, or at least getting ready to. They are not in the business of wasting research dollars for no reason.

    Unlike you, these people are careful, and when they make a mistake, they change their minds and they deal with reality instead of denying it.

  • Fanboy,

    "Massive amounts of water"

    How much exactly?

    From what beginning temp to 99 deg C.?

    How much time did it take?

    What was specific heat of this "water"?

    The exact amount of heat added to the fluid can be calculated With this very small amount of data.

    Then find the breaker size feeding the Ecat,

    Determine if it was 80% or 100% rated.

    Assume all of the energy from the breaker was used to heat the fluid.

    Compare to above.

    I have asked for this previously and was told it was confidential.