Italian Contribution to LENR

  • I have been studying the paper “Deformed space-time transformations in Mercury” (Cardone et al 2017) which is a follow up to the paper “Nuclear Metamorphosis In Mercury” (Cardone et al, 2015) with much more analytical data on the new elements and isotopes found after ultrasound treatment of a mole of mercury.

    Irregardless of the criticism of the focus of this experiments as proof of the author’s theory of Deformed Time Space, I think these results are of extreme importance to the validation of LENR as a field and have been completely overlooked and ignored.

    We are being shown proof that nuclear transmutations of dramatic nature can be obtained at room temperature and by simple physical means. We are being shown a nearly instantaneous change of phase from liquid to solid without chemical reaction. We are being shown completely unambiguous appearance of new elements and isotopes in the grains of the solid material formed from the ultrasound treated mercury.

    IMHO we should all be very interested in this paper as is rock solid proof that profound and dramatic nuclear phenomena can happen completely outside of the conditions expected and predicted by current mainstream accepted theories!!!!!

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.