Italian Contribution to LENR

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    New paper from Cardone et al with further experimental support to violations of Lorentz invariance, this time from analysis of behavior of a special design of antenna and how they correct this behavior.

    Not directly related to LENR but part of their ongoing work for supporting with evidence their proposal of energy as a 5th dimension.

    paper is open access and can be read here:

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    There’s a relatively new paper on neutralization of radionuclides by means of ultrasound treatment that was published in November (Albertini, Cardone, Bassani, Rosada et al). The ResearchGate page of the article you Can access here:…lization_of_radionuclides

    It is very interesting because it includes an analysis of work of other teams (work led by Peter Hagelstein) viewed from the DST perspective.

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    New Paper on the Deformed Space Time (open access)

    A New Insight on Physical Phenomenology: A Review

    Stefano Bellucci, Fabio Cardone and Fabio Pistella

    Abstract: After a brief digression on the current landscape of theoretical physics and on some openquestions pertaining to coherence with experimental results, still to be settled, it is shown that theproperties of the deformed Minkowski space lead to a plurality of potential physical phenomenathat should occur, provided that the resulting formalisms can be considered as useful models for thedescription of some aspects of physical reality. A list is given of available experimental evidence noteasy to be interpreted, at present, by means of the more established models, such as the standardmodel with its variants aimed at overcoming its descriptive limits; this evidence could be usefulto verify the predictions stemming from the properties of the deformed Minkowski space. The listincludes anomalies in the double-slit-like experiments, nuclear metamorphosis, torsional antennas, aswell as the physical effect of the “geometric vacuum” (as defined in analogy with quantum vacuum),in the absence of external electromagnetic field, when crossing critical thresholds of energy parametervalues, energy density in space and energy density in time. Concrete opportunities are suggestedfor an experimental exploration of phenomena, either already performed but still lacking a widelyaccepted explanation, or conceivable in the application of the approach here presented, but nottackled until now. A tentative list is given with reference to experimental infrastructures already inoperation, the performances of which can be expanded with limited additional resources.

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    About this last paper, most who have read me may have noticed that I have taken a keen interest in the research of this group, specially because of their experimental results with ultrasound and the remarkable transmutations they have been able to cause, of which the most robust results have been shown in Mercury.

    But in reviewing the work of the group started by Mignani and Cardone, I realized long ago they came into this from a completely unrelated venue, and their experiments were never proposed nor considered to be LENR related a priori, they took interest in cavitation because it provided conditions in which their theoretical work (which started from cosmological observations) would be possible to observe (the idea of a non flat time space). This last paper is another step to align their theoretical work with the experimental evidence gathered by themselves or from others.

    I just like the way they have methodically followed their line of thought since they started in the 1990's and the fact that it touches LENR even if it wasn't intended to.

  • A new paper by Carpinteri finds LENR in Gypsum and Quartz fracturing.


    Extensive experimental investigations were conducted on Gypsum and Quartz compression specimens of different sizes. They were brought to complete failure, showing two different failure modalities: (1) Very brittle loading drop for micro-crystalline Gypsum and Quartz; (2) Stable strain-softening behaviour for macro-crystalline Gypsum. All the tested specimens emitted acoustic and electromagnetic waves and the single events cumulated up to the peak load. On the other hand, neutron emissions were evident only for the largest specimens. The significant chemical composition changes occurring on the fracture surfaces are consistently explained by the assumption of Low-energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), both fusion and fission. It is the first time that fusion reactions emerge from crushing tests, whereas fission reactions have already consistently explained the results related to other materials like the iron-rich natural rocks. Therefore, a correlation emerges between fusion nuclear reactions and strain-softening mechanical behaviour, as well as between fission nuclear reactions and brittle mechanical behaviour.

    Gypsum and quartz specimens in compression failure: Fracto-emissions and related stoichiometric balances
    Extensive experimental investigations were conducted on Gypsum and Quartz compression specimens of different sizes. They were brought to complete fail…

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.