Prof. Harald Lesch and LENR

  • I was not familiar with Harald Lesch, who I see is prominent in the field of Astrophysics and a science populariser in Germany. Mostly published in German I think. Can you give me a link to his negative comments on the possibility of LANR/CF, because I can't find any references myself?

    @Alain: Lesch is a popular wide screen talker - not a serious scientist, sometimes paid by big pharma or food companies. He fight's (well paid) for vacination at any price and against homeopathy.

    The universe would expand forever and never end, but to humanity in the far future, look about the same as it does today.

    axil : That's exactly what Einstein (his ART theory) didn't say.

    Regarding dark matter: I just ask everybody to wait some more years. Currently we live in a speculation phase, where every day at least one new theory is presented. As about physics (ether, atomic nucleus) too, where we know nothing compared to what one could know...

  • @Wyttenbach: I didn't know that Lesch was paid by pharma or food companies. Do you have sources for this?

    I always thought he's a clear minded open astro physicist.

    Lesch is talented in describing very complex physics issues with easy words and examples which each layman is able understand.

    This is why he's so famous in german television with his own "Leschs Kosmos" (Lesch's cosmos in english) tv show.

  • I always thought he's a clear minded open astro physicist.

    barty : That's exactly why they hire him. 90% convincing science talk 10% ambiguous pro Lobby talk. That is realy dangerous about this man.

    I don't want to start any new side talk. But with the nobel for the RNA inference immune mechanism, the proof for the homeopathic core believe, that one molecule is enough to start an immune reaction, has been given/accepted by core science. But even the wiki pharma bots always remove the nobel reference, if I enter it...
    Guess when they started the PR offensive covering all major German rtc.. news papers, TV's - LESCH! ...

  • Has a youtube clip, called "Der Geist der kalten Fusion" or something similar. There he falsifies the Muon approach because of the huge amount of energy needed to even produce them.

    @DRM: We all know that classical muon fusion is well accepted and not feasable for a positive COP.

    But as I mentionned above: Lesch is just a science talker, with no deep insight knowledge. He is famous in presenting what they tutor him...

    In 20 years everybody will know that a part of LENR is muon physics, but for sure it will be a long way to get there.

    But thanks for the information: Now we know for sure that a third party is paying his (LESCH's Kosmos) TV-science shows too!

    Now we have: Anti LENR, anti homeopathy, pro vaciantion - and I didn't mention so far his extreme support for the official 9/11 version...

  • Quote

    He does not believe that LENRs exist, but all in all he's objective

    This is the best, what you can expect from apologets of mainstream physics. But the opinion of layman society is affected the most just by these people, who visit TV shows regularly - not by top scientists (who are usually smart/informed enough for to refrain comments about cold fusion).

  • This YT video was posted here last June. Another example of a mainstream populist physicist who while being a proponent of something as abstract as string theory is totally skeptical about cold fusion. The LENR section is 45 minutes (approx) in.

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    He fight's (well paid) for vacination [sic]at any price and against homeopathy.

    Perhaps you can explain the problem with that. Inoculation against common diseases is essential, especially for children. Vaccines have been proven time and again to be safe and effective with very rare exceptions (like any medical procedure). As for homeopathy, it's guiding principles, dating from the 1800's amount to the dumbest theory of disease and treatment that anyone could possibly conceive of. It makes flat earth proponents appear to be geniuses.

  • Wyttenbach : I ask again. Do u have proof to back up these claims about Lesch?

    monty : Just one hint: Why run the same campaigns in all eurepean countrys more or less synchronously? - of course on different platforms... LESCH is just the cheapest way to throw a live or death message in a German face.

    If you really want to engage in an off topic discussions, then reach out for an other forum.

  • @Rends: I wrote about it in the other thread:

    @Alan Smith: The german text below the youtube video has unfortunately absolutely no connection to the content of the video.

    Lesch is generally talking about social, political and climate developments and problems human kind will face within the next 100 years.
    In a part of the interview he indeed talks about nuclear fission and fusion, but not about "cold fusion" or LENR.

    The text below the video seems to be written by a LENR sympathizer, who tries to show how LENR could help to solve the global problems Lesch is suggesting in the video.

  • MY/monty: to get a real explanation from a conspiracy theory freak. But thx for trying it anyway.

    @DMR: I see you are fan of real conspiracytheories like the ones presented by APCO - fictive oil crisis 1973 /Tobacco health claims or the NSA/CIA Irak mass eradiction weapons.

    As a scientist I know that almost all conspiracy is (and was - seit 05 45 wird .. ) state organized.

    Thus I stay with the facts and if you don't like LENR being a fact then look out for an other forum.