[split] Norm against downvoting (and a little about the EM Drive)

  • What a waste, all this brain power involved in a petty tit-for-tat. Just think, if Abd were allowed back on, you could focus your ire on him, instead of each other.

    I agree. It's a waste. I'll give up trying to come to a common understanding with Zephir_AWT, which I do not think is possible, after having made some effort.

    The trivial question about whether the EM Drive is related to LENR is now a little moot, and I'm happy to leave the question unexplored.

  • What are your thoughts on discouraging downvoting?

    I'm not sure that downvoting should be discouraged. It seems like a good shorthand way of saying 'I agree' or 'I disagree'.

    Maybe it's that a double downvote leads to one's comment being semi-hidden is what people don't like. Maybe raising the bar for that would stop the usual downvote gang (turbo3, malformed Lear, Henry, damn right man) playing their usual games.

    Also, I'm also not exactly sure what 'the norms' here are, or whether these norms should arise naturally or be imposed...

    And while I'm here pontificating: I think Abds site coldfusioncommunity.net is the best outlet for him. Forums are essentially for discussion, which Abd was ultimately was not interested in (imo). Long form articles are better suited to a blog, and he seems more willing to edit out unnecessary puff about unrelated topics when writing there.

    Edit: Sorry Malcolm, pesky auto text.

  • zeus46, if the quality of opinions here was on average high, I might go along with that. But instead we have a large variability in intelligence and thoughtfulness on the part of forum members, and so downvoting (and perhaps upvoting) tends to add as much noise as anything. Often a good post has disappeared because of some gang that votes according to some side in a battle.

    I do think at one point there was a norm here against frivolous downvoting that has survived against the odds, although it really was put under strain when the Rossi lawsuit began.

  • Makes sense, but who defines 'valuable'?

    Perhaps a person should have to make a minimum number of total posts, or better yet, gain a certain number of upvotes before being allowed to vote either way.

    I have seen this work very well on some pretty wild, essentially unmoderated sites.

  • 4WIW,
    I only up vote if I totally agree.
    I only down vote if I totally disagree.
    I would use a "somewhat agree" button frequently if there was one.

    If the post has a minimum of sentences, it is easier to totally agree or disagree.
    Posts on multiple subjects I can rarely mark one way or another, since I may agree with one subject, and disagree with the next.
    Most of the time I am not moved to vote a post at all for any reason.

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    I break it down even more. We all do. Best not go there if you ask me. Leave it alone. If it ain't broke...and as far as I am concerned it isn't, do not fix.

    Also, by the upvote measure, many do the same as you and me, and only upvote if they agree/understand. "Understand" is important. If you ask me, that penalizes the more intelligent physics types, as few understand them, so most refrain to reward them due their ignorance of the subject matter. Hence, they have low ratios of likes to posts, than those like moi, as you can see.

    Not fair, but honestly, I just can't see a way to improve.

  • What a waste, all this brain power involved in a petty tit-for-tat. Just think, if Abd were allowed back on, you could focus your ire on him, instead of each other. :)

    FWIW. I think there is enough room for EMDrive here. I have not a clue how it could be related to LENR, but if Eric thinks it may be...well then, that is good enough for me.

    You have the situation backward, this forum has not banned ABD. ADB rejected you and me and all the other members of this forum. He has left us all adrift on a sea of confusion sinking and mired in the muck of our own designs without the benefit of his flood of words and the hidden meanings that they may have contained, however so darkly. There is a difference.

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    I discovered as a rookie on reddit that downvote is not for disagreement but for structural critics (off topic, aggression).
    upvote is good to avoid the "me too I agree" messages. downvote is just before the "signal to moderators"...

    anyway as Jesus said (maybe my quote is wrong) : all that is downvoted can be upvoted...
    If you see an unfair downvote on a genuine post, correct it by upvote...

    Nextbigfuture use a new plugin where there is a complex reputation and monetary system to upvote and downvote, deterring abuses, and cheering good posts. Probably we don't need that, we are good guys? (by the way where are the ladies :blackeye: ?)

    Finally , avoid downvote except for what is really damaging, not simply wrong.
    We are adults, hey?