Programmable rare earth magnets

  • Programmable magnet

    It may be possible to create a monopole magnet using a SmCo5 feedstock. First, aquire of SmCo magnet. Remove its magnetic field by heating it above its Curie temperature. Then magnetize just one pole of the demagnetized feedstock with an electromagnet using a powerful DC current. But only apply this magnetic field to the surface of one end of the SmCo bar feedstock. Only a north pole of the magnet should be activated.

    Another possible configuration is to machine a parabolic shape on the surface of end of one poles of the demagnetized bar magnet. Then precede to magnetize that surface as described above. An alternative is to place north pole magnetic dots on the surface of the parabolic surface of the SmCo bar. The spins of the atoms in the SmCo magnet might produce focused magnetic field lines converging at the focus of the parabolic surface.

    Or you can get polymagnet to do these jobs for you.

    These special anisotropic magnets should produce a LENR reaction when used in a hydrogen atmosphere, H of D.