2016...a rambling review

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    As we wrap up this year, is LENR any better off than last year? I really can't think of any notable achievements other than BLP. That is, if LENR/Hydrino are linked in some way. Unfortunately, the biggest news maker has been a messy lawsuit between IH/Rossi. At this time last year, we at least had reasonable hopes the new year would bring a positive outcome from the Doral testing.

    BE did nothing noteworthy...unless you count Halens validation report, other than be interviewed on Infowars. Piantelli/Nichenergy is still shrouded in secrecy. GEC came back on line, and that is about all you can say about them. Miley/Lenuco...nothing, although IH invested in him. Thought we would hear something more from Duncan's Seashore Research LLC...especially after it was revealed Gates may have donated, but nothing more since. Prof. Kim received $3 million from IH and another wealthy investor for something.

    IH may be the big story, as it bled out that they were funding a number of small time players in the field. They were going to host the next ICCF in NC, but that appears to be on hold now. However, after announcing in 2015 the formation of their own LENR lab in Cary, NC, I did expect to hear a little more from them, but nothing there either.

    Nothing earth shattering from this years ICCF20 either. SKINR still plugging away, although Jed seems to think they are getting a bit demoralized. Same goes for MFMP, although they have a good slate of activities planned for 2017. ENEA/Violante still very active of course, but for some reason, mainstream will not accept his research. Same goes for Dr. Storms.

    Maybe the dark horse emerging are the Chinese? Nagel gave a good account of China LENR R/D, and they appear to be heavily engaged. Russians are almost constantly putting out interesting results, and theories, but look to be encountering the same frustrations putting it all together as those in the west.

    Parkomov is back, and although his COP is shrinking, it is still +. me356 is gone, and engineer48 seems to have followed, but the army of hobbyists, keep plugging away. My hat is off to you guys! Brian Ahern may be the one to watch on that front though, as he attempts to replicate the 1996 Thermacore run-away.

    Who knows what 2017 will bring, but to be honest. I hope it is a more productive year than 2016.

  • I believe that a similar summary can be given about cold fusion and LENR for every year since 1990.

    If you believe that, you do not know a damn thing about cold fusion.

    I suggest you spend 6 minutes learning a little about this subject before commenting on it. See:

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  • 2016 was a year of high hopes which ended up in disappointments.

    We were hoping that Rossi's test would end up with things going forward with IH; we know how that ended.

    Rossi's patent became public in August 2015, there were hopes for a straightforward replication by MFMP. That didn't happen.

    me356 claimed some extraordinary results; nothing came out months later.

    There were some high hopes for LENR+ and it all came crashing down. Hopefully 2017 becomes more interesting.

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    There were some high hopes for LENR+ and it all came crashing down. Hopefully 2017 becomes more interesting.

    If the LENR+/commercial types ever get as good at developing, as they are at soliciting, we may have something to cheer about next year. :) Unfortunately, many seem to have turned this into a steady income by selling dreams, and promises.

    I wonder how many will simply take their secret..if they truly have one, to the grave? If Rossi has anything at all, and that is possible, does anyone think he will gift that secret to humanity upon his death? I don't.