Press Release: SRI Successfully Replicated Brillouin’s LENR Technology

  • It has been well over a year since SRI/Brillouin made this exciting announcement. Nothing heard from them since, other than Brillouin Energy successfully completing another round of funding. With the rumor that this reports lead author, Dr. Tanzella, being let go from SRI, and SRI discontinuing LENR research, you have to wonder what the implications are for Brillouin? Is the BEC/SRI collaboration dead? Is BEC diw?

    And if SRI is now out of LENR research, it brings up the more profound question of: "what is left of LENR research in the US". After Robert Duncan's $5 million in funding 2 years ago, we have heard nothing from him. He, nor a rep even attended ICCF20, or submitted a paper. SKINR had one patent last year, but nothing earth shattering. Coolescence dropped out of LENR last year. Other than IH, and NASA, there is not a whole lot going on IMO.

    Guess that leaves it up to the rest of the world.

    A friend, from a worldwide compagny , went to audit them, one year ago, so they had results ten times lower than those announced.

    This should be a good explanation, no ?

  • Perhaps I am wrong BEC, but this from your Twitter does not give me the impression things are going well with the funding:

    ''Relying on renewables alone significantly inflates the cost of overhauling energy - via @techreview All the more reason to help brillouin energy finish manufacturing engineering work to truly solve Humanities energy problems.''